I Was Opening Limited Eggs WHEN HE TRADED ME THIS PET… (Roblox)

in today's video I opened thousands of the new limited egg in Bubblegum simulator and just as I was losing hope to find the rarest pet in the egg somebody came through and gave me something that you won't believe stay tuned to the end to see update 27 is here in bubblegum sim and even though I'm a little bit late to it it doesn't matter cuz I got my blue crew here with me and we're about to what is that is that a dinosaur what sir you're extinct I thought we're gonna be checking out the new things in the update including faces what the heck are those there's an event egg for forger million visits and there's a new feature called faces I don't know man there's also nine new pets in the 400 million egg and question marks so I think there's a tenth head secret which I believe is the Kraken pet I think people have already discovered it I'm a little bit late to this but that's the new things we're gonna be checking out and there's Fassett or inventory loading so there's lots of bug fixes as well but since I don't play this game as much anymore again the reason the only reason is because I always have so many games updating and I only post one video a day now that sometimes I just miss the updates and then they become like irrelevant and nobody wants to see him anymore so that's the only problem I always just miss these updates for some reason but not this one so let's go ahead and start by checking out the new egg right here it's the 400 million egg it's a hundred twenty-five thousand gems which doesn't even matter cuz I got like 64 billion no big deal we're gonna go ahead and open up a ton of these and we're gonna try and get the rarest pet ever or at least the rarest pet in this egg probably not the secret pet let's be honest unless somebody trades it to me let me know the rares pay you guys got in this and watch until the end to see what I end up getting out of this egg don't like don't forget to like the video and stuff cuz that how's that oh this guy wants a trade yo I'm gonna accept I'm just gonna accept these phantom trades I don't know who's trading me but they might have something don't give me I'm just saying let's see does he have anything crazy I'm not sure what's in the four hundred million eggs don't think he has anything you know what I don't wait whoa what's he got down here oh yeah I don't think has we platinum cube can't accept these I I'm just gonna accept them I feel really bad I don't know why he's giving me these but thank you so much for the Platinum cubes randomly I don't know what these are I think it's a new pet out of the new thank you very much that gentleman that just give me platinum cubes I'm gonna hide about that let's type in cube and there they are right here yo that's actually nuts that's actually pretty good which one is that platinum cubes probably in this new egg so you know what we gonna do we're gonna get some boosts cuz I don't have any what I do three hours left on those earn more faster egg hatching increased luck and better shiny so we have all those boost going on right now that's pretty much all we need and then there's also phases so we're gonna go back and open some of those eggs in a second but I don't know where the phases are let's actually go to Atlantis and see is it in the shot oh it's in the shops I believe I never discovered the last area I never discovered the last portal in this bro I'm so dumb I can't believe I never discovered that okay well doesn't even matter because we gotta go back to the shop because that's where the phases are I'm not sure if they have like better phases in the other shops because if you if you know there's a second shop on like a different world you're there already your faces so if we go over here what do they do exactly oh they give you additional bubbles red glowing eyes are the best one a billion coins no we can buy this already alright let's buy it BAM the craziest face up I look insane bro I look so freaky I don't know if I like that that's actually terrifying alright well now we have red creepy eyes listen let's go ahead and go to the next world Candyland cuz I'm pretty sure there's a shop here as well and I want to see maybe if there's different faces here let me know the best face you guys got in the comment section below and I'm gonna sell this bubble why not get some extra cash let's check out yeah they have faces here oh there's nothing in there yet so there's nothing there yeah there's only faces on the first area I believe so this is the best face right here we already got it it's the red eyes we already got it look you can see a little bit of a smile and I have like a weird red chin alright well pretty dope not gonna lie that's the faces I can try it a bunch of different faces but I mean how do you got the best one so what's the point but now on to the main event let's go ahead and start opening this 400-million egg it's right here for four hundred million visits and this