I’m Strangely HYPED for Animal Crossing New Horizons! – New Gameplay Ideas, Activities + MORE!

All right what’s up guys welcome back to
another video and today we’re talking about a game that’s going to do
extremely well but it’s very calm and it’s very peaceful and it’s a game that
I haven’t really talked about too much on this channel and that is Animal
Crossing new horizons I know I’ve made a video or two on it but I have a couple
different things that I want to add to the mixture because I think this game
with Animal Crossing new horizons this could be a super blockbuster for a
Nintendo this can probably be the best-selling Animal Crossing game in the
franchise and there’s going to be a number of reasons why well one I think
first and foremost obviously it looks great looks like they’ve added a lot of
cool things to the formula in order to make building easier in order to make
management of your property easier in order to get across certain places
easier there seems to be a number of quality of life improvements and quality
of life improvements are always welcome in these type of management and
simulation style of games now I’ve never really been big into them but what makes
me interested in Animal Crossing new horizons is the portable play aspect
Animal Crossing new leaf Nintendo 3ds game looks a little janky obviously the
humble 3ds the simple art style helps it out but not being able to have that
experience also on the TV that hybrid experience of what I played back when I
first played Animal Crossing which was Animal Crossing on the Nintendo GameCube
it made me kind of like question do I want to get this is this the type of
game that I want to play portable is the type of game that I want to play on the
TV and since I play animal crossing on the Wii as well I was so used to that
but I also played a little bit of animal crossing hey this is kind of nice to
have this type of games where I can play anywhere that I want cuz I might want to
play it lying down might not have as much time to manage things it could be a
fun chill type of game to just kind of lie down and play but I always walk and
forth between it and end up just not really playing them much after really
Animal Crossing your original didn’t really play city folk much didn’t really
play new leaf much but with this one new resident you don’t
pop-a-waffle back and forth because you can switch it off the dock and also on
the dock anytime that you want or that you can based on where you are and I
absolutely love that about the game I think that the clean art style is going
to look so beautiful on that Nintendo switch screen is going to be a joy to
just manage and play and I think that it’s unfortunate the time that it comes
out because it comes out after the NFL is finished right so you can’t watch it
during football games and I don’t know if I’m still gonna be playing the game
by the time that football season starts up but this is definitely one of those
games that would have been phenomenal during football season because it’s just
kind of chill and it’s laid-back you can sit there and kind of manage your garden
and kind of do different things but also watch the game it is a perfect
multitasking type of game and they’re not gonna have it during the football
season you’re gonna have to wait all the way till September to check it out and
play then although these type of games with different like seasonal stuff going
on and weather changes and time and all of that there’s probably gonna be plenty
to do and plenty of stuff to kind of get into like Animal Crossing games always
do there’s really like no end to these type of games so it’s still gonna be
cool playing it then but it just would have been nice if it came out just a bit
sooner maybe even during the playoffs or something like that but hey it is what
it is you can’t stop that they needed some extra time and they wanted the
development team to make sure that they had to rest and not crunch them right
because literally this game was delayed just so the team doesn’t have to crunch
like crazy they could have got it out alright they could have got it out in
2019 this year but they said you know what we don’t want to crunch the
development team and we also want to give them more time to flesh out
everything and I commend Minh Tendo for doing that because this is not a
stressful type of game this is a relaxing type of game and the last thing
that we need are stressed out crunch developers making this type of game
there is probably going to be problems within the game in terms of it so they
make things more frustrating for the end user so I think that it’s good they said
okay let’s hold on to it and let’s get this game out next year
when it’s ready to go and the developers aren’t crazy crunched for time so that’s
a good thing as well but let’s talk a little bit more about this game in terms
of what we can expect from it I’m expecting that they have some sort of
minigames kind of built into it there’s always been cool games that you can play
with Animal Crossing but I really want to see them kind of go a little bit
above and beyond what they’ve done before here are some of my suggestions
that I would like to see I would like to see some form of water sports that you
could do with your friends your animal friends in there right because you’re
gonna be able to bring people into your town I think it’s up to eight players or
eight players total and wouldn’t it be really cool if you guys can have like
jet ski racing around there in the water that would be really dope right or how
about stuff like fishing tournaments that’d be cool too but just some type of
like action sports stuff I know that might sound a little bit weird for
Animal Crossing fans but think about it it could be pretty cool and the winner
gets some type of prize or something like that and I remember back on the
Gamecube they actually had systems that you can purchase or that you could
acquire and play like classic NES games and all that so if they brought that
back that would be a god tier thing to kind of put back into the game I would
