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  1. to answer multiple comments: yes, any and all of you are allowed to use this for ocs or fanfictions EDIT: or roleplays thats fine too

  2. Man I never thought about it before but your idea of like, a group of warrior cat mercenaries is actually pretty cool lol

  3. I want them to celebrate things. Like, literally all human cultures ever have celebrations and since warriors are humanized they should have celebrations. I know this is weird and doesn't really effect the story but they don't have fun and their lives just seem bleak.

  4. THIS IS IT!!!! this is the truth and i thank you for bringing it up. this was been driving me bonkers for years now.

  5. So you know what would be a good book? All the clans are forced to live together for a couple of years and like boom interesting stressful and juicy ?

  6. Me loving warriors and being on Dawn so I know about a lot of this and realizing that it is all true. “ … I still love the series…..” keeps watching.

  7. Basically the Clans differences:
    Windclan: Faster Running
    Riverclan: Swimming
    Shadowclan: Uh.. better nightvison? They are called SHADOWclan
    Thunderclan: Your boring genaric 'main character in this place' clan, boring, no extra things.

  8. Exactly! I feel so bad for the clans, Starclan told them they "had" to make the clan face palm We need new theories and ideas, Save the books! :/

  9. I think it's a good & smart idea but considering most of the drama comes from forbidden romances & border conflict, if they all became one clan, while those problems would be resolved I don't believe the Erins' could think of anything else interesting to write about.

  10. I don't think you did this on purpose, but what you are describing sound a lot like the way orcas live and form social grops. You should look it up is very intresting!

  11. Uh spoilers for Sunrise

    Hollyleaf: I'M MOVING TO MY NEW HOME WITH OLD GHOSTS- and I oop, spoil some things.
    Jayfeather: I never know that Hollyleaf was a VSCO girl
    Hollyleaf: You like my new home? shows tunnel
    Hollyleaf: Enters in
    Hollyleaf: By the way, the door doesn't-
    Rocks crumble down
    Jayfeather: Open… Hollyleaf? Gasps WE NEED TO OPEN THE DOOR!
    Lionblaze: She said she wanted to move to another house. Now get out of her door sir.
    Jayfeather's brain: Stupid brother

  12. In Into the Wild, Thunderclan had 25 cats, 5 of those were apprentices and 1 was a medicine cat. In The Raging Storm, Tc had 48 cats, 7 apprentices and 3 medicine cats. oof

  13. The idea of rivalry and pride still being a thing but looking at the big picture, they're all one unit, is a good idea. It's like the WindClan tunnellers and moor-runners in Tallstar's Revenge; both sides are proud to be what they are and might argue with the other side but nobody goes "Oh what? A half-role litter of kits!? Blasphemous!!!" And as a whole, they're all WindClan. One clan. One unit.

  14. In Into the Wild, Firepaw says something to Lionheart along the lines of "Why fight? All the clans could care for each other and hunt together instead of worrying about stupid borders all day!" and Graypaw is shocked and Lionheart blabbers something in his wise old man voice something about how being separate means more loyalty and uses the gatherings as an excuse and just… no, why!?

  15. Yes, yes tigerstar was right. did he present it correctly? No, no he did not. The fact all the cats have split up into 5 groups with no individuality barely is stupid, I always hated the forbidden romance tropes in these books because they just became needless and seemed so easy to fix. I also appreciate you saying we can use your model for roleplays, OCS and fanfictions.

  16. what about this, an afterlife like starclan would not exist if the clans would change their ways, its the reason it does exist

  17. How I feel about the borders issue is this… Put actual distance between the territories. In real life this many cats in one condensed place would destroy the forests ecosystem. There should be like a one to two days walk worth of distance between these clan borders.

  18. I have an idea for medicine cats having kits. 

    If there were three medicine cats, then it would be fine for one of them to move to the nursery. But, if there were only one or two medicine cats, then there could be a cat called a Nurturer or a Caretaker. He/She could take care of all of the kits if the queens want to hunt or go to a battle or whatever. Queens still sleep in the nursery and they still spend most of their time with the kits(or else the kits won't have a good kithood). The clan will have more help with things, and the medicine cat can go back to work. 

