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I’m Lucie Fink. I’m a video producer at Refinery29, but
every so often I like to try other people’s jobs. Today I’m with the owners of The Barking
Meter to see if I have what it takes to be a professional dog walker. This is Lucie for Hire. I’ve had dogs as pets for my entire life,
so when my followers asked me to try being a dog walker for the day, I thought, “This
will be easy.” I quickly learned however, that this job is
not a walk in the park. I spent the day with Kara and Joey, the brother sister duo that started their
own elite dog walking service in 2007, right here in New York City. Hi, I’m Kara. And I’m Joey. And this is Lucca. This is Chewy. And we own and operate The Barking Meter. It started with a handful of dogs. I was the only dog walker for about three
to four years. When Joey came on board, it was more of, “Great,
you can take on another neighborhood and be a walker as well.” Through that we learned, wow, this can be
something bigger. And we want to expand throughout the city, and maybe even into Brooklyn. We now have a small staff that is out there
every day working with dogs and following the schedule that we put in place. Many of the company’s walkers are just working to make some extra side money while they pursue their dreams. But this side hustle is one of the most lucrative and secure job opportunities that I’ve ever heard of. Our walkers will start out at $15 an hour,
they’re immediately jumping into our benefits package, which includes phone reimbursement,
monthly metrocard, health insurance. Our big one is a 401k with company match. We also like to give a raise every six months. We think it’s very important that people
can actually live in New York City while working for TBM, so we really strive to make that
happen. To be a dog walker for TBM means that you’re
probably walking eight hours a day. All weather, all terrain. Snowstorm or a complete heatwave, they show
up and they make sure the dogs are taken care of. So it definitely takes a certain kind of person
that understands that this is someone’s family member. I think Lucie’s gonna do pretty well. She grew up with dogs, but I think she’s
gonna find it challenging to actually walk more than one at a time on the streets of
New York. Your first challenge is training. We require all of our walkers to wear a belt. Okay, I thought this was a leash. I’m glad that I’m telling you this before
we put a dog in your hands. Good start. I want the pink one. You’re gonna add a carabiner because all
the dogs are gonna be attached to your belt. You’re gonna add a dog bowl to the belt. Then, you’ve got your roll of bags. I’m like a construction worker right now. This is just a standard collar. This is what you refer to as a martingale. Chewy come! Thank you. It tightens when you give tension. This is a harness. There you go, just like that. Alright, this is some S&M stuff. We’re a little kinky at TBM, but we like
it doggy style. So does this hurt? It does not. So —
Do you want to put it on my neck? Yeah, sure. That would be great. This actually fits just like this on the dog. This feels like it’s cute. Okay, yeah you’re right, it doesn’t hurt. So if I say, “Lucie, come.” Yes, good job, Lucie. And then two forms of leashes. You have a leash with a latch. The second form of a leash is a slip lead. If I need to cause tension in any way, it
goes that and immediately loosens. To make sure I was prepared, Kara quizzed
me on each of the items. Lucie, what is this? A classic leash. Slip lead. This is our harness. This is a Marvin Gaye. Martingale. Yes. Not Marvin Gaye. Aside from the basic equipment that Kara and
chewy walked me through, TBM has an app containing each dog’s address, profile and specific
instructions. I see here we’ve got the time of the pickup,
the address of the pickup, notes from the customer, alright. Don’t forget to wipe its butt after the
walk. Is that what it says? Yes, you have to wipe its butt. Oh my gosh. He has dingleberrys sometimes. Be firm but gentle. Once I had my belt with my ring of keys, water
cup, poop bags and extra leashes, I was officially trained and ready to walk a dog. Your second challenge is a solo dog walk. My first walk was with a dog named Lexington. When I got to the apartment, I had to follow
directions for entering. So first you gotta knock. Nobody’s home. Wrong key. Here we go. Are you sure this is the door? I’m sweating. I know. Don’t sweat. Alright. There we go! I’m sweating. Hello, TBM. Lexington, hi. I’m a new person. Once I made it inside, I had to make sure
