I played as a cat… Cops HATED me!! (GTA 5 Mods – Evade Gameplay)

what's going on see fresh welcome back to a new evade episode today we have something exciting guys we're gonna be playing as a cat that's right guys it's gonna be a fun episode I do want to try out a few things I want to see if we can rob a bank and obviously if we can drive a car all cool tests as a cat I'm not sure if any of those things are possible but look at the map guys look on the map we have a red blip which means we usually have an attacking ped coming up and look at that guys it's a dog oh my gosh way to start off today's episode I think we are about to get attacked good thing I'm on top of the dumpster oh dude that looks like an aggressive puppy holy crap we need to make a run for it oh it's freaking out you can't get up here can you buddy you can't huh hold on we're gonna make a run for it guys oh gosh yeah what are we gonna do what are we gonna do which way are we gonna go maybe that guy's gonna help you out to you that that looks like an angry puppy Oh though oh no it's just an attack that dumpster I'm gonna go for it I'm gonna go go go go go go go is the dog following me let's look back holy crap holy crap I think it's coming it's definitely following you no no no go go go that was way too close with that was way too close I want it I want to get away from the dog and obviously we're gonna try and rob a bank – so let me see on the map really quickly which bank we can rob and I'm thinking and that's that's that's a good one right which yeah let's let's go after this one let's go right here where's the dog a guy you gotta be careful I do have a button that's usually an attack button and it kind of functions differently for all the different animals – remember when we played as a bird we were able to kind of poop on you know people and cars and that was fun and when you play as a dog you can actually attack people this is what this button does with a cat it just crashes this ear that's all it does deep this puppy will not let me go all that oh oh that was way too close dude that dog holy crap well then we could talk to somebody now all right let's cross the road and maybe the dog will get hit by something by a car how about that oh my gosh it's barking to you poor Izzy where did it go did it get hit nope it's right here dude it's literally just following me around Oh careful careful puppy we can set him up we can set them up right go go go oh my gosh I almost got right over I was he doing we're like literally playing in traffic go go go oh dude that was way too close hold on all right let's go to the bank let's go to the way I don't even know if the puppies attacking or not I just see a red blip on the mini-map and usually that indicates an enemy so I'm assuming that that's not a friendly dog that's all that's all I'm saying police save me save me I'm being attacked come over here maybe if I get attacked next to a cop the cops will potentially protect me I don't know I don't know if that will happen in the real life I'm probably not oh I don't know man let me know in the comment section down below if you guys are a cat person or a dog person I'm curious to know I honestly love both and my girlfriend and I were kind of thinking of getting a pet and I think we're leaning towards a puppy but I do love cats as well obviously I'm playing as one right now oh my gosh did this dog will not let me go but yeah let me know if you guys have any pets what kind of a pet you guys have in the comment section down below just curious to see what kind of pets you guys have obviously cat cats and dogs are probably going to be the most calm but it is what it is man it is what it is my brother has a cat and she absolutely hates me like I love cats and she just hates me she hates my guts she attacks me for no reason yeah she's just a little bit wild a little bit wild alright man I'm just going straight after the bank and then we'll figure out what to do with this dog later Oh police there's police there's police what if I stop the cop stops up top got that police stop all right here we go we got his attention right now and I can scratch my ear that's all I could do really well I'm not looking at anybody officer oh oh oh he might get mad oh no I'm at what star officer I didn't do anything holy crap I was asking for protection and look at the mini-map now I'm being attacked by this dog and all of these police officers I literally didn't do a thing I did not do a thing all I said was I scratched my ear next to this police officer he's now a guy I got to lose everybody I got to lose the cops I have to lose the dog oh my gosh and I haven't even robbed a bank yet and I don't even know if it's possible or not oh my gosh I'm already getting in trouble man this is how today's episode is gonna start dude they're literally chasing me good thing they're not shooting yet because that would be something I guess police officers in Los Santos are not into cats they don't love cats you can clearly tell that's a dog person that's chasing me right now well then we're inviting them right now oh no oh hold up shots fired shots fired they're shooting my kitty come on man go go go we got an escape from them I don't have god mode on at all so just so you guys know we could get killed potentially dude how did they see me again go kitty go jump jump jump cats can jump from like really high distances like you know oh gosh go go go go go go oh my gosh dude I am getting shot at I didn't do anything at all oh my gosh went we're losing them hold on tight in here tight in here go go go you don't have a visual I was hiding come on man oh dude yeah the dog is here the dog is really close to you I don't know maybe he's gonna help me out help me out puppy help me out dude everybody's out to get me today teeth all right we're losing cops right now I'm not running anywhere I'm gonna stay here can I go up the ladder can I go up no I can't oh there's a police officer coming this way how what and the why oh my gosh dude go this way Go Go Go Go kitty hold on what if I go up the stairs go up the stairs I'm losing the cops right now hold on we might be able to lose them although the puppy will probably find me here hold on all I want to do is lose the cops I'm on the top floor there's no way they'll find me here I think we're losing them guys we're losing them for sure where's the puppy the puppy is really