I WAS A CAT FOR 24 HOURS CHALLENGE || Funny Things Cats do! Roommate Pranks by 123 GO! Challenge

Jess? You around? JEESSS?? She’s not on the countertops… Hmmm… Ah-hah! Why does she like sitting up there so much? Oh man, I was really craving a cold glass of milk! Ooh, that’s fresh! Did somebody say, milk? Rule #1 about living with a cat like Jess? Never leave a glass of milk unattended. Think anyone will notice if I scoot it this way? How about a little more… What are you doing? What? Nothing. Do not knock that glass over, you hear me? Don’t do it, Jess! Mmm…what if I push it just a little further… Enough, Jess! And she did it. That’s it, I’m moving out. At this ungodly hour, no one should ever still be awake. Unless of course, you’re Jess. What better time is there to play in the curtains, am I right? Take that, curtains, you’ll never be the boss of me! I’m the queen of the house! Woah, actually almost got trapped there. What’s going on? It’s okay Sophia, just go back to sleep. Hii!!! Shoo! Get off, Jess! Who even has energy like that at 3 in the morning?! Why, hello, caffeine! Nothing like the first meal of the day, huh? Man, I am so hungry this morning. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Uh oh…looks like Jess is ready for breakfast too. Anything left in there? Nope. Uh, need something there, Jess? For cats, there’s really no such thing as too close, especially if there’s food involved. Careful, Amy, you’re totally about to run out of couch! Ugh, get outta here! Woah, hey there! Meow. Go on, keep staring, I’m not giving in. I’m just a poor little hungry kitty! Aw! Here, want a bite? Meh, on second thought, it smells really funky. Nothing like a hot shower to wash the stressful day away. Alrighty, off to do my face mask. Woah! Jess! Were you just laying there while I showered? Hmm, this looks like a good spot to rest! Hey! Sophia! C’mon! Rise and shine! Hey! Can you go get me another box, like new? Ok, bye! And even though I was cold, I was like, no I don’t need your jacket but he totally let me wear his sweatshirt, it was so sweet. Jess? Looks like someone forgot to bring their phone. I wonder how fast she’d notice it was gone… I’m back. That’s weird, I could’ve sworn I left my phone right here. HA! She totally fell for it. Man, I am so smooth. Woah! How does she know I’m hiding here? Maybe she didn’t even see me — woah! Okay, definitely saw me. Oh man, what do I do? GAH! Come on, it was just a prank! Why do you have to be so creepy like that? Jess, here acts like your typical human. Hey! Guess what I got out shopping? But sometimes her inner cat can rear its furry little head… Isn’t this the cutest dress ever?! Eh, it’s alright I guess. Let me go try it on, you’ll change your mind. If you were a cat in this situation, what would you do? Jess! If you’ve ever had a cat, you know they can’t resist a good empty bag. Huh? Who’s there? Hey, Vicki? You in there? Hello? That’s weird, I could’ve sworn she was in there… Vickyyyyyy… Open the door! C’monnnnnn…. Oh, it’s just you. Come on in. Nuh-uh. Seriously, come in. I don’t wanna. I like it out here. Fine! Hey Vicki? I changed my mind, I wanna come in now. Vickyyyyyy… Um, Jess? What are you doing to my computer? Ever wonder why cants rub their heads on EVERYTHING? Wow Jess, maybe you should take something for that super itchy head of yours… Okay, where was I? Oh man, I have to pee like a race horse! C’mon, open up!! I’m seriously about to pee my pants here!! Oh, hey, Vicki. I’m kinda hangin’ out in here right now. But I can hang out over there I guess. Ugh, could you move any slower?! What the heck?! Look at this mess?! How could one cat —er — person do all this?? JESS!!!!! Ooh, is she talking to me? I’ll just hide under here till Tuesday. Yes! My package came!! Is there anything better than opening a big box that arrives on your doorstep? It’s even cuter than it was online! Wait, Jess? Where are you going? Um, Jess? Well, that’s one way to flatten the box before recycling it… Movie night is officially in full effect! Jess! C’mere! Um, is that really necessary? Hey, watch where you put those hands, girl! Ever wonder why cats insist on climbing all over you for no reason at all? Ah, there we go. Okay, next time you can just walk over to your seat like the rest of us! Ah, nothing like a peaceful cat nap. Huh? What’s that awful sound? It’s my arch nemesis…the vacuum cleaner!! Okay, where can I run to? Oh god, it’s coming toward me! Cleaning ain’t bad when you have Taylor Swift on repeat! Oh no. Am I going to be stuck in this closet forever? Hey guys! I’m home! Let’s see, did I get any texts? I said we’d meet at 4:30, not 3. Hey, where’s Jess? I totally left the front door open! There she goes. Don’t be too worried, she always comes back. And now it’s time to check out these hilarious Behind-the-scenes! Know a few people who act like cats or simply cat lovers? Go ahead and send them this video! And as always, be sure to subscribe to our channel 123GO Challenge for more awesome videos like this one.

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  1. Sophia:who has energy like that at 3 in the morning jess:me I do me:that's legit me after 10 cups of coffee ?????????? Sophia is my favorite actor

  2. I don’t like her little cat eyes it’s kinda scary but adorable awwwww vicyyyyyyyy I changed my mind now vicyyyyyyyyyy

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  4. I LOVE CATS SO MUCH I LOVED THIS VIDEO IT WAS SO FUNNY.???????????????☺???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  6. I love you videos 123 go! it's so funny I love this video so munch make another one I lobe Jess she is silly so so so so so silly???????

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