to check into the app, Alright enter, follow the proper instructions, Use prong and add
tag collar during walk. She’s slightly nervous on walks. If she pulls to the side, let her sniff for
a couple seconds. If she doesn’t do her business, keep her
moving. Strap her in securely and then take her outside. This is Lexington. She has a beard, she’s cute. You ready, cutie? This way. We took Lexy for a long walk in Greenwich
Village. It was a grueling 90 degrees outside, but
when a dog’s gotta go, they’ve gotta go. We might have a poo. Oh, yeah she’ll poop. That’s her poop dance. Good girl, you’ve got some pellets. Three pellets, get them all. Uh! And do we dispose of this in the city streets? That is pr — just throw it in that guy’s
car. We’re just gonna put it in the trash. Well done. As cute and tiny as Lexy was, walking even
one dog in a bustling city with distractions, Keep up, pumpkin! dangers and strangers everywhere, Yes.
Keeping on the lookout Go for it girl.
for any creeps. Is way more challenging than you’d think. Kara kept giving me important pointers. Keep your arms down and loose. Yes, so down and loose. Yup. And just as I was getting exhausted and felt
that one dog was more than enough, I realized that
the day was just getting started. That is a perfect walk. You got her to pee and poop. That’s huge!
So let’s go bring her home. It’s what we call walking the shit out of
our dogs. Your third challenge is a pack walk. TBM typically keeps their walks between one
to four dogs at most. But Kara and joey wanted to give me the most
intense challenge possible. They gave me a daily schedule to follow where
I was responsible for walking not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six dogs at once. Alright, Solii. Good girl. Got two very different sized dogs here. This is the crew. Good job. There is a lot to think about here. First and foremost, a dog is somebody’s
child. This isn’t just a fun little walk down the
street with dogs at my side. I’m protecting their lives. This way, everyone on the same side. I had so much to worry about. First of all, these dogs hadn’t all met
before, so how would they react to one another? Certain dogs can’t stand the heat for as
long as others can, so I had to plan my route accordingly. But after some careful maneuvering, I think
I had finally gotten the hang of it. We took a little water break. Let me show you how to do it. Just like this, you know? Did some more walking, Come on, Teddy. And ultimately had such a great time together. But sadly, all good things must come to an end. Your final challenge is returning the dogs
safely. Step one: Make sure you’re dropping the
right dog off at the right house. Step two: follow the owner’s instructions. Finn goes in crate, please lock him in crate. Alright, Finn. Time to go in. Leaving a dog in the wrong place or outside
of a crate could be a disaster. Good job, Finnie. After dropping them off at home and carefully
following directions, I had to write a detailed pupdate for the owner. This includes what the dog’s personality
was like on the walk, any problems or praises, and yes, how their poops went. TBM offers way more than dog walking. It’s truly a holistic approach to dog care. They offer boarding service, training sessions,
and can even bring your dog to and from grooming and vet appointments. This job can really tire a person out. At one point during the day, I felt so exhausted
that I had to grab some snacks just to keep my energy levels up. Being a dog walker is an entirely different
world from spending time with your own dog. As I learned, it takes dexterity, door opening
skills, This is a rough key. I’m sweating. I know. Patience, You gotta poo? And a ton of stamina. But by the end of the day, I think I had proven
myself. Lucie was incredible. She loved the dogs, the dogs loved her. She payed attention to all the details that
we need her to understand. And not to mention, six dogs on a New York City block? I mean, come on. I can’t even do that. Lucie, on behalf of all of us at TBM, you’re
one of us. This job was ruff. But it was definitely one of the most rewarding
jobs I’ve tried on this series. Let me know what other jobs you’d like to
see me try, and we’ll see you next time on Lucie for Hire. Hey YouTube, thanks for watching our video. Click here to watch another video on Refinery29,
here to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and right here for my personal Youtube channel. Bye!

