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so what are y’all excited about cat are you sure who’s gonna take care of the cat me I am going to take care of the cat and clean it litter and feed it what kind of cat are you looking for him a nice one referred and here’s unless it’s really sweet and it’s as sweet as one there and it’s ugly then we can get in that again do you want a kitten or a cat and rather again captain comment down below if you saw this my Instagram story I think the cats are here yet these guys have been around for a while she’s immune to that this one’s a new black Eternity what was it that yeah that means somebody took baby he was here for like two weeks he’s that ugly white or they disposed of them every time I’ve been here or Bailey and who’s this one the lady she’s scared you know how old she is I’m sitting here she good with her litter box get the hi come on Karen different books color she actually came from athens-clarke animal control I think she was astray but I’m really I love that she’s so tiny even though she’s full-grown how do you tell if they’re smart can’t you fight me fight me fight that’s a little bit of kit in this lift in earth okay yeah whenever they do that just give them appropriate toy to fight instead Jackson’s listening so straight it’s not little transfers it’s just how they live with dreams does that sound I’m gonna FaceTime me it does it’s a better answer this is the Lila a year it’s like oh my god but yeah yeah but they have a litter box problems oh they had them but they’ve been family they has litter box problems they’ve been fine but they ain’t fine and according to the payment Oh God one of them was surrendered for a litter box over though don’t want that one I’ve eaten a okay yes he has a microchip okay they just can see he has on microchip transferred they think he’s a stray they think she’s estrella she goes with your pants I like that do you like her daddy do you like her yeah I’m good now she’s just nervous we just met do you want her now yes but you have practice in 20 minutes [Music] also neither of us know how to fill out the adoption paperwork and the coordinator won’t be here until noon okay all right can we put a hold on her and I’ll we can mark down that you’ve been interested in her I’m not sure what people hold processes but I assume or we can pay for well none of us have notes oh yeah my just mention that okay all right well girl you got to go so tell her you’ll see her later and tell the cat you’ll see really is that bad news for our couch no as long as you provide her with a proper scratching post we’ll probably use that instead are you trouble no [Music] [Music] I’ll see if she’s here when I get back oh that cat you can change the name I know but so what’d she say when you picked her up that a good sign what else do they say did you get her yep underneath my bed and she won’t come out didn’t you get the picture I sent Oh did you get her litter box and everything yep where is mother box that’s downstairs sure right now Oh daddy thank you she’s so cute so I just got them on practice and I found out that my cat is at home and I’m really excited so now I’m going to try and find her when we get there because apparently she’s hiding under my dad’s bed and welcome out are excited [Music] um I’m gonna keep her name Delilah are you yeah I like it it’s cute and then we could call our deli or Lila for short so we’re doing a cat hunt I’m gonna search everywhere no girl she’s upstairs well you never know she did like I need the desk so she’s not right put your hand underneath her butt whoa let’s get her out of here you got don’t what that’s your new favorite person where’d she go totally don’t think she’s gonna come just to popper in her box can you yeah okay she’s never met they feel bad okay you know it’s popper well she knows where it is how you like being a kid owner she like yeah oh that’s cute when he wants a cat now that’s a good picture now I’m gonna totally you don’t believe don’t leave where do you think you’ve got nothing what do you think of all the missing missing man you want more victims I just took like 10 million oh she’s so cute I love her so much I’m gonna cry yes she’s very happy I’m gonna FaceTime mommy okay good I turned it up she got freaked out she hasn’t gone in her litter box yet and I think she needs to go pee now that I’m coming up she’s got try and leave cuz every time I every time I come up here she uh she runs away okay so here she is can you say hi she hasn’t done this before with me I think she trusts me yay I love her oh there’s her claws you showing us your claws Delilah you showing those your clothes yes whoa hey let’s see those nice paws let’s see those nice paws show us yeah so this is my I’ve only been with her for two hours or less and she’s already doing really good in her new home she’s so sweet [Music] what why is he just doing it’s a neck wash are you licking your neck Oh or Gandhi she’s learning to love me already it’s been four hours so unless you don’t know already her name is Delilah and she is 1 years old and she was a stray cat and she was at the pet smart and the reason why her legs are shaved are because she just got spayed like a week or something ago but the hair will grow back but they had to shave it to put the IV in so it’s so excited to have Delilah as one of my new best friends and be sure to tune in for more funny cat videos thanks for watching bye [Music]

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