close to you oh my gosh I am kinda screwed here here we go guys we lost the cops all right let's go let's go let's go I want to make it down the stairs before the dog gets here oh my gosh and then hopefully I'm not messing with any more police officers today I thought they were gonna have my back holy crap jeez oh my gosh what is going on who is that officer help me help me somebody shooting me right there do you who the hell was that no no no I can't even stop and look who is it dude I have no idea who those people are I'm out of here I'm out of here the police officer didn't even care I guess there's random people that absolutely hate cats and they just decided to shoot at me in the middle of the street come on when who would do that and now I went through all of my armor this is not good we need to go and rob the bank before it's too late but we're pretty much on point we're on track to get to the bank maybe I should just try and steal the car or you guys think we should wait until we rob the paint I don't know maybe rob the bank and then try and steal a car how about that although I have a bad feeling there's gonna be police officer inside potentially and yeah you might just kill me he might just kill me all right here we go we are approaching the bank right now guys I am ready I'm ready I don't know how this is gonna turn out the dog I think is still following me no cat haters here here we go guys we are inside I'm inside hold on hold on is there a police officer here is there no hold on there's no cops here oh my gosh hold on hold on let's rob this Bank right here oh my gosh that's a weird animation oh my goodness they're setting off the the silent alarm we got 1.1 million dollars all right let's go we are at four stars and somehow I ended up in a different location all right man let's try and see if we can steal a car go go holy crap hold on I could actually steal a car has a cat start it up start it up oh the cat cannot start up the car it's just sitting inside oh my gosh though that was a bad idea go go go go run the over officer no no no no no oh my gosh dude Oh Kenny Kenny hop inside outside three we're about to die go I'm driving I'm driving the car as a cat holy crap dude I didn't think that was gonna work because the first car I hopped into the cat was just sitting in the driver's side seat not doing anything at all and all of a sudden I was able to steal a car and now we're trying to be brave holy crap what was that what was that explosion alright we're gonna need to lose 4 stars and they almost killed me guys I was so close I thought we were done I thought all of our experiments were going to be done with for today but here we are still on the run dude I need a new vehicle I need the TV I'm afraid to steal a new car though because I don't know it's if the cat's going to be able to drive it or not you know what I mean just kind of crazy the first cars did not work out and this one is drivable so alright I do need a new car because of the tire the tires really slowing me down all right let's just go off-roading let's go off-roading forget about the new car I wish I had weapons if I had some kind of weapons that would be awesome but we're gonna try and keep this semi realistic you know I don't I don't want to like get a gun out as a cat and start shooting back at the leaves and yeah I guess it looking fun but whoa whoa where's the dog by the way so somewhere on the mini-map I do want to see the dog at the end of today's episode and just see if we can be friends I don't know with you know we came really close and I thought that the dog was gonna attack the abunch of times but I don't really know if that's what the dog would see you so to be a friendly dogs kudos what do you guys think let me know in the comment section down below do you guys think it's a friendly dog or is that gonna be in the enemy oh oh although guys I literally need a new car now I definitely am NOT right now too many cops get too much pop oh I'm so low on health too we need a new vehicle for sure alright let's just look around if I can steal maybe this car whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa officers oh no just one just one now he's flying I wanted that red car and it's out of here alright blood clots this guy's watch this guy stop oh my god alright I need a new vehicle just find anything right oh no all right guys we just got released from the Medical Center and it's time to find the puppy guys I think so I think so unfortunately we got taken out by all the crazy police officers I couldn't get the new vehicle at all and we were super low on health and the vehicle would not drive at all so let me find out how far away is this puppy is she coming towards me now still I don't even know let's find them on the map and see if that's a friendly dog or not what do you guys think what we might as well steal a car now but might as well at this point you know what's gonna stop me this is the car I kind of wanted but in red so let's pick this up get out of three cold buddy get out all right here we go that's so funny the cat is literally just sitting in the driver's seat right there and somehow is able to steer and reach the pedals I don't know all right let's go meet the dog let me know in the comment section down below you guys think it's a friendly or is if that's gonna be an enemy dog I don't know that's gonna be an aggressive dog hold on it's a weird police officer over here huh all that I see you might seem right there I got him hold on go go go go oh my gosh I'm stuck I'm stuck I'm stuck it looks like it lost interest in me and your arrest warrant has expired you are now free to rob banks and ATMs hey puppy hey puppy you were so interested in me before what what happened where you going oh my gosh did know I guess it's a friendly dog it's a friendly puppy what's up where are you going you don't want to play anymore yeah okay guys yeah that's that all right man so today's episode there was a lot of fun guys we did test out a few things you are able to rob a bank as a cat funny enough and funny enough you can actually drive cars as a cat in the game and yeah man I hope you guys enjoyed today's episode if you did make sure to smash that like button as always don't forget to Like share and subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next one peace out now

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