28 thoughts on “I Went KITTEN SHOPPING!

  1. A great new group of babies for you to work with. I'm glad that these little challengers will be with you. They all look like they need the best they can get and that's you! I'm looking forward to watching this group grow.

  2. The World Needs More of You, Hannah! Bless You & All Your Fur Babies! Love your Boundless Energy, Tats & Attitude!

  3. Sage, Basil, Peppermint, and Rosemary are absolutely adorable! (I really love Sage!) Digging Flower's markings on her tiny face <3

  4. Their all so cute and cuddly! I'm so happy to see all these sweet babies getting a chance to be happy!

  5. I really love ur videos they helped me understand cats more and how to help them I have a cat named Luna and she was pregnant and had no clue how to help her but watching u helped me and she gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens and two were stolen and we don’t know how and one we kept and one we gave away to a friend who has been experienced with cats.I have been having trouble with potty training the kitten Simba and ur videos are helping.Ily ?keep up the good work

  6. Omg i love how you just foster bunches of kittens, it makes me so happy to watch them find a home, i hope i do this some day

  7. And my cat went from peacefully slumbering to confuse running around meowing "where are the babies??"…

  8. All your videos and I watch them everyday and I love all so cats because I have I look after my grandma

  9. All the kittens are so adorable <3 i can't wait to see them grow in ur care :3 Makes me even more excited about adopting my soon to be fur babies come aug. ^ u ^

  10. These babies are adorable ? I’m sure they’ll all thrive now that they have a wonderful foster family

  11. While Im not fostering; I did just bring home a 6 week old black girl I named Opal. Poor baby is feral so its going to be fun getting her to realize its safe here.

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