I Got Your Dog And Your Man! (The Jerry Springer Show)

all right Terra has a bone to pick with her friend of me cor what's going on my ex-roommate slash I guess exbest friend yeah and I are having a dispute over my dog she's not giving me visitation rights to him and over your dog yes we have it like basically a child together you and your roommate extra me extra oh I see yeah when you were roommates you had the dog yes that's what we essentially got so how did you break up I mean how did you she just left or well we were roommates and she ended up you know like we were together you know best friends and all sharing a room and she ended up starting to escort slash being a stripper and so I ended up kicking her out because I mean there was just too many guys in and out and I got tired of it so you said you're out of here but the dog went – yes one day when I was at work she ended up leaving taking the dog taking the bed taking a bunch of our accessories that we had together that I also invested into or see and it's I just want to see my dog so you don't care you're not trying to get her back to the roommate I want my child you want your daughter my child or at least oh there's the door oh yeah is that a female or maybe boy his name's Kela wouldn't be the first time we had a bitch on the show [Applause] it's a nail there and it's just like you know I just want visitation rights or I want my dog or either she's just even get her asking yeah it's a child you can't mess with my child and what's her name not the dog her Kindle Kindle here's Kendall [Applause] so are you gonna give me my visitation rights to my dog back or what oh my don't know my dog the one that's own that I gave you a ride to to go get the dog who's paid for his vet bills and his food I took you there did you train whenever being a stripper in or an escort there were you and do our tonight so I was at work and you were at home with him and I was always taking care of him I was always walking yeah I was always doing everything so when you were working out the club – who do you think was taking care of him hey you're being a stripper showing your ass showing all that while I was only a cocktail waitress fully clothed so who made more money doing that obviously riding that's why I could afford to take care of our dog obviously not because look who got kicked out yeah and took him with me and still he's living a way better life than he was with you the only time that my dog had an accident was when he was left with you an attendant who does he drive and how many times I wish kiplyn maybe he could actually make the effort to go see his other parent because she does it so I've been trying to text you how many times you've texted me one time and said that you were gonna come see him because you had one of your boy toys that was good [Applause] [Applause] oh gee I want my dog back otherwise you're gonna get your ass kicked he can maybe save five – you're just getting a little horse you mean you didn't take care of your own dog and you think you're mad about the dog wait so I tell you about me and your man at lights all night [Applause] you slept with a boyfriend you're saying I don't think they were dating just cause multiple boyfriends [Applause] hi-yah how did that happen well we're at lights all night um and thank you yeah keep going okay and the second night I had ran into him he lurked so he had a man bug [Applause] he thought I looks pretty nice in my why you're a whore Oh cuz here and that's why here's still a dirty whore should be worried about like a war said of you that night your dirty whore anybody loves me cuz you hook up with anybody he's shaking your ass and for everybody I would be your left at the door [Applause] hi how's everybody doing all right so how long have you two been going together five six months maybe yeah not too long you know just figuring stuff out yeah and she helped you figure out a couple things yes what do you want to say to him here dirty whore just like her I did what I had to do I'm sorry she just looks so nice and you were I'm sure does anything looks nice to you you think with your not your head well maybe if you were that's why we're not official it maybe maybe she wouldn't curb me so much I wouldn't have to look for affection somewhere else because I don't need your affection I don't care about you get away from me who's Tracy my best friend Oh your best friend Stella way from me [Applause] – yeah how do you figure into you guys your friends and what can you add to the story okay so I'm here because of this girl screw all these people ready yeah okay so this is my best friend and I'm actually here to talk her something I want to move past everything I think she's so sexy her hair so sexy her body sexy you like look at this girl like seriously I'm here oh I also want to get my first kiss today my lesbian kiss because I [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. The sad thing is that I’ve seen WORST fights at middle schools and these are two grown woman barely hurting each other while kids at the school ended up putting each other in hospitals or pressings charges on the person for hurting them badly this next generation is going to destroy the world and it’s sad ?

  2. Hold up the pink haired girl and her best friend were so freaking cute ??
    -them together. How they kissed. Lmao

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