    There are a few problems with this, but I think it's good.

  19. i thought it was pretty clear the clans need seperation as it keeps them motivated to train for battles and keep themselves strong, thats exactly why the tribe struggles as much as they do, because they have no competition and no need to learn how to fight

  20. Honestly, I don’t think the clans should be that cooperative. I think we should just pull a thanos and slash thunderclan in half, there are way too many cats.

    As an idea, what if the clans got hit by a famine in leafbare, and instead of bringing them together, it made them begin to slowly hate each other due to accusations of prey stealing when it really mattered.

    Example: “* other clan’s cat* was hunting on our territory, one of our warriors starved because we didn’t get that rabbit!” Even if it seems silly to make accusations like that, when everyone hungry and cold they aren’t exactly going to be thinking rationally.

  21. I stopped reading warrior cats because of how repetitive it got. It was basically the same super obvious prophecy over and over again, special cats what could this possibly mean?!?!?! When it literally says “dove’s gentle wing” and there’s a cat named Dovewing, oh my I wonder who it could be? Dawn of the Clans was good because it wasn’t just “speshul cat owo” imo but it’s been many, many years since I touched a warriors book since then.

  22. I've believed tigerstar was right since he started combining clans! I've always believed in the combined clan thing.

  23. Actually in some ways the Sistes group are acting some what like a real cat colony. Colonies are often made up of females and their children at some toms leave to live out the outside border only every going back into the colony to breed. And female cats have strong maternal instincts they help raise eachothers kittens. So I'm not sure exactly how or when the sisters get rid of their sons (I'm some what up to date but havent actually read it myself) ut matches real cat colonies.

  24. I agree. Ok. So it was needed in the beginning of the clans when everyone was arguing. But they could go full circle, as it seemed they were doing with Dawn of the Clans, and unite them as one once again.

  25. If mothwing can't see starclan because she doesn't believe in it, DOES that make her weird or the cats that see it weird? Hmmmmmmmmm

  26. I feel that it would be interesting to see another natural disaster such as a fire or a tornado or another drought that isn’t caused by beavers but by natural stuff and it’s be interesting to see what effects global warming would have on the clans or if they would have to move again like from the forest to the lake but from the lake somewhere else a nice change of scenery as a transition to combined clans because they worked together to get to the lake so working together to somewhere else may spark an idea for a new society

  27. its sad that most of the FAKE NON CANNON WARRIOR OCS are better then the ACTUAL REAL CANNON CATS edit:and what if tiger star was nice would they STILL disagree but this being coming to advantage instead of force and slavery or would they agree?

  28. 0:41 Form clans please! (But we already have like twenty of them..) I'm from star clan damn it so do it ? (all….right

  29. it would be INFINITELY more interesting if the books weren’t filled with “thats my side no thats my side no thats my-‘’ because lets face it, that was the least interesting part of the books anyways and just took up time from the more interesting story.

  30. There was a line somewhere that stood out to me when I read it. I don't remember who said it or what book it was in but it was along the lines of "From up here in Starclan, you can't see the lines between clans. Does that mean we need to join together?" "No idiot get fucked"

  31. Though wouldn’t that make the warriors series boring? The conflict between the clans and the unique way they live interest me so I don’t know about you but all the clans living together would be boring in my opinion who are they gonna fight? Loners? Kittypets? The conflict is what in my opinion is interesting. This is my opinion.

  32. I have quite literally never read, nor do I intend to read, any of these books. I know nothing about this series, and tabbed out from doing art to find this in my recommendations. Obviously, I clicked it, and somehow, I feel like I know everything there is to know about this franchise now.

  33. EDIT: huh i should watch the whole video before commenting huh

    this would maybe open up a cool new cat job, messengers who run from clan to clan keeping everyone updated on the news.

