today in vacuum simulator we get so many rumors that it allows us to go to space and not only space but get a tier 8 pet the rarest in the game watch the whole video to see what is that this is not just your average update okay this is gigantic update number 4 apparently it's a gigantic update that includes a new universe where you can blast off to space 5 new zones or in the space in one of the woods rebirth board new vacuums new bags 12 new hats new pets I'm out of breath almost knock something over and that was really awkward on so there's a code update for so let's go ahead and type that bad boy an update for redeem oh yeah I don't know what I got I'm not really sure what I got probably got coins or something but regardless we're gonna go ham today alright we're gonna check out all the things in the update whoa there's space oh I have 61 rebirth that's enough to go to space so I can actually do that and then I think there's new ones in the woods so let's let's go to the woods real quick what do we got here we got this one that we already checked out the cave area don't mind if I do y'all look all these diamonds I'm gettin bro then we got ourselves this area which we already saw the last episode so this is not new did they say there's no ones in the woods a foreign space one of the woods oh here it is right here rebirth board Louie no this is the rebirth board wait so what where's the new area in the woods I'm confusion is there not a new area but it's this new area in the woods if you look over here I I don't see anything is there an area I can climb to hello this game isn't making any sense yeah okay I guess there's not a new area in the woods there's five new zones one in the woods so I mean unless something wrong I don't I don't know if I'm a stupid but this is not a news onus just aboard but anyway we can actually rebirth a ton of times now oh that's gonna be super helpful a hundred times go check this out if I sell right now I'll be able to rebirth a hundred times we're gonna do that we're gonna go ahead and sell before I go to space we're gonna check out space where to check out all the things and we're gonna try and get the best possible things in the game likely oh he's doing the simulators let me know what you guys have in the comment section below what kind of vacuum and pets your rock and I got the infinite pets of course I don't have a lot of them equipped that's because in the last episode I was getting a bunch of Kryptonian pets which you made golden and then you make golden ones Kryptonian it's it's a process you need a lot of them but they become a super opie so let's go ahead oh I apparently if you teleport home and then you teleport back to an area it actually respawns all the coins good to know I didn't know that let's do it right here rebirth a hundred times that's a lot bro all right how about to do this here it is oh my gosh so now we're at a hundred sixty-one rebirths that is quite the amount that's wait a second does that give me a bunch of gems though let me check oh my gosh I have a thousand 79 gems yes now we can finally get a lot of gems all look at the new vacuums they're not as good as the black hole vac that's still gonna be the best one but look at these they're freaking robo bags that's sick I really like the look of those they're kind of like Oreos all right I'm gonna check this out I'm gonna grab this and uh what else is there there's a tier 5 rebirth egg right here that has some really good pets there's no new pets over here no new hats over here so without further ado let's just go to space 6030 rebirths to enter and we can enter right now oh that was anticlimactic but here we are one two three areas on in the space area wait I thought that was for roll oh maybe this maybe this main area counts as one I'm not really sure but there's one two three areas in the space area plus the main so I guess there's I guess that means there's four but this is where collectin now the only thing is I wish you could sell here it's kind of annoying that you have to like go all the way back but 200 Reapers to enter this one I don't have enough yet and 500 to enter this Marwin planet I can't even go there yet and then we got hats here tier seven and two you're eight they cost so much 2500 gems and then this tier eight these are the best pets you can get in the game which I'm gonna get some of these tier eights but they cost a thousand two hundred and fifty actually do we have enough well we almost have enough okay so we're gonna go ahead and keep grinding that I'm gonna need to collect a bunch of coins though and get more rebirth so I'm gonna have to get to a hundred rebirths once again so I'm gonna do that wait let's sell how much will I get for this let's start real quick to five billion just real quick just like that alright so once I grind this a little bit more I'm gonna have probably a hundred more rebirths and I'm gonna go up until five hundred so let's go ahead and do some grinding do a little time lapse and see if we can get enough to rebirth a hundred times until we get five hundred rebirths yo this is a time-lapse I'm getting some coins with my vacuum yeah I'm the best room so plays I'm the best rapper you ever sane seen that rhymes with plays doesn't hey while you're here subscribe and comment if you hear this rap and neh alrighty there we go after tons of grinding I think we finally we've 34 billion which is a ton I think that's enough to rebirth a hundred times so we're gonna