37 thoughts on “I put peanut butter on my dogs nose this is what happen ?

  1. Put socks on their back feet it's soo funny when I do that to my dogs they start kicking their feet up and start walking funny

  2. Ya'll are so wrong!!! How would you like the dog to tie your hands behind your back and stuff icecream in your ass crack ???

  3. That is frustrating…why do that to them…..??‍♀️ How about I put some ? on YOUR…Nose…… Now that would be funny….. this is NOT!!!!!

  4. That’s not funny AT ALL. Actually looks kinda mean to me. Poor dog, he looks like such a sweetheart too. I feel so bad for those doggies. They’re so beautiful. ???

  5. My dog is 10 yrs old and moves and acts like a puppy. I would love to breed him before it’s too late. I literally just want 2 of his puppies ?

  6. It's so cute✨I love your lovely little ones with all my heart? Always, when I watch your videos, the mood rises to the skies and I want to cuddle them?❤️

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