I UNLOCKED GREEN DUDE ! NEW PET from Daily Missions Quests ! ? Ghost Simulator Roblox LUNA Update 3

five four three two what now oh my god yeah yeah words of randoms this running game you randoms are here and we are here with another video of roblox go simulator for your randoms and in this video I am gonna be taking a first look at the brand new pet now this is the only way unless you do it yourself that you're gonna get to see this at the moment because I am one of the first people they're actually able to unlock this pet the reason being when the update dropped then it was about one hour before the game reset when I actually got onto my computer so I managed to do a whole day then an hour later reset so I managed to get two days in the first eight dropped so yeah let's go take a look here as you can see right now I have to gather 300,000 ectoplasm so that's quite easy that's free monsters free ghosts vacuum 30 mummy girls from the pyramids that may take a little bit longer and then unbox any pet crate five times okay so yes randoms that's what we're gonna be doing in this video doing the quest getting a pet and showing you so hopefully y'all excited if your smash the like button and put eat in the comments below or just tell me in the comments how excited you are I have not long gone up and this is on a DC the gay sod let's just go of it yellow hopefully already I'm ready what you're waiting for without further Hadouken okay so yes here we are then let's go ahead right now and unbox the pet crate so let's just go ahead and unbox five of these one white get-get-get bear two three fish for horse and another horse okay so yeah let's go ahead and bog eight of that bug outta here okay here we go ectoplasm so let's just go straight to the pyramids and we can get the ectoplasm while we're doing that two birds one stone randoms let's go god I am legit really excited to actually find a what the stats are of this pet I mean nobody knows only the developers now and they wouldn't even tell me I did ask actually but I know they wouldn't tell me come on come on yeah yeah hang on was it mummies I've got to do here I think it is I always go first-person mode by the way from trying to airspeed farm because you can actually for me personally I can get a lot more accuracy and speed from first-person mode they've really optimized this a lot more since before it still lags a little bit and they still working on the optimization but they're doing really really good job with this game randoms they have so so much plan for this new update which should be dropping today and then I will be doing a video on this brand new update as well providing it doesn't drop while I'm recording I will get it up after this video as soon as the update drops as soon as I'm physically able to record and upload I will have a brand new video on the brand new update because I really really love girls Tim at the moment it is one of my favorite games okay so we've done seven at the moment and it is actually mommy ghost yes so it is the rarer ones that we have to get I keep forgetting about this side now mommy so he'll number eight you aren't on MAME but we have to farm the Pharaohs as well because if we don't farm these then we only limit the spawn of the mummies because there's so many ghosts that spawn per area and it could be a mummy or a pharaoh so if those Pharaohs they're a mommy can't spawn in its place hopefully that makes sense okay number three so we farming every single one possible now as you can see we've already got 123 thousand ectoplasm so the other quest they've given me really easy daily quest today so I'm really excited for that okay so we gotta wait for the timer on that chest good what do you think the stats are gonna be randoms to be a favor don't cheat pause this video right or let the video run whatever you want to do just drop in the comments below your estimation so estimate what you mean to guess what you think the stats are gonna be don't cheat seriously don't cheat don't cheat yourself out of this don't look in the comments just go ahead and comment read any comment and without watching a mail video first go comment quick and let me know what you think the time and the ecto is gonna be of these pets now just to give you some kind of indication of you know what this could potentially be like here's my top five pets it could be like a rain wave which has thirteen point five time and three-and-a-half ecto it could be like an 8 bit or stronger fifteen point four time five point free to active it could be as powerful as a fire chief eight point one nine three point one six or sparks or waste well it could be even weaker like an alpha because this is obviously the first quest reward of a pet so well they could actually get gradually stronger or genuinely don't know I'm just guessing so I'll just drop in the comments below what stats you think this pets gonna be and don't cheat yourself out of the chance I've gained it right give it you know what just do it the fat just go okay I am a little bit crazy in this world you've ever got a bit crazy oh you're going to say seriously and it's more fun being crazy and crazy now right okay so we got that come on yeah yeah I am actually recording yet that would have been bad I'm like dude all this Gordon all that well it wouldn't be the game it would be more recording software and this what happens if I get straight off on record it is actually 12 o'clock but yeah I've got up about half an hour ago Babu right right Mummy Mummy nope don't want you Pharaoh I don't want you Pharaoh began demon Mummy Mummy Mummy teddy bears anybody where are you gasp hey we got Mummy Mummy bear mommy hey Pharaoh ha ha okay let's go ahead zoo mate check the progress below 12 to go oh my god we are so close I'm so glad they actually gave us a like well they didn't purposely do it it's randomized but I'm so glad we've got an easy quest for this because it just makes the video a lot shorter I don't know if you like shorter videos or long videos but we'll get to that in a bit so it makes this video a bit shorter so I can get up as soon as possible so you can see the brand new pet as soon as possible because you may not have got that extra day in before the timer reset for the next day and if you've missed a day at all your progress resets all the way back so it's maybe your first opportunity and chance I've seen the pet stats and I want to get to