*Intro Music* 🙂 [Stack layers of vanilla cake and put buttercream between each layer] "MURDER!!!??!??!?!? OH NU-" "Start shaping the cake and cut to form a tall dome" (slaps cake) "Frost the cake in buttercream and spread evenly. Then pat with a paper towel to smooth it out really smooth like my legs.." "Great" Yummy ^-^ "Now smooth the buttercream out!~" "Keep doing as before! (Cake:Smooooth ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉))" "..ok…." "I bet its an owl" "Stack a little buttercream on the other buttercream!" "eye see you get it! hahaha.. no? ok! :')" "BIG OWL EYES O_O" "TOP HAT ^-^" "chocolate!" "CHOCOLATE!!!!!" "MIX MIX MIX MIX MO" "I EAT GRASS" "MOOOOOOOOO HELP" "Now lets make a horn. like make it pointy.." "Lets make a ball to play with (JOKE DONT PLAY WITH IT..)' (Intro music starts playing while she stabs that ball thingy) "oh wow–"

43 thoughts on “If ANIMALS were CAKE… AMAZING CAKE Compilation!

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  3. Varygoodคนไทยค่ะแต่เก่งอังกฤษค่ะ

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