i host bar trivia + my friends do animal impressions // VLOGMAS #3

Are you filming in 4k?
– (off-screen) I think it’s–that’s–like I think that’s standard. I don’t know – Thanks, Jon.
– (unintelligible) – Is this yours?
– (off-screen) Yes. – Not any more! (rock version of “Deck the Halls” plays) Hi I’m Jackson Bird and it is day three of
Vlogmas. So I have a little bit of an atypical day today instead of just like
staying home and working–I try to give myself like normal work hours even
though I don’t have a normal job but instead I am starting the day off with
going to breakfast with one of my friends from high school. We’ve been
friends since ninth grade. Kind of since the very first day of 9th grade, which
was 15 years ago Later today I gotta host trivia. I do
that every Monday that I’m in town. If you watched last year’s Vlogmas, you
saw some of that. I had my friends try to film. I might try to do that again this
year. Yeah it’s mostly a busy day of trying to pack in work with this atypical schedule that I have given myself. So there is no time to waste! (Christmas music plays) This is my friend clay from Texas, – growing up.
– Ni hao. – Howdy
– (laughs) Yeah, wrong one. – How’d it go Cowboys? How ’bout them? – what kind of accent are you even trying to do there?
– I don’t know. – I’ve never liked sports before so this is new for me.
– yeah apparently the Cowboys are doing really well this season but we don’t even
understand in what. Something called the NFC East?
– yeah they’re East League, which is what I was surprising to us yeah we’re not East Coasters anyways yeah Tex–ha Texas . ol’ Tex here (laughs) – Big Tex! Big Tex! Big Tex in New York City.
– Big Tex! Big Tex burned… So Clay and I went to high school together in Texas
but he’s been living abroad most the time since then. Lives in Dubai right now
so just over here from Dubai – Out here hustlin’
– How’s Dubai? – Hot. – Ho! Oh very hot. Oh we’re gonna go down
this subway. Clay has to get a MetroCard because he’s a tourist.
– Hundred dollar bills. No hundred dollar bills! – That’s all he’s got is hundred dollar bills. Filthy rich man over here. Living in Dubai. We’ve known each other since we were fourteen. Jackson had a crush on me when we first met.
– That’s actually the opposite of true! You called me up on my landline my
family’s house. – I loved calling your landline
– Looked me up in the directory. – You’re in my muscle memory. I
couldn’t tell you the numbers but I can tell you the pattern of how to get to your phone number.
– I don’t remember your phone number. I remember our friend Kate’s phone number instead. You called me up like two weeks into school and I didn’t think you knew
who I was and you were like why don’t you wave to me in the hallway anymore?
– yeah I’m very sensitive. – And I was like ’cause we don’t know each other. – I thought we did
like I thought you had a crush on me. So I guess I’m just living in my own little world.
-Yep. well it is snowing again. Ironically
started right as “let it snow” came on my shuffle playlist on Spotify so I think
Frank Sinatra manifested this. So I left Clay, went to the library to return a
book. I just read ‘The Miracle and The Tragedy of the Dionne Quintuplets.’ Oh and I forgot the author’s name, but I loved it. I’ve always been fascinated by their story,
but then also feel like I shouldn’t read it because the whole moral of their
story is that they want their privacy which they never got. But was still a
very well-researched and well-written book so I guess I recommend it with
trepidation. Alright so after the library I went to get some blood drawn at the
doctor’s office. Had to you know donate to the vampire fund. No I I’m reading
‘Discovery of Witches’ right now so vampires are on the mind um actually I
had to get my blood tested because that is a thing that you should do regularly
when you are on hormone replacement therapy. Different doctors and different
patients have different times for how often you should do it. Mine has me
coming in twice a year because I’m pretty steady on how things are going
but it’s always good just to get that checkup to make sure that your levels
are all okay and also just a good time to check in with your doctor and if
anything has been up it’s a good time to chat with them about that. Not that it’s
necessarily anyone’s business but I think you know education is good and so
