I Shot and Sliced Hot Dogs and Meatballs in Hot Dogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades VR!

time for some more hotdogs horseshoes and grenades oh yes we've got taken hold update to play around with but first this is a sponsored video thanking a GT arcade for sponsoring it GT arcade is online browser-based gaming platform it's got tons of games so there's something for everyone a bunch of these games have even been featured by Google Play and Facebook so I mostly play VR on the channel but a lot of people don't have the time or the money for VR it's expensive you need all the fancy computers and whatnot so browser-based gameplay is a much better solution for those who like the game on the go or don't have a dedicated gaming computer now as a special gift to you guys you can check out the link in the description below to get a $10 gift pack for GT arcade there's a code and the link down in the description and an opinion and there's also a contest going on with GT arcade where you can win an Amazon gift card you gotta post either on Twitter Instagram tic-tac whatever you want with the hashtag hashtag GT arcade the employee games on the platform and take a screenshot of their favorite poster or character or make a creative post about GT arcade in general now the top 10 most liked posts will receive an Amazon gift card worth $100 u.s. so you want to enter to win that make sure you take a screenshot of the game and post it on social media using hashtag GT arcade thank you to GT arcade for sponsoring this video I don't trust these messages further than I can throw them I'm probably gonna full throw them very far because they're kind of big in Wheatly oh okay oh I have some health right here so we gotta get through here we gotta take out all these sausages this is my little health I'm gonna haul sausage just a little smoked Wiener would be useful if I had a gun or something and you were brass knuckles huh okay I don't want that I want a gun gun is probably slightly better oh okay okay go revolver don't mind if I do pop that over and boom wait there Oh a big yellow the bolts okay ah dad it's so loud I wasn't made out for war guys complaining that my guns too loud nothing in there nope let's go what there are a freaking elevator shaft okay I honestly don't know if this all damaged or something oh oh this is amazing okay we gotta get out of here freakin big is this elevator shift good god please let me out this looks promising greenlight is good mmm know what I hear something I hear the squishy-squashy sounds of sausage Oh what is that thing is that a meatball oh oh is that Meatwad form Aqua Teen Hunger Force okay apparently they've hired like dude will they actually hurt me they're not shooting at me but I'm wondering if they smack into me Oh me got me 250 elf that is a new one what is this half life my Gordon Freeman have around here certain sausages instead of uh I honestly cannot remember what I made the aliens are bad guys in half-life are called uh it's not the Covenant look at that me policy freaked me out Lisa sausages just shoot at me also would like a better gun I don't want to call more elevator chefs my arms are so tired look at that my arms are so thin and lacking in muscles that he can't even see them they're just invisible I guess I could who's shooting who shoot okay I hear meatballs again then I let's see hope meatball where'd your friend go they always work in pairs yeah never meet bottle as well reload we got limited ammo get on that batter there I don't know how much this is oh let me just keep this oh oh okay so we know that was at least 250 might be more oh we're at the top level though oh wait let's pointing down so let's go down one but still pointing down okay is this where we started oh I'm stuck in the doorway stuck in the doorway okay let's go rushing easy now but see you boom headshot he's down where's this partner you all these meatballs – okay reload quick before the meatballs get me I thought I'd ever say okay oh geez jumping over and plays learn dance meatball oh oh these a quick little ball of meat isn't he okay dealt with those guys pretty easily chamber two so we have this there a gun around here I want something better what is this oh oh oh my god I went from 10,000 to 600 health are you freaking kidding me okay yeah that's stupid mine on the wall wait that looks likes it oh it's like an exit or something this looks promising oh no this big room god I'm so mad about the freaking mine on the wall there's nothing there's nothing up there wait h/h is this way huh okay I scared myself I smash you Mike on the wall that was good come on health health health gurus some of them literally dying here and now I'm here and meatballs again Oh God they found me I hear oh god they that one looks uncooked three meatballs okay there is milk just get out of here oh she's just so scared okay it should be right through get okay stay cover I see you I see you there there we go yeah we cannot take a shot man so you think I can't impress them with my gun spinning skills come on now circus easy Dominic Owen or this yeah okay that was Christmas it's never worth the bit another one oh that's the hope that's the point I have the whole are you freaking kidding me okay it looks like we can't go down there yeah I think we need to control this point first I don't like green arrow or the blue arrow is oh I have to hold that point was just a pistol in 600 health this is not gonna go well I'm telling you right now okay that just takes you back to elevator shaft okay I guess we're gonna freakin do this oh okay Jay keep an eye up there man Oh every shots gotta count okay in the meantime reload I know I wasn't empty oh okay things are freaking out no this is a bad time for my controls to freak out hope geez joke okay stop freaking out hands yeah something like a melon at a German stop freaking out Hans we have to kill the sausage okay just get this together oh I can Hagen okay reload we look I'm gonna fall down this is