that that moment as quick as possible not only for you randoms but for myself as well because the excitement just just killing me it really is I really just want to know how powerful or powerless these Petty's because it could be just crap but it could be super ok but either way I know the pet looks bloody awesome it looks really really awesome because I have seen a picture of it I've got my thumb that already as well for this video but what I don't know is the stats of the pet or the name of him I don't know the name and if did all the beautiful name like I mean if you look here in here if you see down there just a little bit I don't know if you can say but it looks like a little tiny green ghost with spikes on the top like a little dragon so yeah it's a lot pretty cool maybe it's called good eating but I gun of maybe they call it random gamer I mean they could have just called it random game Oh cousin green and crazy like me beautiful unicorn in a couple of videos will will to do now hair reveal by the way as you all know half of reason for wearing the unicorn hat is because I need a haircut and in a couple of days couple of videos sorry I will do a hair reveal so make sure if you don't know your random don't forget to subscribe sure the red a family saw that motor gets your belt get it ring in blue so you don't miss out on the awesome hair reveal you're gonna want to see that you can't want to see my hair preview I wanna show kit let's zoom into preview of the hair yeah Kevin soon to another video near you on this channel alright okay I am completely random as you know random gamer come on game come ma'am where are ya huh mommy four more mummies come on Pharaoh Pharaoh we don't need you began we need the undead we need the mummies here mommy mommy hello mummy got ya got ya no not you not you yep yep two more boys two more I think one more one more okay I didn't see it one more side like to mourn it's just playing the on screen 29 or 30 one more one more no not you not you come on give us a mummy I want to see this pet cool oh my god I'm so excited if you're exciting make sure you smash that like button and comment it below the stats that you think these pets gonna pay because we're about to unboxing randoms unlock it whatever you wanna call it wise enough giving me a mummy game eh it is actually torturing me come on mummy ready run dogs here is ready ready one two daily reward green dude oh my god we actually did it oh oh so you're ready to see the stats random are you ready here we go in three two one open up the inventory' oh there he is right there is actually only a legendary pet and he's kind of wait to be honest I do feel a little bit disappointed with the stats off of this poor little green dude stronger will grinded ten days ten days funnies pet and here's the strength of a jellyfish LM peacock and a jellyfish LM peacock a peacock you know what it's pretty cool though I gotta say I'm a little bit disheartened what the stats are quite low like in comparison if you're looking like this should really be you know next level content I think it should at least carry the stats of local wisp or a fire chick sparks Dragon Con stats hopefully as like we progress through daily quest and we keep getting new pets new pets when you're pets they do get stronger so yeah there he is let's go ahead by the way and actually equip him so let's take off the wisp and let's equip the green dude right here come on here you go boy here you go I think might have to do is go ahead right now on equip everything else and that one and that one and then that should kind of centralized him I saw adorable though look how cute ladies come on is the wrong side isn't it okay so what we're gonna do now is on equip this one there we go we get the green dude and then if we equip one to the left of him that'll push him to the right yay there is in the floor get out of La Ghost be gone your tiny bro your tiny mate are you so cute though so yeah there you go randoms that here is the brand new daily missions pet for you all right in front here on here I have a little bit disappointed in the stats or was expect it to be stronger what the developers are doing a good job here so I'm sure that the future pets they have planned will get gradually stronger all very well touchwood okay so yeah there he is right there we're gonna go ahead leave him on scream yep there he is okay so yeah it's kind of wait pot is cool pet alright so yes big face oh oh 24 hours until we actually find out what we're gonna get for the next lot of rewards by the way okay so yes randoms that brings us to the end of this video really hope you all enjoyed this video I enjoyed actually recording it just benefit yo literally just to show you unboxing unlucky what have you on call he just obtaining the pet from the daily missions I grinded ten days for this actually technically join because I got two in one day okay so yes hopefully randoms have enjoyed this video if you have don't forget to smash like button in the face like a boss don't forget to drop a comment in the comments box below hopefully you get the stats let me know if you guess them right if you did don't worry it was just a little bit of fun let me know as well whether you've got the pet yourself or how many days you are away from getting the pet okay if you're not really around up don't forget to subscribe during the ride and family slap that notification better get it ringing and blue and make sure you share this video anyway in every way you can so other people could enjoy it as much as you've enjoyed it okay so yeah we've been doing golf simulator roblox unboxing unlocking obtaining green dude pet from the daily missions your runs will actually expand to fantastic thank you very much I'm a random gamer stay awesome stay random and don't forget hair reveal coming soon peace out and goodbye wait it's all wait but it looks so cool yeah

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  2. after noticing that this pet is legendary i give up on the daily missions the disappointment got me ;-;

  3. Randem this is a complete guess will the speed be 3.16? And will the coins be 1.54? I’m nervous ?… what will the prize be btw?

  4. Ledgend says it if u say the youtubers name 3 times you get pinned

    Randem Gamor
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    The ledgend lied

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