100 thoughts on “I Got Hired As A Dog Walker | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

  1. I’m a dog walker, have been for just over a year now and it’s been the best decision ever! Very early mornings/late nights some very hot/cold days but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The joy the dogs get when they see I’m there to walk them is so amazing. Best job ever, especially when people have a puppy.

  2. The only way a prong collar works is because they hurt the dog. Its called positive punishment and it means that the handler is adding something that is painful or scary to decrease a behavior like pulling on the leash. They can also cause damage to the dog when not fitted properly and all the dogs in the video had prong collars too loose. It was also a 90 degree day and they are walking the dogs on the road which can easily and quickly burn the dog's paw pads. If this business actually runs the way they show in the video with minimal training for the walker than they really should consider a different career.

  3. I own a dog walking company in the uk. It took me two years of training and the laws seem very different here. I can only walk a few dogs at a time and we would never ever attach dogs to our belts. This is so dangerous!! I’m sure this is a great company but I’m hoping this video was exaggerated. And prong collars really do hurt and are banned under the Animal Welfare Act!!!!

  4. All dogs are in prong collars in this video. Using choke and prong collars is not in the line with modern dog training. And with this video you're just promoting these obsolete tools to a large audience. This is NOT a pleasant experience for a dog at all, it IS painful and absolutely not necessary to teach a dog to walk nicely on a leash

  5. I started thinking 15 an hour with all those benefits was a lot to just walk a dog. By the end, with all the drop-offs, customer notes and summary of the walk, I understand why they need those benefits. XD

  6. Does anyone know how to suddenly make yourself:
    Live in NYC
    Be 18+
    Be more social
    Have more stamina
    And have more door opening skills?

  7. For all these people saying prong collars are cruel. No they are not it depends on how you use it. For example too low on the neck can hurt the trechea. Prongs are still made and used for a reason, I have a deaf bully and I really need it because he pulls and he gets reactive when he gets scared of something or someone passing by really quick., So the prong helps me correct him and get him to listen to me quickly. Trust me a 75lb bull terrier looks scary when he freaks out. I've had a lady yell at me because she ran up to him on a walk with a hoodie and dark shades to pet him and he flipped out and she got scared and blamed me for him being the way he is. So trust me it's necessary.

  8. I work for Wag! You get $13 plus tip for a half hour only one dog at a time but no extra benefits. Im not ready to go full time but that would be a lot of money! I only work about 3 hours a day for now. Wags cool and you only walk one dog at a time for usually $15 to $17 in a half hour. Most of your time is just getting to the owners house. I cant stand bosses or telling me when to work (I know the money I want to earn thanks) so I needed this job. I did it privately too but people didnt want to pay me as high as Wag.

  9. As a dog walker in NY, this video makes the job sound like a lot more fun and money than what it actually is. I walk close to 10 miles a day and it can be grueling. You don't get a lunch break because you don't have time for it and while $15 an hour sounds like a lot, you don't get paid hourly and if you're working with a company, the boss usually takes 50-60% of your earnings. The $15 per hour is specific to the length of the walk. If the walk is only a half hour, which most walks are, you make about $8 off that walk, depending on that company's prices. If you walk 10 dogs and they're all half hour walks, you're working around 8-9 hours for $80. And that's before taking taxes out. It's not an easy job, especially if your clients are high maintenance. But I love the majority of my dogs and my boss doesn't take 50% of my paycheck. So I consider myself lucky.

  10. I wish I got hired to walk dogs.I love animals.I prefer animals over people sometimes.I have really good friends.They are like apart of my family to me.

  11. I wonder why a dog walker who's also a dog trainer would use prong collar which is very inhumane and cruel? It does cause pain in dogs and that is why dog trainers and people use it otherwise why would you use it?

