21 thoughts on “If You Had To Take Care Of Your Pets In Animal Jam – Play Wild

  1. Username: tkandpiper
    Can you do a if there was adventures in ajpw skit? And only certain ajpw animals could do them?

  2. I have some video ideas /suggestions:
    1.If you had to poop on ajpw
    2. If scammers had aj
    3. If only members could buy items on ajpw
    4. If memes had aj
    5. If betas were the most common and unrare items! :p

  3. Hey! My user is Sparkyanimalrainbow! I would love to see a cooking show in Animal Jam! (don't ask how I came up with the idea..)

  4. If you could take care about your animal as u Are playing
    When your animal die u Will be banned
    I wanna see this it would be cool skit xd

  5. Hello my good friend Dark Arrow! This was an amazing video. I love how creative and passionate you are. I wish I were as creative as you, keep it up friend! ☺

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