Lee thanks for a difficulty nope move move are you kidding me we can do better wait what can we choose the gun to start with I just let's go with the classic huh nice carbine mp5 that works oh my god all the fancy things we can do mp5 loaded up short round magazine jamming in their flashlights 400 sausages at night by hand come back you see this hand step it how do I just get on there can you cannot take that huh okay yeah it's perfect just get some duct tape wrap it around there come on we need to put this rail adapter thing there we go now we get the same okay either that way or that way that way that this way there we go that's slightly better all right let's go is it even gonna let me actually keep that hey that's so much better oh we have them okay we got this and we have a machete oh wait a second this is kidding me starting with a frigate shotgun what is this thing I don't know but it's awesome looking okay chefs eat up in the building we're gonna make it nice meat platter today as long as I don't just don't walk in any freaking minds this time okay okay no fault damage we're good that's what I thought I thought wait check it out okay I see the mind this time I see it she okay up there she goes okay you know we're just gonna rock with this I like the idea of using the knife no oh what is what is it it's a big spike eat someone lifts the toothpicks in this Jeep don't let God okay oh here we go man it was literally like a giant meatball with the spikes sticking Hanafy okie dokie I'm really nervous about those big ball things those were freaky I'm not crazy right they're supposed to be meatballs I'm not just making that up okay I hear something I hear ya bouncing around think you're better than me huh you made out of meat what happened in this game man it's like started off as a simulator for weapons and guns and realistic fun but now I'm running down this hallway of this chemical factory finding sausages and meatballs and whatever else may be around here oh I see you right there this way echo Bravo Alpha Team go go go sausage sighted move in come on okay my gun doesn't want to work that's cool I totally tried to fire there stop treating me yeah that hurt a little bit not as bad as the meatball spikeball thing how many shots does this have wondering if this will be better to use let's find out I assume like eight or something four they're really only four shots in this thing one two three four okay yeah I kind of stinks I'll stick with the mp5 okay so it should just you can't knock it out in this game that's a shame pull it out and drop it in check this skill up good job I can't believe those actually first try it normally takes me half an hour to do that was amazing okay I walk through the thing hey this works you can hide back here actually let's have that as a fallback position here Oh come on line them up one at a time what are we loaded but in second our weight makes them more melodic about their about the show up aah where's my record we're good it's so gross oh he's squishing an exploding bunch of weirdos huh okay they come from afar I see you Oh doc reload back in action okay we got it we got it Oh first take point taken don't waste all of our stuff yeah we do delicious thing that has a lot of health in it go cuckoo Oh what are this friendly fire oh my god what is that hey that's some green of these green come on come at me roast with meatball doctor yeah what is it oh I think there's a mine inside of them okay yeah or some sort of explosive because that dude just freaking popped I see you have a seriously sound like minecraft zombies get flashbacks man I never thought I'd be scared of meatballs Luke what are these zombies okay and they're way tougher he's got tongs that's amazing okay was this one quad damage oh my god okay we'll definitely uh hanging out of that Oh bless my stars that was like a high-velocity piece of equipment yeah this is a bolt-action issue that's the word I meant to use and it stinks that was right okay stick with the mp5 and goodnight sneaky little meatball okay here someone said they needed a little cheese but your your sausages wash myself up there oh come on kids hey let me up oh yeah it's so cool no no you can fling yourself in this game let's do it hey once you see the first one we're gonna in quad damage okay getting ready to put this in my mouth okay here we go ah damage oh man dude I am sparkling come on come on forth no one's enough where am I even aiming there we go here we go oh I already lost a quad damage come on okay I'm going with the machete bring it comes its way from the come around this corner and go for the head shot man we did it Oh you

48 thoughts on “I Shot and Sliced Hot Dogs and Meatballs in Hot Dogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades VR!

  1. Ill give you some tips:
    1. Holding the gun with 2 hands is always better than holding it with one hand
    2. Have multiple guns on you, like an mp5 and a pistol
    3. Play on the newer version of take & hold

  2. comment me if im wrong, the meat ball is like the round electric thing from g-mod,
    instead of zapping ctop, it smacks its body right at ctop's face (the beat ball's juices get all up on ctop's mouth)

  3. Ctop: “man, YouTube’s ad revue has gone way down, I barely make money from this.”

    Everyone: “I feel you…”

    GTARCADE: “hold my beer”

  4. Watching him empty that revolver in the beginning half of the video was painful. Does he not know that you press the button to push all of the casings out at once?

  5. I got scared for a bit. I saw "I shot" and "dogs" together in a sentence, and I thought it was gonna be John Wick 1 all over again. those words should not belong in a sentence together

  6. reads the title
    Uh..SIS! figure this out!
    one second later
    Me and mah sis: binge-watching the channel

  7. Give me all the hot dog's ctop and I will give you all my money ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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