15 thoughts on “I Got 100 Silkworm Eggs, Silkworm Care And Set Up

  1. Second hii this was cool i am not a fan of silk worm but this is cool i love this channel well done have a great day everyone !!

  2. Cool project. I bet grandson would love this. Have to also recommend to our preschool teachers. Love idea that it is something kids can see progress over fairly short period of time.

  3. That's some crazy facts on these lil guys, great project to start, looking forward to the updates ??

  4. I remember growing silkworms at school ….but instead of giving them mulberry leaves, we gave them cabbage leaves the green outer leaves which they ate …their silk had a green hue to them

  5. Today my friend brought 2 silkworms to school for me, the cup they were in kept on falling over and there was a baby in it, now I'm keeping a very close eye in it because its head is crushed, but still alive and in extremely low amount of pain, I hope to save his life. Please comment names or him. Thanks. I just wanted to note that I am extremely aware that I should just end its misery but its too sad for me and my friend would be very upset. He is doing great and he's just resting. I also have his mum, who is pregnant.

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