love for them to do that because that was like one of my favorite things to do
in the original Animal Crossing on the Gamecube or the GameCube version of
Animal Crossing so I was very excited when they put that in there and I’m
hoping that it comes back and I’m also hoping that there’s a little bit more of
interaction in terms of what you can do with the other villagers in there and
just like daily activities right so you can maybe invite them over maybe if you
don’t want to play online I can fight them over that can help you out with
different things just more talking like back and forth I know they usually have
that in the game but it’d be pretty cool if there’s actual activities outside of
just the norm and they kind of add on top of that now once again not the
biggest Animal Crossing fan out there but I’ve watched other people play I’ve
played myself and I kind of know the flow of the game and I think that it’s
really cool they’ve done competitions before they’ve had certain things but
like the pole-vaulting and some of the other stuff that they’ve shown in the
game just looks so good so I’m hoping that they continue to kind of just like
add on top of that right maybe there’s some other types of ways
that you can traverse throughout the land maybe you can do that with your
friends that come over right maybe during the snow they have some
snowboarding competitions and stuff like that there could be all sorts of stuff
that they can do in order to make this game a bit more lively than what we’ve
seen before and I know that they’ve had certain stuff like that but it’d be
really cool they haven’t shown up really anything like that they haven’t shown
off too much outside of like that portable Ford’s thinking to where you
can kind of just craft a bunch of different items they show to off some of
the gardening and things but there wasn’t really much shown a lot of this
game is still under wraps a lot of the game is still under wraps but I think
that as we get closer to the March release we’re probably going to get a
Nintendo Direct with this game so either I think they’re gonna have like a
trailer at the Nintendo Direct and they’re also going to have like a
separate Animal Crossing director where they go over all the different things
that you can expect to see in this game and that you can do not go over
everything but go over a lot of different stuff so Animal Crossing is a
game that you should definitely be excited for if you’re into that style
even if you’re kind of not into it having to give that you can just chill
it and relax and play it’s always good for stress relief after a long day in
the office or if you’ve been working or editing all day like I do I think it’s
going to be a joy to play and I think that at this point in my life I think
that’s what excites me the most stress relief making sure that I’m calm making
sure that I’m playing things that’s just enjoyable and fun and not always have to
worry about destroying and killing and blowing things up and all of that which
a lot of games do so much right we’re punching and kicking each other or
whatever just having a relaxing experience that you can play which would
have been a lot better doing and it fills season but it is what it is it was
supposed to come out during NFL season but it’s all good it’s all good we can
wait for it for next year and it’s going to be fun like I said having an
experience like this and I think that Nintendo the Animal Crossing team
they’ve been working on this for a while all right like the last one that we got
Animal Crossing new leaf that came out I think 2013 it’s been six years since the
last animal in game when it comes to calendar six
years six years since the last ones they’ve been working on it for a while
and guys I already know what some of you guys are going to say I am not counting
that Animal Crossing amiibo festival stuff or anything like that no not
counting those games cuz those games are just not like that’s not something that
we need to count I was like a happy home designer and all that stuff no those
aren’t real Animal Crossing games we’re only counting the main line ones and I
think that this one is probably going to be the best one out of the lot because
of the style didn’t endo switch because of the upgrades that they’ve made
because of the cleaner look overall because of the online multiplayer that
they have in the game there’s just so many great things that they’ve shown us
and there still hasn’t been much think about that all that stuff that I just
mentioned plus there’s gonna be a lot more so I’m excited to see it and I’m
excited to have some stress relief after a long days of editing and so I can play
my Animal Crossing lying down in bed stress relief that’s the most important
things so what are you guys is thoughts when it comes to animal crossing new
horizons on the Nintendo switch are you guys excited for this one not so excited
let me know your thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it
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guys for the next one peace

18 thoughts on “I’m Strangely HYPED for Animal Crossing New Horizons! – New Gameplay Ideas, Activities + MORE!

  1. I’m looking forward to the game for sure. It’s probably the game I’m most excited for in March over FFVII remake and Persona 5 Royal.

  2. I want Nintendo to connect the nes and SNES to the animal crossing through a in game system. Then have the in game system connect to Nintendo’s online NES and SNES with that library. FU-SION-HHOOOOOO!!

  3. I just got a switch a few days ago for this game!! I’m hypeddd. I’m also excited for the new Story of Seasons Mineral Town remake coming and Rune Factory 4 remake!!

  4. One of the things I’m excited for in this game that I haven’t seen anyone talk about is the new music. I always look forward to the new music in every Animal Crossing game. And I feel like for this game it’s gonna be maybe more like Islandy vibe music ahhh I’m hyped

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