IELTS Speaking Score 8.5 with Native English Speaker subtitles

hi and welcome to a E helps IELTS test preparation videos in this video you will see a native Canadian English speaker who scores about an 8.5 for lots more help with the academic IELTS for different parts of the exam as well as the speaking section please visit us there and join the full course ok so just before we look at the speaking interview let's quickly discuss what you need to remember when you're thinking about your score for the speaking section of the IELTS so basically there will be 3 different factors that the markers of the IELTS will be looking at when they're judging your speaking interview the first point is natural speech so natural speech means how similar is your speaking to a native speakers so this includes pronunciation this includes your intonation so you're up and down in your sentences your enunciation so how well do you project your words of course your use of natural fillers like and use of slangs like wanna gonna use of idioms and of course self correction if you make a mistake do you stop and say oh sorry what I meant to say was or do you just simply correct yourself this is all part of natural speaking the second factor that they will be looking at very closely is coherence so this means do you answer the questions accurately do you stay on topic and do you give a complete and clear answer is it easy to understand what you're trying to save don't go off-topic don't just keep talking about anything and everything until the examiner stops you because you will lose scores when you've finished answering a question just thought the examiner will ask even excellent so it's important to be coherent to be accurate to stay on topic and then of course the third part will be the complexity how complex your languages so this means are you able to use adjective clauses are you able to use advanced forms of grammar like present perfect past perfect passive voice progressive tense so the complexity of your language is very important do you join your sentences do you use words like because since therefore however in order to and so forth so these are not exclusive from each other it means that they are not just separate pieces but they're inclusive so they depend on each other when your speech is natural of course it's more coherent it's easier for an English speaker to understand if your language is complex it's more descriptive it's going to be more coherent and of course it's going to be more natural so the key to getting a good score in the IELTS speaking section is to try to focus on all three of these factors to try to increase the natural part of your speaking the coherence and the complexity now that you know this you can practice this and watch Jade do this in the interview so notice how her responses are of course very natural coherent and complex so again let's look at the interview now and let's see how a native speaker does this yes come on it hello hi ladies have a seat welcome to the speaking section of the IELTS exam my name is Adrienne I'm going to ask you a few questions and I'm going to record this interview for marketing purposes is that okay all right okay so can we start with your full name please my name is Jade Lake nice to meet you Jade where are you from Jade I'm from Victoria which is the capital city of British Columbia the westernmost province of Canada all right so this will take about 12 to 15 minutes and there will be three parts I will give you instructions are you ready to begin yeah okay before we begin may I see your passport yeah and it was thank you okay there you go J thanks so first of all let's talk about leisure time okay what do you do when you have free time well I'm a very active person so I like to do some sort of outdoor activity like maybe go for a swim or go for a jog excellent do you like to meet friends or be alone well I'm quite social so I like to maybe go for coffee with my friends and have a good chat all right how often do you have time to relax during the week ah I guess I would relax usually in the weekdays after 7:00 I work until 5:00 so after I get home from work I cook dinner and freshen out so after seven o'clock usually is it important for people to be active in their free time yes I definitely think so like I said I'm a very active and social person I think that leading an active lifestyle is great for your longevity and for maintaining a positive attitude every day okay if you could be anywhere to relax for an hour where would you go hmm that's an interesting question I guess if I had time to myself for an hour I would want to go somewhere outside maybe like a sunny secluded beach where I could just sit and relax alone with my thoughts okay have you heard any good suggestions about what to do for relaxing some of my friends give me good advice about sort of stretching exercises it really helps to decompress at the end of the day would just get your thoughts centered and relaxing okay all right so that's the end of part one now for part two I'm going to give you a card the card will have some questions you're going to have one minute to prepare your answers and then you'll have one to two minutes to speak I'll tell you when to start and when to stop okay all right so here's the card you may take notes in the one minute please don't turn it over please write the notes on the paper not on the card okay are you ready to begin all right your one-minute begins now go ahead you all right your one minute is up okay I guess I really like art so it's hard for me to choose just one of my favorite art pieces but I think if I was going to choose my favorite one I would say it's an oil painting by Emily Carr called KITT one cool to see the rest of this video and for lots more help with the academic IELTS please visit us at triple w AE help calm and join the full course you

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  5. Giving 8.5 to her is nothing but disappointing. If she does not deserve a perfect 9 with this English, non native English speakers like me shouldn't then even think about getting anything more than 7.5

  6. How come she didn't get band 9 ? she speaks very naturally and clearly she speaks fluently without any stops at all I'm too scared now not to get any score lol

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