guy's sending another trade we're all gonna have to turn off trading for now I'm turn it back out towards the end cuz sometimes people give me some random like legendary pets but I'm gonna go ahead and open a lot of these pets on auto oh we just got some dope stuff seems like every single pet you get right away it's so rare just because it's a brand new pet you tear index but nothing I got is really that crazy but we're gonna go ahead and open until we get something insane we basically already got all the pets besides the super super low ones like the point forests and stuff so we only need one more epic and then we only have under 1% to get I guess we're gonna do a bunch of opening real quick and just see what we managed to get out of here so I'm gonna do one of those good old-fashioned time lapses see what we get maybe I'll even join some people to have some super rare pets but I don't know man are we gonna be able to get this secret pet today are we gonna be able to get the point zero zero zero for we're gonna do our best on the blue crew through sub plays best channel in the game oh look we got a six percent pretty guys so let's take a break and see how much pets we got so far we have a thousand out of 1,700 I'm not sure how many I opened up the new pets but I got quite a bit and I still haven't got even a point for I'm really hoping for at least that one on my own but it's possible that somebody could trade me something insane I could just join a bunch of different servers and maybe somebody will get me something crazy and I can look through my DMS somebody may have even offered me the secret crack and pet I'm not really sure but I'm gonna go ahead and keep opening for now is the cracking pet the one under this egg though or am I wrong about that what is the secret pet out of this 400 million egg I'm not exactly sure if it's the Kraken but I know that I saw terabrite upload a video about it and I've seen some people DM me so not quite sure but I'm gonna keep looking okay so I've been to opening eggs like crazy this Forge of a Meg I've been to many thousands I cannot lie and look what I just got off camera I wasn't filming unfortunately but I got the point three to pet I don't know what that is I think it's the dual like cube I'm not exactly sure I'm gonna go ahead and check this baby out look let's type cube and see if it pops up is it the dual platinum I don't know let's type dual you know probably problem there it is the Platinum dual chord right there that's it baby this thing is sick so this is one of the rarest it's a legendary it's a point zero three two that's incredibly rare under 1% under 0.5% and then this one is the rarest haven't quite gotten that I don't know if that's like a Hydra or a triple headed platinum chord but it is super rare so we're gonna keep trying for it I haven't had anybody in my server offer me anything crazy some people have offered me the platinum cube which is a legendary but I mean I already got it myself so I didn't want to take anybody's so I'm just gonna keep opening and hope for the best let me know in the comments what you guys got I don't a little bit late to this update it came out like three days ago I'm playing it like three days late which is super late for an update but I still can't believe I got this so let me know what you guys get in the comment section below like the video if you're enjoying and I'm gonna keep on doing some more opening this is gonna take forever I don't think I'm ever gonna get this thing but I will do my best for you blue crew stay tuned to the end use code Russo plays when buying roebucks from the star shop we're gonna follow me on my social media Russo plays in the description now let's just keep opening forever we doing a full inventory yet let's check if I have a full inventory I have four hundred I literally opened many full inventories do I still my Busan that scared me I thought I didn't have my Busan and I would have been so upset about that I definitely need all the boosts I could get I need every single multiplier possible wait did they add any I don't think they added new offers yeah they have no new offers and I'm pretty sure I own all the game passes yeah they didn't add in you get I thought baby there was like another like lucky game passes I don't have you I have everything so again we'll just keep opening and we'll see what we managed to get all right guys oh snap we got a stop opening for a second this guy has platinum overlords he has three of them and I think that's what this is I think that's the point for I don't know if that's the the secret I don't think it's the secret but he has three of them bro oMG I need to turn on trading it is on okay who's this guy what's this guy's name lock off he sent me trades bro I'm gonna set him a trade I'm gonna set him a trade I keep I keep declining up accident trading this guy's gonna give me a platinum overlord to try that is insane so I guess that's the rarest out of this I don't think it is the