If you think becoming a dog trainer is easy… [Dogs are incredible/ENG/2019.11.27]

I have a question. Why do you want to be a dog trainer? I’ve always loved dogs. I want to spend time with dogs, train them, and communicate with them like a dog owner. How can you become a dog trainer when you’ve never been a dog owner? Honestly, I hope you won’t take this lightly. If you think being a dog trainer is easy, you’re challenging my values as a dog trainer. So this is what I want to suggest. I watched you today. (So you’ll accept me?) All I saw was you eating noodles. – This is… / – You were the worst! You really enjoyed the food. You really enjoyed your noodles. You made me salivate. You really enjoyed yourself. So let’s set a goal. You can’t be a trainer. Not a trainer. You’ll be a good guardian. You shouldn’t be laughing! It’s not like you learned that much from me yet. It’s not like that. I think you’re right. I’m already a good guardian. Since when? (A good guardian should be shameless?) I think Mr. Kang will cut either you or me in 3 months. Mr. Kang, you don’t know how sincere she is. She’s 150% sincere. Of course. I’m panicking a bit because I’ve never had students. Honestly, I’m unhappy with the staff. (With us?) We met this morning. They kept… They should watch it. (So quick to catch on) What am I supposed to do with these two? I… One is too stubborn, and the other is a total newbie. Will Hyungwook be okay? (There’s a cool breeze outside…) How will these two aspiring dog trainers be trained? (There’s a man enjoying the warm sun) It’s finally the day of the first class. (It’s the perfect weather to teach a class!) (Nervous and excited) Hello! – Hello! / – Hello! – How have you been? / – Good. What’s this? I did some homework. I never gave you homework like this. I’m going to give you homework. Pick 5 dogs you’d like to raise. Pick ones you think would be fun. I want you to walk your dogs at least once a day so they can urinate or defecate outside. – Can you do that? / – Of course. (Will these two students do a good job?) – Oh, you’re walking them… / – Right. He took photos. (Kyungkyu submits his homework first) You really did walk them. – Duchi and Buku? / – Yes, that’s Buku. I took Polaroids. Your outfit… They’re all the same. – You took these on the same day. / – No. I walked them several times. So this is… 1, 2, 3 days. No, no, no. (Self-camera of Kyungkyu’s walk) (Let’s start my homework) (He focused on walking his dogs) (So the footage looks terrible) (Now this has become a part of his day) (He walks his dogs regularly now) (Kyungkyu really walked his dogs every day) I can see that you walked two of them at a time. No, no. I walked them one at a time. One at a time. Oh, I brought out two here. I see a few photos with two dogs. You’re supposed to walk them one at a time. Why walk them one at a time? If you walk two dogs, one dog starts relying on the other and starts following that dog around. So you can’t even train one of your dogs that way. You have to be able to control each one. That’s when you can walk multiple dogs. You didn’t do your homework properly. I tried to make it a habit to walk them every day. That’s what I’m doing. It’s hard though. So I chose 5 dogs that I’d like to raise. I wrote their traits and why I want to raise them. Today, I’ll do the homework Mr. Kang gave me before I go to bed. “Retrievers stop misbehaving after age 2 and become amazingly calm.” Border collies are kind to their friends and cold to strangers, so they make good watch dogs. That’s why I want a border collie. One that’s only nice to me. (Wary… Anxious… Worried…) What dogs? A border collie. Your first pick is a border collie. This is what I tell people that want a border collie. From now on, enjoy the border collie life. The border collie life. You have to be really active? You have to be hiking every weekend. Wake up at 6 a.m. on weekends, quickly wash your face, pack some food, drive around 1.5 hours to the outskirts, and hang out there until the evening. Sheep dogs are dogs that herd sheep. If you want to raise a sheep dog, think of it as entering a sports high school. Not a sports college or a sports university. A sports high school. You should get a border collie after you get more experience with dogs. If you’re not experienced, I don’t recommend getting one. Trying to raise one of these? Geez, no way. So what’s your second pick? A golden retriever. They shed a lot. Your third pick is an Old English sheepdog. These guys have a special trait. They love jumping. Their height… That’s too much. Trying to raise these 3 dogs would kill you. They all shed a lot. Yeah, and you have to take them hiking. Right, this one doesn’t shed that much. Yes, this one doesn’t shed that much. But this one has a special trait. You know how some dogs have wavy fur? Dogs with wavy and curly fur don’t shed much. The ones with straight fur shed a lot. (Bichon frises are small yet strong) A bichon frise makes a good pet. A Polish lowland sheepdog? – We don’t have these in Korea. / – Really? They’re Polish, so they’re from… – Poland. / – Poland. They’re a bit gentler than Old English sheepdogs. They’re a bit more mild-mannered. And they’re mid-sized. So they’re supposed to be easy to raise at home. Why’d you pick a bichon? Bichons are easy for newbies to raise. – They’re really cheerful. / – Right. They really connect with their owners. So what’s their special trait? I wrote here… Don’t look at this. (This isn’t an open-book test) What’s a bichon’s special trait? What country are they from? Bichons? France. Okay. Can you give me more time to answer? You don’t give me much time to answer. (Stop right there) Hold on. So what country is an Old English sheepdog from? England. Scotland. What about a border collie? – England. Scotland. / – Have a seat. You stood up because you were nervous? Yes, I’m nervous now. What is this, Kyungkyu? I just threw it together. I picked the dogs I want to raise. (Kyungkyu came with a pile of papers) (He kept looking through them during class) (What is this pile of paper?) (Hey, this is…) Hold on. You did research too? This wasn’t your assignment. – I just… / – All right. You tried to steal my assignment. So tell us. A border collie. What else? A border collie and a chow chow. Chow chows have weird colored tongues. They have brown tongues. That’s why I want one. You want one because they have weird tongues? I’ve had a malinois before. Gyeongju and Donggyeong. They’re good at hunting. And I really like how short their tails are. Malinoises are very smart. They’re as smart as border collies. And they’re very brave. Border collies tend to act cute, but these guys are serious about everything. This one looks solemn. That’s why they’re used by the police. You know what’s interesting? The dogs you have – all look like this. / – Right. I like dogs like that. But the dogs you picked… – Have pronounced snouts. / – Yes. So you like dogs with pointy snouts and raised ears. I like big dogs. – Why? / – Me too. When you take them outside… That’s not why you should get a dog! That’s not a reason to get a dog! Small dogs aren’t as cool. I feel like I’ll connect better with big dogs. Ridiculous! You can connect with small dogs too! The small ones are like stuffed animals. If you’re going to raise a dog in the city, you have to work really hard to train it. If you’re not going to train a dog properly, I just hope you don’t get one. And don’t get a dog if there’s a child under age 12. Young kids don’t know how to act around dogs. And dogs don’t like that. They might attack the child as a warning to stay away. So that’s that. You did a great job here. This wasn’t even your assignment. You didn’t do your own assignment properly. Why would you do someone else’s assignment? You wanted to do my assignment. I wanted to learn dog breeds too. I just did some research. – Well done. / – Yes.

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  1. Almost any dog owner is also a dog trainer. It's not that hard. Genius is unneeded. Degrees optional. Of course, if you are trying to make money, a mythology is always useful.

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