go ahead and check out this rebirth board again which is super helpful saves a lot of time here we go rebirth a hundred times four thirty two billion BAM so if I'm at 261 that's not quite five hundred like I said I was gonna get to but let's check out the two hundred rebirth area first there's two different planets we can go to one is two hundred rebirths and one is five hundred and we're gonna go to the 200 first so let's grab this little black hole back and I did not mean to do that and let's go ahead and check out this new planet and collect all these coins while we're at it the only thing I hate about this game and I'm fully admitting it is that there's so little to this game I actually enjoy the magnetic aspect kind of like magnet sim I enjoy like just grinding and collecting things and games and try to become the best or get the best things but this is way too minimal like they could added like parkour in here or at least something it's literally just a new area that's just three skinned and recolor it like it doesn't feel any different they should have just added like some sort of parkour you can jump on stuff but no anytime you jump on stuff you get freakin teleported but that's the new area that we just checked out one of them there's a new there's another new one in the space area as well that we 500 spore so that's our next goal riding for five minutes but I think before we do that how many do we have now we have 2159 diamonds which means we can get one of these mythic pets the tier 8 the current best pet in the game so without further ado let's buy it tier 8 we got an angel an angel they're all mythic pets and it's the first one so I don't know if that's gonna be bad or good but let's check out this angel pen see how dang good it is bro a thousand two hundred to Blair oh my gosh that's way better than even my kryptonite pets or my Kryptonian pets these are the golden and then I camera with the Kryptonian I think this is one crypto space cactus only a hundred forty-four XP and 288 coin this angel does 1200 koi there it is it's hidden a little bit by the by the Dino but yo this thing has a mad coin multiplier so that's like that's like adding like a hundred more pets no that's like adding probably like 15 more pets but still that's super freakin good alright lots of multiplication happening for coinage and earning let me know what kind of pets you guys got if you got a tier 8 yourself I'm gonna try to get a lot more th by the end cuz every time I rebirth a hundred times I get like a thousand gems so really really helpful but that's the next area I'm grinding for marwon so I'll see you guys what I wait do I have enough for this hat no I'm gonna save up for the TRA I can't go tier 7 bro gotta go for the best or go home alright let me know what you guys got the comment section below and I'm gonna keep grinding and I'll see you guys at Planet Marwin when we get to 500 rebirths it took a lot less time than the last time I played this game I had to grind for so long to get rebirths because it was just ridiculous in order rebirth now with this rebirth board it's pretty easy if you get a lot of coin multipliers and that new pet honestly makes me so much more coins it makes me an insane amount of coins let me know how many coins you guys got and how many reverts and I'm about to get 561 which means I'll have five hundred to go into the new area and I'll have a ton of gems or diamonds so there we go there's 561 bro you can't even touch these rebirth seriously let me know in the comments if anybody has more than that I'm sure you do Wow brawl whoa this guy's nuts this guy's insane he's got a hundred sixteen thousand rebirths I don't even know how that's possible but anyways let's go ahead and grab my black hole vacuum and we're gonna go to that new area even though it's just like a real quick area that we just get all the coins from but the good thing about that new area is that I'm gonna have so many coins from it because I think the coins in each area as you move on are worth more when you sell so these coins are worth like a certain amount and then these are worth even more these 200 rebirth coins these are worth even more than the previous and then the five on Reapers are worth the most so far in the game here it is Marwin so let's hop in and it's literally just this I really wish they added more to the game man I wish they added like parkour it would be sick if they added some parkour here but whatever whoa we have 56 billion 55.9 56 35.9 which is basically 56 basically 56 billion and that was like only a few coin places that we collected we didn't sit there and collect forever that's a lot bro so I I could probably rebirth a lot easier now and get a lot of diamonds how much run you for the next 112 rebirths for another hundred and I currently have 4,000 gems meaning I can get any of these easy these were expensive for me I remember I tried to do a video where I wanted to open one of those and I think I like I think I ended up opening one but I barely had enough now we got so much money that I can open like multiple of the best ones so we're gonna go ahead and sell and go to the tier 8 there's a tier 5 right here which is a you know I mean you could buy with cash but if they're only legendary pets they're not mythic which are the ones that you pay diamonds for here we are gonna go ahead and do some collecting and why not and these are the hats that I kind of want to get one of these to your aides but I