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Hey guys so I haven’t really vlogged in a couple days because I was [okay] so i told you guys in my last vlog video how I was expecting to have a video with Marla go up so I Started Editing It and then There was Just like so many things that I just Didn’t like About it One of them being This Stupid Fan was on and I Didn’t Really Realize it because my room was Really hot so I just like Forgot to turn it Off and It was so Loud and you Could hear it in The Background and it’s not like I could Just like Turn up the volume Because [then] it Would Turn up the Fan Volume too which Was Really Annoying and so I texted her and I was like hey I’m Really? Sorry, I just Didn’t like the Video [it], was like Really Messy and The fan was Really Loud but We are Planning to hang out again in A [couple] Weeks then, we are going to actually Film A cuter Video because I don’t know I wanted to Film like a really, nice Video There We go i wanted to Film a really nice Video with her but it was Just Kind. Of like last Minute so I got Ready Kind of I didn’t Really do my hair but I did my Makeup You Can’t Kind of Looks like I’m not even Wearing Makeup but that’s okay, today is the first of October so? Happy October but This is Going up on like Not October 4th [I] Think so what have i [done] Today I cleaned my [room] a little bit so I cleaned This My Shelves Are Still a little bit Messy Clean my Desk off There’s Me Wearing my cute Little New Jumpsuit Thing I got um my this Shelf Is Pretty Messy [I] have a Box that i still haven’t Fully unpacked because I need A Nightstand Then My blinds need to go back on my Window My bed Still Kind of Messy I haven’t put Anything up on Those besides that Rock on my closet let’s Shut that have A Huge Pile of stuff that I need to take back to The Public School my sink Pretty Clean My Tripod Mirror I have A lot of mirrors in my room and some stuff I need to hang up a couple Days ago my mom was Talking to Me and She was like We should get A, dog and I was like I agree With that, We were Looking at? Like Shelters and Stuff and Because I really Wanted to Adopt one I’m going to set this Down on Something I was Looking at Shelters and Stuff and There’s This Website Called like Ksl I’m Pretty sure it’s Just like a utah Thing but they Just have like a bunch of it’s Just like I don’t even Know How to explain it it just has like everything like [I] [has] like the News it has like Stuff for sale Just like Anything like that so my mom was Looking at the dogs Because A Lot of People Post like if They Have Puppies, Or something or just A dog they Don’t want and They want to sell it’s Just the one Then that’s like a really Popular Popular Website That People put it on so my mom it was Looking at that and She found These Dogs that, were like Exactly what we Wanted They? Were like the Breed That We Wanted and Everything what is Happening Can You Guys Hear Those Sirens [I] don’t know I really? Wanted To Adopt A dog and I, was like Thinking about it and I was like, well They? Need Homes Too but There was Just like so many I don’t know I don’t think that We’re Going to Adopt one And I really want to but the rest of my Family Just wants to Buy it from These People and I’m not gonna like put up a Huge fight with them because I just want a dog I think We are getting A, goldendoodle which I’ll put a picture of them like right here are you excited Mom So is it going This One is Scared, [oh] okay, that one is scared, oh hi [okay] This was so Scared [You] be okay, [they] eyes a really great, way to come Pretty yeah, or, we’re Holding them yeah they, were games okay? [Look] you never Seen, You’re on that, We love This one? Explore yeah Papi, yeah he’s Gone Easy Hmm, We will she was like was that? Don’t bite Me bite de Jouy you’re Slipping Everywhere Probably Good, [oh] it’s okay so we decided on the Name Evie [reiben] Yep After The Pokemon Except Falcons [Mean] Mm-Hmm So, we have Been Playing with the dog for just like an Hour – and Now, we are going to go to Petco Mom’s Holding the Baby We’re Picking out some stuff so we got [Bean] Wanted a blue leash and then We got this leash or this is a collar or this one Now i like the blue one Bean Has the vlog Camera Being a little Doggie All the Birds and The fair is fair [until] they stole ferrets It’s so pretty [I] shaking Be Kidding me Look at this Chameleon on it you Can like Barely See it okay, okay all [right] a little Easy So it is a couple Days Later I never Really Ended my vlog so here I am [Just] Ending it um if You Guys Want More Footage and Vlogs of my dog then you guys Should Comment Down Below and Um for Those of you who are Wondering We Named her Eevee Because I don’t know Me and being Just Really like Pokemon and We thought that? Was a cute Name so we just Named her that so if You guys liked this vlog Make sure to give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to my Channel if You Would like and I will see you guys on I don’t know if I’m Gonna Post Vlogs on to know on Thursday or Friday I think I might do Friday but I don’t know Whatever K, byee Um so it Restarted, oh wait yeah Trey Started so it Says what’s your favorite Idea and of Course this thing Aspen Says is of what dogs

100 thoughts on “I GOT A DOG! | Avrey Ovard

  1. AliA and Clare Siobhan have a dog named Eevee too!? both Eevees are so cutE omg I should name my dog Eevee if I get one

  2. shame on your family for buying from a breeder, who only breeds to make money… you should of stuck to your idea of wanting to adopt… a dog in a shelter will die now, you could of saved him/her

  3. she was so scared omg they kept handing her person to person before she even got a chance to really check out the house

  4. My name is Avery and I've seen it spelt so many ways like Evary and aevery just stupid over complicated ways but I've never seen avrey

  5. It's a little bit annoying how on every video people say " I wish you would have adopted" but if everyone just adopted when happens to the other puppies that breeders, breed. I think people should have the choice. I get that you don't want puppies to get killed if they don't get adopted out or left in the rescue but that'll happen to breeders puppies if they aren't bought either. Another thing is most/ some
    People want puppies and most of the time adoption centres and rescues don't really have them ( where I live ) so I think it's unfair to just get your puppies/dogs from a rescue or to adopt. But it is a really good thing ❤️

  6. The breeder should have gave u a blanket with her moms scent on it then Evie wouldn’t have been so homesick:/

  7. Who I searching in 2019 I love aspen and I started watching her and I love Avery and just found this and all her videos have floof/eave and she lives her to death??

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