hi I'm Eric family I'm Natalie and you guys are the bear family and today I'm gonna be doing the eating only white food for 24 hours challenge it was really hard to pick what color to do this time because so many of you guys requested colors thank you guys so much for requesting colors and this isn't the last video of this so please cover them a little more colors and your color might be next before I start with this video the shout out of the day goes to and all my social medias will be on the screen and linked down below and please make sure to subscribe if you're not already subscribed to become a bear family member because the bear family is I'm gonna go get some white food at the supermarket no only white foods I have in my house is pretty much eggs and milk so yeah so I clearly have to get more food because I can't just survive on eggs and milk I already know some of the foods that I have in mind to get but most of them I don't know what to get for like I don't know what foods to get for most of the meals so comment down below what foods do you think I'm gonna get I think this is going to be a pretty hard challenge because some of the foods that I really like are not white so I'm not going to be able to eat some of my favorite foods today gonna be really bad so I can't wait to start this challenge so let's go to a supermarket good morning bear family first I'm gonna eat breakfast obviously because it's morning time and I'm gonna eat these hostess donuts powdered mini donuts cereal and they are white as you can see here they're like powdered Donuts like mini as you can see they are white and I get it literally empty because I wanted to eat let me ask for anybody's I couldn't wait this is all supposed to be new it could be old or you like lose me milk I am just buying milk we add milk here and then I have some white milk because I don't want the color at this time and let's put the milk in I put a lot of milk so now I have my cereal and we're gonna eat it okay guys see you with my next snack okay guys so now I'm going to eat a snack I made this rustle stoven white fudge white chocolate bunny and I'm just going to eat this as my snack so here it is a white chocolate bunny and it's obviously wiped so here it is a white chocolate bunny and it's obviously wiped mine is standing right there when you can't have any because no no chocolate isn't good for you it looks really good and now let's try it it's pretty good and it's really sweet and this challenge is doing good so far I have a headache so I'm gonna lay down for a little bit and I took a white pillow look at the bill with white I didn't write the challenge okay guys so now I'm gonna eat another snack because I'm hungry again I'm gonna eat some rice cakes I really like rice cakes and I've tried these before and I buy them sometimes like what I want to eat them and I have something here so these I will definitely still be eating these after the challenge so there here's a little packet I wouldn't usually get just the regular rose I usually got like the cheddar cheese I wouldn't just eat this one alone I would usually get another flavor like the cheddar cheese the caramel or something like that I wouldn't just usually get the lightly salted that's just kind of weird for me so let's eat it and I couldn't get the cheddar ones this time because they have the like they're like kind of orange so I couldn't get that okay I'm here and it's gonna make the lunch for her and I have here to YX I'm just gonna make a normal egg with that some jasmine rice white rice I'm gonna make with vanilla latte Frappuccino and I got everything here to mix and I also hear some ricotta cheese that's why also I have just a little bit that's gonna put a little bit of okay and this is ready I'm gonna make a nama like with this okay guys so now I'm gonna eat my yummy lunch it's a little dark because like the day is like cloudy it's like a really gloomy cloudy day today I'm using the ring light but sorry if you can't see like everything clearly I wish it was a sunny day but I can't control the weather so I have white rice egg whites and a vanilla latte Frappuccino now let's try this exercise wasn't expecting this taste it's pretty good but I wasn't expecting this piece tastes like coffee yeah but I wasn't expecting that so um I was it's really good and tastes exactly like the coffee I drink but like in property now I'm going to eat some white rice if you want to see her what other white things I eat during the day keep watching the video okay guys so me and my mom went to the grocery store and I got some smart food top board and it is white cheddar cheese it says white cheddar cheese so that's good for the talents because I get a lean white so let's open it these are really good I love these a lot I've tried these before like in the past and recently so these are like my favorite type of popcorn I don't really like regular popcorn that much like I'm not a big big fan of it I prefer like this no what do you want pretty good do you guys okay guys so as you saw my mom made me some yummy alfredo pasta and I'm gonna put some Parmesan cheese on it which is also white and I have some white milk my dog is right here could I think you want some my dog loves cheese like he always when he's like when I eat like cheesy things he's like oh this looks so yummy but it's hot so I'm gonna have to wait now I'm gonna drink some milk instead okay guys so while I went for the pasta to get a little warmer I'm just gonna hang off this video here thank you guys so much for watching and again please comment down below what color you want me to do next I'm gonna still be reading you guys comments and so please keep suggesting colors for me to do next if you're still watching until this part of the video comment down below the panda emoji and I'll be liking your comments if you put the pan that emoji which means you're at this part of the video thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys in the next video bye bye bear family


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