also wanna get the pets it's tough here's my my hat currently so I have the space helmet on which is a time 22.5 if I get one of these I actually you know what I'm gonna go for it because I haven't upgraded my hat in a while so let's get one of these tier eight hats and see what we get baby ass Sparkle time for door and it's teal which I love because that's all wait that blue one would have been better but either way it's a teal one and that's the last one I don't know if it's the best or what but we're gonna check this thing out all right so my current one is x 2.5 this one's x 6 wow that one's insane that one's actually nuts okay let's take that off and put this guy on that is a huge x look you can see it coming out it looks like my mouth it looks like I have a blue tongue and I'm like hey let me know what how do you guys have if you got any of the tier eights that is actually massive I don't know if it'd be a better idea to get another tier eight or one of these pets you know what I'm gonna go for it I'm gonna go for another tier eight mythic pet space pain it's so freaking cute bro I love it and then I don't have enough I have to do some more rebirthing but let's check out this space penguin in comparison to my angel we got this angel right here 1200 which is the most coin collection by far this one has a huge coin collection eight that are eight hundred but it has double the XP gain so I guess that's pretty helpful it's not like that great but you know I'll take it for now and then we have some pets that I don't have equipped for some reason might as well put these bad boys on so that we have the most pets possible because we do have the infinite pet game pass let's grab these and there we go um yeah baby that's I'm talking about space penguin and my angel so now the multipliers are gonna be hot boy we're gonna go ahead and grab all these areas grab all these new planets and sell ID please owner if you're watching this video for some reason definitely make like Abhi's in the areas and be so cool just for something like every time a new area comes out like it's it's kind of meaningless because you just hop in it's like that's it like there's the coins it's gone some simulators believe it or not makes sense and have gameplay so it's okay to add some gameplay to the simulators y'all have to make them too simple but let's go ahead and sell this real quick to nineteen that is an insane amount okay let's go to the woods and let's go ahead and go to the rebirth board and here's another hundred baby that's what we're talking about BAM wait wait BAM there we go so now about 661 the most rebirths by far and in this server but I mean compared to the guy on the leaderboard I'm like I'm like nothing bro but I'm getting there getting there slowly again let me know how many reverts you guys in the comment section below I'm gonna go ahead and go wait how much do I have now all I need a rebirth again okay well I'm gonna do some collecting I'm gonna do one more batch of 100 rebirths and then we're gonna get one more tier eight pet to see what we get like the video if you enjoyed so far and let's see what multipliers we get with these new pets and hats so before I had to collect like every area on the woods and space like a few times and sell in order to Reaver the hundred times now I only have to collect space and then I'm like done here's another 100 rebirths ready BAM I'm at 761 and I have 2300 wait a second oh my gosh I think I'm just short of another pet I can't remember how much they are they 2500 are they oh man I'm not sure I need to go check through either 2000 or 2500 gems and if I don't Rob enough I will be so upset let's check real quick here they are please tell me it's not oh it's only 1250 oh it's these that are 2500 the tier 8 hats so we already got to your 8th hat I'm just gonna leave it at that I'm gonna get another tier 8 pet so let's grab it right here the last one spacepup dude I love that oh and that's a mythic I think right is that the mythic does it ever years I can't I can't help it or well they're all mythix but yeah it's the it's the final one it has the highest coin multiplier out of all of them so technically this is the best pet in the game currently the space pup yo this thing is Oh P as crap right here let's collect all these let's do one more sell just for the road so you guys see this multiplier I'm gonna get all these space areas I'm not even collecting that many coins I'm just getting all the space areas and with these multipliers like its massive the comments how much you think I'm gonna to sell right now I'm about to do this are you ready for this Elledge let's see what we get boys and girls chew on drew billion I literally just collected the space area I didn't even do anything else alrighty well that's a good place to wrap up hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you did smash that like button down below subscribe if you guys are new and hit that notification bell to never miss a video cuz I upload a video every single day I missed a day yesterday but it happens use code Russo plays when you're Bryan roebucks helps me out a lot it's my star code and we're gonna follow me on social media we're so talks at Rousseau talks that's Twitter and security yeah bye

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  1. Russo I need to tell you a secret I have gold tier8 pets and I'm level 457 and also I have 3648 rebirths

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