I Love My Cat So Much, I Became One

– I do think that there
is probably a chance that whatever I am doing right now will look better than the
digital fur technology. The trailer for “Cats” was horrifying. It showed many famous
people that you may love and appreciate like Taylor
Swift, Rebel Wilson, James Corden, all dressed as cats. I thought what better
way to pay my respects to this cultural institution and what will certainly
soon become a camp classic by seeing if I could transform myself into a cat from “Cats.” (cat screeches) (playful music) So, because I would not
know where to start, I have been provided with a tutorial entitled “Cats Broadway
Musical Makeup Tutorial.” NYX Face Awards 2014 Challenge Four. And I love a challenge. I have to map the contours of the cat on my face, so. (murmurs) Normal. (laughs)
Oh, my God! So I am to fill in these two sections that I just did on my face with all of this black paint. Okay. Yep, this is what cats
look like, you guys. Normal. She’s also taking all this down her neck, but I’m not going to do that. Fuck. (laughs) – [Woman] Moving on to
the jumbo pencil in milk, I apply that everywhere that I
didn’t put the black bean one and with a a separate beauty blender– – Oh! On Broadway, like a musical,
like a professional did this, like a makeup artist, right? I hope it paid well. (hisses) (murmurs) Who needs precision? Do cats have lips? The best part about a cat is
their hysterically tiny teeth. (murmurs) Give some dimension to the eye. I don’t know if that’s
really what this is doing, but at least I look like a fancy cat. Like what the fuck? All right. Sure. Really good so far. Yep, really good. Just like a cat that got into a fight. Okay. Okie-doke. We’re not gonna do like whiskers-whiskers, but I am gonna do those dots where like cat whiskers come from. The root of the whisker I guess. Is that what it would be? I’m a cat now. Oh, fucking Christ, this is so gnarly. Right, here goes. (laughter) All cats have ears, right? Is this right? There’s two. I feel like a performer from “Cats,” but like not even an understudy, like an understudy’s understudy. (hisses) It’s like, lackluster Mr. Burns, like. (laughs) That’s how I feel. I feel good. (meows) I don’t think real cats
are capable of doing this. (laughs) If a cat could do this,
that would be awful. (upbeat music)

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