legend says there was a secret hidden inside the forbidden chest a powerful being sealed away by the king of the seven seas before he disappeared he said I have sealed away the Beast now only someone with a heart that is truly biggest can open this chest to this day so many have tried and failed but today is the day that is all about to change Robby I'm trying on Robby I'm pulling as hard as I can my head is stuck right right me on three I am going to pull you out as hard as I can okay here we go one so three you're dum-dum what the heck were you doing inside of there my hair ripped out rummy you told chopper the air you have a squid for a hedge of food and Randy oh my goodness wait Ramy what's that sound it sounds like it's coming from over there seriously Robby that thing is making a loud noise I mean what wait what when the heck did you guys get there what the flip do not call me cutie at News Danville you're like a flippin Randy today I mean look at you what the heck happened look you guys I'm getting kind of nervous I had a noise coming from like overhead wait it sounds like it's coming from here wait new sever says she wants to open it go ahead and try new stuff you dum-dum when what's this legend has it there is a secret in it don't open it wait what a secret that is so insane of new Steph is trying our hardest open and pushy Kahn's wait that's how you once everybody step back and we'll all take a turn trying to open it look hello just say he's nervous Oh buddy I'm nervous sue okay everybody step back okay so first up if this guy with the wind wizard hat could you go and try and open it first let's see if you could open this chest and reveal this secret okay he's gonna go first takes an axe so my goodness he's trying an axe what's the Hank are you kidding me smashes it look it's not doing anything hasn't done a single thing to that Jess okay who's up next Ponca Zilla you go next let's see if you can do it okay Damon's tried now it's polka Zilla okay polka Silas trying but it's tiny little cookie paws can't open the chest okay next up anonymous see him you can hack your way in there buddy let's see what he can do with his massive green emerald wings okay he's having a try yeah I do look Rama's got massive arms I think he's got the most chance of us whoa what diagonal of us is trying a beyblade spin and this is insane let it rip anonymous okay even an amazing beyblade spin does not seem to be opening this chest okay who's up next I say Alex you're up next here we go Alex what can you do with that big afro anything at all gruff ski post key outs of Afro oh my goodness he's gonna try and use a key but again nothing happens the key broke okay who's up next I'd say knows EV you are up next okay new stove give it your best shot seriously one of us has got to be able to open this this is stupid puts hand inside oh my goodness look how small a hand is whoa what what the heck news have news dead she just put her I decided she died maybe there is a secret inside okay next up hello I think it's your turn okay hellos gonna try look here he goes me you could do this hello I believe in you oh my goodness way apparently demon just gave CV a strength potion he's using his laser eyes well let me take a look at those eyes oh they're definitely laser eyes oh my goodness come on buddy everybody stay back just in case something terrible happens he's trying to open it look it opened a little bit but not fully oh my goodness illegal closed but now is our last attempt see of thee using the strength potion distance what's that edge CV kissing it's not gonna do anything oh it shook a little bits but not enough wait mr. muscles is gonna do it rubber is going to do it oh wait what's just run face first into it I'm licked it's why the heck did he just lick it Robbie you jumped on that's not gonna do anything oh look Newsom's back as she started to a luchador Andy what sag okay well everybody that's it everybody it looks like everybody's had a go oh what a shame it looks like none of us managed to open that chest wait what's everybody's saying I didn't try oh wait how could I forget about me mr. worldwide mr. Charlie kilomole handsomest man this side of the seven seas um biggest okay guys what's out the way biggest coming through let's see if I can open this and guys stay back this might get a bit messy okay it's gonna roll up my sleeves and give this a go here we go one more time Hey okay I tried my best but I didn't what okay I'm gonna get this one more go because um bigots wait what what's happening what the heck was I thinking my heart jusen that was so wait what sounded like it opens wait what what the heck is that thing it just came out of it oh my goodness he's chasing me how what the flip do I do I'm being chased by a scary giant Kraken oh my goodness the flip where is this guy okay guys I think I managed to get away from a stupid Kraken what's that he's still there leave me alone don't job where what did news ever say she said he's nice wait what um you're a nice Kraken Moodle way what you can flip in chalk nice-looking dog I'm let me Dino's granddad wait what grab me Dino this is your granddad's hey how come you've never told me about this before you flippin all righty I will soon we but decided himself we what you were sealed away by beside it why because Brandon yeah he sounds like a Randy to me too to be honest so wait you are the super-secret vets that has been hidden away for years yes oh my goodness Robby you didn't tell me was in that chest and at any time we could have opened it and had our own secret pets only some of the biggest hard to open matches yes so what are you saying it dum-dum that means that you are biggest of course I'm biggest you flippin dum-dum this guy is no biggest look at those eyes he's an Oreo cookie this go I mean she's got a receding hairline this guy has a squid on his head with what I and this guy over here his name is hello like Hello and that obviously there's a anonymous who doesn't have a flippin head how could how could he be biggest if he doesn't have a head wait where the heck is cv cv look look at my new pants I have a Kraken pet now I had stem from that flippin chest over there she's scared cv why are you scared there's nothing to be scared about you dum-dum wait I don't think cv likes him I think she doesn't like squids wait I have a cool idea so if it's beside of the launch away then I'm guessing that you don't like this guys look what I just put on in these go two weeks coming out that some of his head looks like a dum-dum wait I have a better idea guys nobody look everybody turn away everybody turned their backs away I'm gonna surprise you with something really amazing everybody Ike a perfect everybody's turned their backs this is going to be perfect everybody turn around look at him it looks like a flipping around he's got this era that some of his Saints what are you kidding me that's insane look at him he looks gonna flip when Dom Dom to me oh my goodness oh my goodness look at them he looks like a flippin Rodney a dum-dum I'll give you the left right good night guys I found the perfect one look at the top of his hands what is that Daleks inside he looks like a long potato model something otz setting up to me I'm sorry dude this over here gieux dory now the next gesture we go a lot is about 86 million mr. anonymous why is that people at every single chest what the heck okay The Lost chest here we go let's go check this one out oh my goodness Kapow that is insane guy he's even in these smaller chest literally I'm getting so much what the heck he just looks so amazing I'm so glad to have you as part of my team who will keep a key Cirstea say that one more time I'll give you the hot fried goodnight I'm biggest mr. Chow geez what's going on I'm falling to my death we was this hello just said hey Kelly can I borrow him absolutely no problem whatsoever here we go hello I really trade you the Kraken right now just promise that you will give him back okay they go buddy have some fun with him and a few of these beds there we go oh I shot a caddy wait shut up Kelly huh what the flip everybody run what the heck shadow charlie is back Abby's off to the sacred base quickly get that Kraken away from him what the heck are we gonna do but yes guys that is going to be it from me today if you guys did enjoy this video then please do hit the subscribe button what are you waiting for Oh certainly leave a comment or suggestion in the comment section down below and I've caused Sewall in the next video Randy's coming good bye [Applause]


  1. I’m so sad hellohihellohihu was my friend a long time ago ROBLOX name guestmast3r666 please try to get him back I’m really sad ?

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