good morning Sign Fam so you guys know we got a puppy. We’re still thinking about names. Ryan thinks Java. My parents suggested that name her original name was Electra, but it sounds too familiar to Alexa and it’s gonna listen to me. It just turned on right now actually she woke up this morning at 7:30, a little bit earlier than I’m used to and we played, I fed her. Now she is sleeping taking a nap and she’s just she’s just so sweet so today Ryan is working. I think I’m gonna take baby girl to my parents house and do some work there and let my
parents play with her to get to know her a little bit better I just love her. I love her already Ryans texting me what’s happening Tell
me everything she was sitting over there and she’s just like crawled over and sat on my lap we are gonna go to Petco or Pet Smart either one of those and we’re gonna get some training training treats for her and maybe some interactive toys like Kong and like you know those ones were like they have to work to eat the food so yeah we’re gonna go get some of dose okay *sigh* she’s just she’s. awe. I love you hmm hmm okay I will see you guys later I don’t think I can. I’m not gonna handle her and the camera at the same time it would be a different story if Ryan was here with me but she hasn’t had her vaccines- her second and third round of vaccines so I need to make sure that she doesn’t get sick or get exposed to any sickness
I got it carry her which they don’t mind at all because she’s just so cute okay see you later E: Ryan E: What are you doing E: you like the camera E: yes? we just got home E: right baby? E: yes I went to my parents for maybe two hours and I am already exhausted. This little one is a lot of work and I love her but I feel like I need a nap E: She likes this thing E: the little strap. Nope E: no, that’s not yours E: nope she is just the sweetest
dog like she just loves to cuddle now she’s still a puppy so she’s gonna be biting on things until she learns that that’s not what we really want her to be doing I ordered a couple chew toys for her to play with but they’re coming tomorrow so tonight we’re just gonna have to deal Ryan should be coming home soon E: are you excited E: are you excited E: to see daddy E: yeah? she loves Ryan already
they were cuddling last night seriously all of day she’s like playing and biting everything with me and then right when ryan gets home right when daddy
gets home E: she’s knocked out E: look at those paws. E: oh oh sorry. You’re awake

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100 thoughts on “I Love Our Deaf Dog Already

  1. Ahh I like how you stayed true to SignDuo and still added "SignDuo Out" in text at the end 🙂

    And Miss Java! Dark hair like Ellen, light eyes like Ryan. Beautiful baby girl! <3

  2. omg i love y’all y’all are so cute and you guys are amazing i’m learning signs from you guys and it’s so amazing

  3. So sweet having her in your home with you & Ryan. I know you guys give a lot of LOVE ,Caring,Playing, cuddling , Attention,ASL(America Sign Lang. & of course, the most important to teach & communicate with her )& etc with her. I like name: Java. Umm, what about “Shelby” ? 🤟to you all & puppy!

  4. This might sound like a stupid question but what do y’all do on long car trips like road trips. He can’t listen to audiobooks or listen to music.
    Do you guys just drive?

  5. She's adorable! I'm hoping to get a painting of her in to you guys for your wall!! That's my hobby project for the weekend 🙂

  6. she is so cute. I was just wondering are you two going to train her with asl or your voice? 🙂 Love this channel so much!

  7. She’s so a beauty. Is it weird that I can kinda see the both of you in her? She definitely gets her playfulness for Ellen, and then she sort of resembles Ryan with her colored eyes. Dogs are so precious, we don’t deserve their love!😫😫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Please get her a harness. Also I love watching your videos. They allow me to recognize words that I’ve learned so far and need to keep practicing or to learn. She makes a beautiful addition to your lives, cherish and love her for years to come.

  9. She’s so cute !! But watch out for fuzzy toys or hairy toys. Since she’s a puppy she’ll be teething on it & she can swallow a lot of hair. You’ll notice it in her poop if she does swallow any fuzzies. My dog used to chew the hair off tennis balls and he would have green strands in his poop lol. Just wanted to let you know 😋😋

  10. When Ellen was in the car talking about the puppy’s shots and she put her arm over Ellen’s arm and cuddled up ❤️❤️❤️❤️ so cuteeeee

  11. Absolutely love the channel. I found y’all’s channel when it was just like 3-4 videos and instantly subscribed. Watched every video since. Just wanted to say thank you for your wholesome videos and unknowingly persuading me to take ASL classes in college. Currently in my 2nd year of classes and have been in love with the community as a whole. Congrats on the new puppy and I hope nothing but blessings to your cute little family.

  12. Why do you sign while talking when Ryan isn’t around? I know deaf people watch your videos but can’t they just read the subtitles instead of seeing you sign? Sorry if you answered this.

  13. I’m in love with her!! She is so stinking cute ❤️❤️ the vet tech in me would love to see her first vet visit on video 😋

  14. I was in awe the whole video. You guys deserve her, and she deserves you. ❤️ I can’t wait to watch her grow with you guys.

  15. I’m so excited for you guys!! She seems like a wonderful addition to your family and I love the love you both have for baby girl 😍

  16. Ohh so cute and sweet!!! And so much love for her. She’s going to be the best pup! I like the name Electra but I can see it being annoying with technology haha Java is also good 🙂

  17. Java is perfect for her! Perfect name. I'm glad you guys got a puppy, especially that is deaf! She's so adorable! Keep uploading more with her, I love seeing you both happy even more, now that she's in you lives!
    P.S. I can't wait to get you hoodie and everything! Love being apart of the SignFam! You guys rock!!💕

  18. i highly suggest getting a car hammock or something for her to sit in in the back seat and not let her get used to sitting in the front of the car because when shes big, you dont want her to crawl to the front seat while youre driving.

  19. Aww! Ryan rubbing her paw as she sleeps! So cute! Also all the close up footage of her 😍 such a great addition, if not the best, to the sign fam hehe! #signtrio ◡̈

  20. Do you just prefer using SEE (Signed exact English) to sign? As it just takes longer to sign I was surprised you weren’t just using correct grammar so you can sign a lot faster. I love you guys so much I just started watching last week! Also I love the name Java for the pup.

  21. Guys I absolutely love your channel and am so in love with the puppy as well! You inspired me to learn ASL and I’ve been going strong for a couple months now! Keep it up guys!

  22. Don’t drive with her on your lap because you can have a accident or a ticket and teaching her to stay at one place when you tell will help her with the anxiety. Puppies always wnats to cuddle but we need to teach them that I’m here next to you nothing is going to happen. My puppy was always crying when I was driving with her she was desperate to come on my lap so I bought her a bag carrier and I would just leave my hand in the bag to reassure her

  23. Hi I’m Semeriah I know a bit of sign language because my brother is autistic and only understands sign language but he still understand what we say sometimes

  24. wow i love how how guys get basically no likes haha it's the little things that make me happy 🙂 btw i love you guys sm♡♡

  25. Hey, Sign Duo (Out) haha.. i love love you and Java play in the around soo cute. I have a two dogs pit bull and Husky mix you can look up at IG: bluechamp0526 look like of my dogs.. so my point is i noticed “NYLOA” toys i suggest do not used company’s name because they’re not healthy for Java.. Have Great A Day Sign DUO

  26. I am a hearing person and i really enjoy your channel. I'm always trying to learn about others . This is a really nice channel showing people like me what it's like from a deaf perspective. Keep up the good work

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