In Business: “Ooh La La Mobile Pet Spa” Brings Groomer To You

A Grand Rapids woman has taken her pet grooming
business on the road. Reporter Shirelle Moore tells us about the
“Ooh La La Mobile Pet Spa” for this week’s In Business. My favorite part is probably just being able
to make the animals look good and feel good and being in a nice, comfortable, low-stress
environment. Most pet owners are probably use to the regular
old brick and mortar groomers, but how nice would it be if the groomer came to you? Aaryn Forst started her business the Ooh La
La Mobile Pet Spa back in March of 2018. One of my aunts gave me the idea to have a
mobile unit, and I just wanted to start because I feel like it’s important for animals to
be comfortable in a space have a low-stress environment. Forst travels anywhere within a 10-mile radius
of Grand Rapids. She grooms both dogs and cats, any size and
any breed. Forst says, “I have a website where they
can email me to make an appointment. They can call me. So usually what people do is we’ll connect
and then I’ll ask them where they live and I kind of base my appointments off of that. And you have a notebook that writes it down
so you remember. And I have an appointment book so they help
me remember. Everything Forst needs for her business is
in her truck, from the bathtub and dryer to all types of scissors. Forst used to work in a regular grooming business. She says she likes this version better because
the animals don’t have to be in cages and as soon as they’re done, they’re free
to walk inside the house immediately. A lot of people just like the convenience
for one. They feel like the animals are more comfortable. It’s more convenient for them, like I said. Also, they always like the haircuts and just
being in their own driveway is one thing that they’ve always said that they love. They don’t have to run to town or run errands. It’s just I’m there. They get to run the dog out and bring it back
in. The Ooh La La Mobile Pet Spa has been a hit
in Grand Rapids, and Forst says she’s always busy with clients. Now heading into her second year of business,
she’s excited to see where her mobile pet spa will take her next. It’s great! I love it. I love the flexibility of being my own boss. It’s busy, and with three kids it’s also
very busy but I do love what I do. Reporting for this week’s In Business, Shirelle
Moore, Lakeland News. Neat idea. It is.

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