I Spent The Night At A Dog Hotel

[Music] New York City is a very hot destination but visiting New York can be extremely expensive a hotel can be anywhere between 100 200 300 a thousand dollars so I’m trying to find a good fancy cheap hotel that’s why I’m gonna stay at a pet hotel so I’m gonna stay at the dog hotel for 24 hours and I’m gonna review the dog hotel experience for a human being let’s check it out all right so I got a nice little Bobby already a first impressions smells fresh back oak complimentary snacks right here well a little dry hi hello how are you where can I sue you you’ll be staying with some water I can get you some water okay yeah thanks so much Oh miss your water oh thank you so much you got it you okay so you guys have only doggie bowls right yes only doggie bowls and the waters Poland Spring not tap that’s delicious water I never knew water would taste better out of a doggy Bowl what are my options you guys have any rooms available we have three different suite options we have tons of them available I can take you down now let’s go see Joe yeah let’s go check by the way do dogs have any like herpes or anything that I can get from the doggy ball no not at all wow these two right here are our uber suites these are the biggest Uther’s 299 scale of one to ten how comfortable this bed is I’m gonna give it a 10 we got a little teddy bear here that Oh No okay um do you see this a little hole in its back and then you have treadmills for like the ADHD dogs this is our gym called pants so it’s good for the dogs who have a little more energy we really use it in the winter too when this salt is out there it’s bad for their paws so they like to go on it release some energy this is a step below this is our sensational sweets and these are 129 a night and there’s that close to the rich dogs yeah is there ever like a little like they stare out from each other’s glass to be like you little rascal they usually pass out when they come down for dinner they eat their dinner right to bed the paw prints for like crazy nights you know those hotel reviews where they like flash the light and they see all the sperm here if you flash a light you just see a lot of dog prints and this is our most basic this is our standard suite and it’s just good for dogs who are usually you know rescue dogs who don’t like cages but it’s just our basic this is 89 a night that’s cheaper than most hotels in New York this is the life okay this dog is like come down is it living in the ceiling where’s that name is GoPro this one is really comfy and it’s cheaper than most hotels in New York so I think I’m gonna go with this room how many dogs I think peed in this bed well actually I don’t care cuz I’m gonna be peeing in this bed tonight so I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’ll be quiet this is better than my apartment in New York City you can’t get a room this big do you think it’s gonna be weird doing a conference call from here so now I’m gonna check out their room service I just asked for some food I said surprise me bring me whatever you guys have oh my god and it says my name on it thank you so much smells fresh this food is way more fun than like a dish like I don’t the steak because you know what you can’t do a steak you can’t take it like this and can’t be like II I’m not even joking this doesn’t taste bad okay I think I’ve explored the room I’m gonna go I’m gonna check out what else this hotel has to offer but so far did she lock me in can you open the door yeah okay please open the door okay all right I need to get my energy out I’ve been in this room for way too long we got some treadmills right here I’m gonna explore all the funky stuff this hotel has so let’s let’s see oh I don’t think the treadmills are working I don’t need a treadmill what I’m gonna do all right so now I’m gonna check out the lounge area where all the dogs hang out I’m gonna go meet some dogs it’s right in there huge they got little dogs right here and then they got some big dogs in the back I’m a big dog I think we’ll see where they place me but let’s go check it out [Applause] [Music] [Music] Oh Oh full day of activities I’m exhausted I’m sweaty I’m stinky I’m covered in here what does every hotel need a good shower so I’m gonna go wash up go to bed nice and clean I’m just getting a shower I just need to take a shower I get it I’m sexy I get it you’ve never seen a naked man before okay so this is the dog reading section they cut the dog’s hair right here pink blow-dryer you can get your nails done I think you can dye your hair too if you want here they can like give you different hair dyes they got all these soaps [Music] all right this is a successful shower I wasn’t even expecting to have a shower here so let’s go get Johnson’s go to bed okay that was a lot of adventure I’m exhausted back in the room closing the door and today I’m just gonna try and go to bed now oh okay it’s kind of quiet no the dogs are barking or anything there’s one dog just kind of moaning a little bit I don’t know if it’s like having fun with a little teddy bear somewhere or something but I’m just gonna try and go to sleep now huh I have to go I have to go to the bathroom real bad I don’t know where they told me to just go on the floor or get a pee bad but I didn’t get a peepee bad I can’t just do it on the floor oh but I have to go poopy so bad I can’t poop on the floor and then have him clean him up to clean it up tomorrow and like look me in the eyes as I check out I can’t do that that’s the only – about staying here because pooping in a bathroom is way more comfortable than pooping on the floor and knowing that they’re gonna have to clean it up I just gonna have to hold it in and this dog has not stopped moaning I don’t know what it’s doing it’s everyone it’s all the dogs are quiet maybe if I move back and it’ll stop I think it stopped it’s the retain am thirsty I gotta go to my doggie ball [Music] guys what am I doing with my life hmm didn’t know you can you looking like that no go back go back to that I’m sorry I’m going to bed all right so it is now 8 a.m. and I did it and honestly I only woke up a few times my neck doesn’t hurt my body doesn’t hurt I think I’ve gotten used to the smell best hotel experience I ever had right like because fancy you know a fancy is crappy you know what crappy is dog hotel you don’t know what that is all you know is that movie that whatever it was on Disney Channel that’s all you know about dog hotels and now I got to live that Disney dream of mine I got to go poop again so yeah I definitely have to get up I think this dog food is acting a little funky on my stomach alright alright thanks for watching my [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “I Spent The Night At A Dog Hotel

  1. Illuminati confirmed bro @ 8:19 when u said it 3:10AM and when i checked the time it was also 3:10 Am

  2. Omggg I was an hotel right next to this hotel nooo joke and I use to always look through the windows to see the dogs hahaha

  3. When I am older i will be the full grow adult staying in a hotel for dogs talking about how I can't poop on the floor and eating dog food and I am still getting paid

  4. 89$ for a night in a closet sized room for a dog? I charge 10€ for a night and dogs can roam around my whole house, sleep with me, get a lot of attentio etc… I kinda feel sorry for the dogs who get to stay there

  5. i was expecting a cage with a towel and a bowl of dog food. what is a dog going to do with a tv and a human sized bed?

  6. imagine being an owner of one of those dogs and seeing this video and being like oh my god my dog met eric

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