like secret pet I think the secret pets the crack and I'm not entirely sure though but let's see how good this thing is he's got level 25 platinum overloads he has three of them this guy right here lock off 2116 I'm a big fan oMG thank you you're amazing so he's giving me a little 9 plat Overlord which isn't his best but he has schulman we what he has three right here he's giving me one that he doesn't even have out he has so many yes I am I have a recording a bitch shout out to lock off right here he's about to let me see this thing and I can't believe that dude it hasn't readied up I'm not sure if he's typing or not but I'm just gonna ready up I don't I don't know what his plan is but he's offering me a freakin platinum overlord I don't even know for sure if this is the rare I know it's like at least the rarest in this or umm yes please oh my gosh he's saying try on so I guess he just means borrow ever I will never scam you if you offer a pet from me in game never ever so he's gonna give me the Platinum Overlord just to try definitely giving it back on camera you guys will see he confirmed the trade oMG thanks so he gave me this Platinum Overlord level 9 let's try this thing out so this is the dual core we have and then we have the Platinum over Lord let's go ahead and type over Lord and there it is right there that thing is sick bro oh my gosh look at this oh my gosh that thing looks amazing that thing looks so sick I can't believe he treated me is bro thank you brother thank you he has like five of a broad can't believe that that thing's sick can I try your pet please which one you are yeah sure bro which one you want brother are you trying to trade me you wanna this guy wants to I think you what's the duel let's give him this one Platinum to a court there you go bro you gonna try that one let him try the Platinum duel corn cuz he let me try the Platinum Overlord let me know what you guys got in the comment section below if you guys got the Overlord I know some people got like I said I think the crack and it's the secret pedal not entirely sure but we're gonna go ahead and confirm this just give them the the duel corn for now and I'm gonna keep rocking this overlord so let's let's actually test this little guy out this thing is sick first of all it looks amazing it's crazy-looking big 15,000 bubbles with just this and also I have the face on the face helps a lot if you guys didn't check out the faces each one gives you a lot more bubbles and the final one gives you an insane amount obviously I'll be able to get all pretty much if you have like in the billions of money you'll be able to get all the faces that come out until they start doing ones that are like you know 40 billion or so that that's gonna be pretty hard if they do but I'll probably be able to buy the next best hat or the next best face as well but yeah this is the Platinum Overlord right here and I believe it is that pet right there the point zero zero four so that's incredibly rare I don't know how he has so many of them how does he have like five of these things bro how do you do it mysterious man with a giant hat oh that's just his pet he seems to have some really rare pets out there that's incredible why anyways guys that's pretty much it for this video all I wanted to do was open a ton of eggs and get some insanely rare pets out of this I didn't end up getting the secret pet which I wanted but I got the second best thing the Platinum Overlord I didn't think I would get this so huge shout out to this guy log off trading me and I'm gonna go ahead and treat him back on camera so you guys see id never scam so keep in mind if you ever earn a game and it's not exactly my username don't trust them okay let's go ahead and go to overlord and I'm gonna give him the Platinum Overlord back and I'm gonna ready up he's giving me two dual chords I don't know why but I'm giving him back his overlord there he goes guys well that's gonna do it I'm gonna go ahead and just keep opening eggs while I'm at it while I'm off screen and maybe I'll get you know secret just saying cuz I've had some pretty good luck but anyways I'm gonna wrap it up there thank you guys so much for watching hopefully you guys enjoyed if you did like the video down below subscribe if you're new because I put a new video every single day don't forget to use my star code Russo plays and follow my social media and I'll see you guys next time take it easy and good bye

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  1. Russo my friend youtuber hatched the kraken from this limited egg his name is ideson86 on roblox and on youtube ideson86 plays you can look he hatched it when i left the server he uploaded vid on it :/ I will maybe hatch it if I dont leave I got so unlucky 🙁 if you want borrow for vid I ask him 😀

  2. RussoPlays u said a bad word that start if b
    If anyone put lyrics they are going to find b word I hope YouTube doesn't see that

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