  12. okay.. so i dog sit for 4 years now and i love it. i have a lot to say about the video. first off you dont need to teach ppl about the different leashes and collars, its not important. the owners will provide the leash and collar/harness. secondly why do you walk multiple dogs at once? some dogs dont like each other which can cause them to fight and someone can end up being hurt. what i normally do is i usually only walk 3 dogs at a time so it is easier to look after them and so they have time to walk properly and do their business. if you walk 5+ dogs then it will be difficult because one dog is gonna wanna go one way and the other dog is going another way and the leash can get tangled and if one dog is pooping and the others want to walk, ur gonna pull on the dog that is pooping leash and the dog wont be comfortable to poo. it would be better if you want to walk multiple dogs to own a van and take the dogs to the dog park and let them loose and let them enjoy their time. thats the best way to do it. other times owner will tell you that their dog is aggressive and can only be walked by him/herself. also i would not give my key to anyone to open the door and take my dog. thats just me. i have to be in the house to see who will take my dog for a walk. unless i know you very well and i trust you then thats fine. the job is not hard if you love dogs. and i love the idea of the app so the owners can write descriptions of their dog/s and what needs to be done and give feedback on how the walk went. this is really good idea if you are busy working and cant have the time to walk your dog, a dog walker is really great. i mostly dog sit and i love the dogs i cant to take care.

  13. This was really good and tbm (strange business name. what's a "bark meter"?) sure provides top notch dog service. IDK how they don't drop off the wrong dog inside the wrong apt. lol – – Also when dropping off a dog when you have multiple dogs do you bring all of those other dogs into someone's apt. while standing there uploading your dog walking report? I just like the fact the business owners love what they do and it shows. I think this is my fav Lucie For Hire video. Prob bc I love dogs! – – Next job for Lucie…work in an ob/gym office where she does pap smears, breast exams, pregnancy tests, touches a cervix, delivers a baby and discusses the benefits of overall women's health.

  14. Ugh, choke collars are not good for dogs. I’m disappointed to see this company not only using choke collars but also during high heat. The hot concrete can hurt the dogs pads :/

  15. I work as a kennel technician so NOT a dog walker but I'm on my feet up to 12 hrs a day with animals. Quick note to anyone whose thinking going into this kind of work – BUY ORTHOPEDIC NURSING SHOES! Obviously Lucie wasn't going to buy new sneakers for a single day but I've worked in vet clinics for about a year now and had actually managed to repeatedly stress fracture my foot before I found proper footwear! Not worth all the pain and hassle!

  16. Hi lucie can you do 5 days of dogs like just having a pet dog and fitting him or her into your week and micheals

  17. Dislike for 'spiky' collar. So uncool specially for 'professionals'. Complately unnecessary if you know how to handle a dog. Shame on you

  18. Thank you for bringing awareness to dog's needs and the awesomeness that they bring.

    If you see this comment please visit DhammaDog.org and help us bring free walks to dogs need them!

  19. I can't get enough of the brother and sister dog walking business! They are living out my dream job and it's really inspiring to see. Thank you Lucie for showcasing this job! Very very cool.

  20. 15$ an hour to walk all of those dogs and walk for 8 hours a day!! Damn!! I’m making 100$ a day walking one dog twice an hour each time that’s 45$ then another 35$ for these 3 dogs one owner for an hour and 20$ for another dog 30 min walk that’s 3.5 hours of walking 100$ go out on your own! .. Canadian $ & I’m in a small town

  21. Why do Americans think choke collars on their dogs? No good dog owner would use one and that chic has no clue what she is talking about. Morons!

  22. Keeping an eye out for creeps, after that little display with the S&M collar ("Cum Lucie. Good dog")? I'm more woried for the poor creeps. They might get more than they bargained for. LOL!!

  23. Honestly this video made me cringe. I've been a professional dog walker for 7 years now. The use of prong collars, really? they don't hurt?! Also she makes it seem like it's too easy. Like you can just pick it up in one day. There's so much more to this job than just dropping the dogs off properly or making sure they don't have poop hanging out of their asses. Seriously?! This is an insult to the industry. Also most walkers work more than 8 hour days.

  24. As a commercial dog walker I find this portrayal insulting. For a start prong collars are inhumane, any trainer/walker versed in current best practice will be horrified to see the playful portrayal of them. Secondly “all these dogs who’ve never met before” is a pretty irresponsible and inaccurate portrayal. You will make careful introductions with all new group walk members. It’s like you did literally no research on who to interview for this one. Not all walkers/trainers are created equal

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