If ALL Mobs Could Be Pets – Minecraft

Golden Armor Mojang Resort Hey Jeb you know what You know what my dream is? Look at those squids Imagine You could pet one And surf on it Ya add hostile mobs too And make it possible to ride them Alright People! Listen up! We decided to pimp Minecraft! From now on you can tame EVERY MOB! That inculdes… Irongolem, Magma Cube Squid, Wither, Magma cube, Blaze, Toilets Many more but also… The Enderdragon Pet There is only of a kind! The owner will be the most powerful Good luck and have fun! Did we tame it? You won’t tame anything today Hi big guy! I know what you desire Is that pizza? It sure is What the heck? Oh didn’t you guys know? You can tame any mob easily With Pizza! It’s over for you You have nowhere else to go I win No, I won’t die a noob! You will never kill me! With the new Mob-Pets update Igot myself the best pet In Minecraft A SQUIDPET! So long Loser! Where are you going? Told you I win Hey guys! Please let me be your friend We can play prince and princess together! We can kiss each other and stuff! No Please guys pleaseee No go away! You are not going anywhere! Please stooop Leave my friend alone! OMGit’s my friendy!! He came to save mee What’s wrong with its face? Kill them dragon Kill them! Well this is what would happen to the guys in the video :p

100 thoughts on “If ALL Mobs Could Be Pets – Minecraft

  1. oh god you videos back then really were kinda bad (no hate) anyways is there someone who is watching from 2019

  2. Hewobine undew da twee et 3:30 I meant do sey hewobine es undew da twee et 3:19 lol what do you think guys on how I speak do you think it's funny if it is thumbs up my comment and say yes oh yeah and subscribe to @Golden armor

  3. I don't know your it just said golden Ar…so your Chanel is great I watch this at first time date:20.month. Aug.day:Tuesday. Year:2019

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