  34. There is a poll for this exact question – should the clans merge – on the official warrior cats instagram. I suggest that all supporters of this idea respond to that poll if we really want this to happen!

  35. Another job I really want introduced in Warriors especially is kitsitter/nursery queen and king, basically what Fernsong wants to so but full time.

    Some cats don't like fighting or healing so they could stay to entertain and educate the kits. This gives their mother a much needed break and makes fewer kits wander out of camp out of boredom and could really be a good way to put more culture in the clans that gets spread from the queens and kings to the kits.

    I mostly want this because it seems interesting to more paths than just warrior or maaaaaybe medicine cat

  36. Honestly, I might start reading the books again if this happened. 😛

    These ideas are great and if I wasn't so out of the loop on Warriors, I'd make a fanfiction out of it. Lol

  37. So at this moment, I've just finished reading 'A Vision of Shadows: Shattered Sky', and I was so mad at the ShadowClan apprentices when they disrespected the elders.

  38. When the clans force their beliefs on the tribe its like religious people forcing non believers to believe in their faith

  39. I have an idea (I've actually had it for a good while now); A Warriors Renaissance. Now, I was already thinking about an increase of tech; maybe cats learn how to do minimal livestock farming, or figure out how to harness fire. (Also, I would love for them to begin to learn how to do art.) With the clans working together like this, it would open up a whole new age in the Warriors timeline. I'd be super hyped to see the cats go from straight predators to civilized cats. It's a bit science fiction-y, but hell, they have StarClan. This paired with the cats' intelligence, it would be more likely for them to figure out how to build something than for StarClan to really exist.

    It's probably never going to happen, but hey, fanfic anyone?

    edit: I just wanted to say, thank you moonkitti, for giving us a fleshed-out, beautiful representation of what the clans could be.

  40. Ok ok, what if- instead of clans- we have cat towns. The leaders are just mayors but people can come and go as they please. It would open up more interesting concepts honestly

    This is a joke- but it would be cool to see the clans kinda morph into one group.

  41. 13:23 Don''t worry fam; this point is a valid argument that you didn't dip into too much before paw. Listening to it so much might've made it feel more jarring. (Also, I love the points that you're making here. Utopias are often Distopias, yah know?)

  42. I mean…The clan separation may as well not exist with all the cats that have been flipping between ShadowClan and ThuderClan in the last arc

  43. I love the idea of the diffrent clans being more cultural like for eg the tunnelers in wind clan could find shiny rocks that were dug up in their tunnles and present that to someone they love kinda like welsh love spoons. Or thunder clan could have native american inspired culture. River clan could have some form of mythos about the offering the water spirits to ensure the river is calm stuff like that small things like that i think could add a lil more spice to the clans. Idk went on a lil ramble. This vid was great love hearing this kinda stuff

  44. Actually, the Warriors behave the same way as the countries. We are no different from each other and we should help each other, but instead there are still senseless wars in the world. In addition, many people believe that his country is the best and try to squeeze religion and culture into other people.

  45. This is almost an exact reflection of the real world, though. We’re all equal, with the same issues and problems, yet we remain separated by our laws and national territories with rules against “crossing boarders”. Hell, even marriage with someone of a different regional location is a long and tedious process, not to mention if that person is a member of a certain religious group who doesn’t generally allow them to marry outside of their religion. It’s stupid and nonsensical, just like the real world.

  46. Just like political parties, the clans are separate because of their different ways of going about things. While they are not wholly different, it is enough to make cats feel disdain towards each other. (Sort of like conservatives/liberals. Both have the best interests in the survival of the States, but have different ways of going about how to do that). Also, while the warrior cats have a human like thought process, you can't forget that they are still animals and territory is a real thing. One thing I've always liked about the series is how cats see the world versus how people see it. I think you have a unique and interesting way of thinking about the books, but I just have to disagree about changing the whole structure of separate clans 😉
    P.S, I very much enjoy your videos! You have to be THE best warrior cats creator on Youtube <3

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