when people hear that I’m going to the doctor a lot I like to let them know
like yeah it’s this thing. It’s a normal part of being a trans person who is
medically transitioning. But right now I’m gonna finish editing Vlogmas back
here and do a little bit of my other work that I have to do before I go host
trivia for the evening. So I am grateful that it stopped snowing by the time I
finally had to leave the house because it was snowing for a very long time but
the world has been transformed! There is snow everywhere and lots of slushiness all along the ground. So got to be careful where I’m walking
and the lights are out at this stop so that’s how you know there was inclement
weather traffic lights are out. (Christmas music plays) Go get ’em, tiger. Number six again: Rolls-Royce is owned by what
Munich-based automaker that also produces the Mini.
– All right, sexy penguin Falcon. Giraffe! Theodore Roosevelt! – Go Ray Ray It’s Your Birthday!
– It’s always someone’s birthday. What happened nine months ago? – …that anagrams to FART GOBLET. FART GOBLET – Hashtag FART GOBLET – He can’t use this now, you know, right? (sound of glass breaking)
– Sh**! – We have a tie. I have to verify things. – (off-screen) What?
– What? Nothing! You don’t — – (off-screen) No, I don’t—you’re, this is b-roll! For the vlog! Quiz is over and it’s snowing. Is it snowing Tom?
– it’s snowing. – It is snowing.
– It’s not! No, it’s not snowing. – It’s a winter, wintry mix! – A wintry mix! Ah yes, of course. – It’s Vlogmas!
– It’s Vlogmas! Yes, it is. – (singing) Merry Vlogmas
– (singing) Merry Vlogmas, duh duh duh duh da da – What’s the worst
thing I can say that will keep you your ad revenue? – Who, who’s got their juul? Jack, do you have your juul? – You’ve had a whole year to come up with a new joke and you’re still doing, Jack Has A Juul? – (laughs) Katie’s like just eyes! Didn’t they like outlaw them in the city
or something? – Only the flavored ones.
– Ohhhh! – Yeah. Tobacco flavor lives on forever. – I wish everything was tobacco-flavored. – Oh boy.
– Ice cream… That candle that you got me that was tobacco scented was actually quite nice.
– oh yeah , you’re welcome. – That was nice. Thank you for that. – I’m a good friend—
– I got another one of those after that! – Wow! I am such a good gift-buyer and friend.
– Yeah, I liked it that much. – Jack is a good gift-buyer and friend. These are both true facts. Unlike so many of the other ones we say. Are you gonna buy a Christmas tree?
– Uh no, we already set up our Christmas tree. Tom, if you had watched day two of Vlogmas–
– I have not yet watched Day Two, I will watch it when I go home
– Wow – I’m sorry.
– Is this 25 days of vlogmas? – Yeah, twenty-five–– that you’re
pushing me into a puddle! – You’re… dry. It’s ok. – (singing) On the first day of Vlogmas, my quizmaster gave to me… – I’m going this way, bye! – Oh, bye Tom! Bye, Katie! Bye! Party at Duane Reade. Alright Jon, I gotta get a sign off. This is the end of the
video. Thank you all for watching and I’ll see you tomorrow
– Bye! (rock version of “Deck the Halls” plays out)

14 thoughts on “i host bar trivia + my friends do animal impressions // VLOGMAS #3

  1. Hello I hope you are all having a great day ❤️ yesterday I came out to my sister as trans and she doesn’t even care and I love it ❤️?

  2. Is hosting trivia nights a regular thing for you or is it just a vlogmas thing? I remember it last year!

    Loved the video. I’m living for your vlogmas series!

  3. lowkey psyched to leave the 9th comment ever but also man, I wish I could join the trivia night just once… if only I lived in new york

  4. Your banter walking home from trivia night makes me really want to live in a city, and just be able to walk to stuff with people ?

  5. What a coincidence, I have to get my blood drawn bext week to test my levels too!

    Also just wanna note that your video on your 10 year reunion was playing in the back of my brain last week when I had my 10 year, same thing that no one made a big deal of my transition but I felt so weird about the job question. (Finally finishing a bachelor's)

  6. I struggle during the holidays, but there's something about watching someone just living day to day life with bits of holiday cheer thrown in, that really makes me enjoy it more. Thank you for doing Vlogmas last year and this year as well.

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