I took a 360-degree ASMR video with my cats (with subtitles)

Is Beardy preparing some food for me? What are you looking at? What’s that? It has no smell. Ah, so noisy! What’s inside this? What Beardy is doing? I’m so hungry! Let’s start by eating the surface. Why are you cleaning my food, you fool! Oh, that’s blue food! I see you there, inside! Waiting patiently… There is a mouse over there! And a mouse under this! Cats are gone now… Hey, I’m back, Beardy! Hey, look at me, you there! Thank you and good night!

100 thoughts on “I took a 360-degree ASMR video with my cats (with subtitles)

  1. [EDIT: Serbian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Thai, German subtitles added! THANK YOU!] Hi everyone! I wanted to test something for an upcoming video but my cats came along and they were so cute that I felt the urge to share this video with you all. I'm made some subtitles in English, French, Japanese and Korean. The text is quite short and it would be great if you can make subtitles for your language too (even though the video can be watched without subtitles :D) Click here: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=enf4lBT6x-U

    Thank you and have a great evening!

  2. Боже мой,твои коты или кошки просто такие няшные?

  3. I can't say how I love this video but
    This is the best video of your channel I LOVE THIS VIDEO , IS PERFECT ( I'm brazilian and I can't write in english very well but I tried lol TOU ARE MY FAVORITE ENGLISH CHANNEL, sorry for the wrong word's lol)

  4. I Didn't See 0:00/0:01 That You Said Move Your Phone Or Touch Your Screen To See Around And I Thought That It Was A Glitch ?.

  5. Video where you are fish/hamster/lab-rat and a humans plays with you, and your limbs are numb for experimental purpose, but now cats are waiting for a chance and human is just tapping.

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