I have now hey did you know your blue did you know this you see that now we got two bugs look at this look at your face bro I can't get over this would it be would it do go hey what the bro and I'm about to go get my first puppy right now it's about to happen it's gonna be dope guppy guppy all right you're not excited now but you're gonna be excited a little bit are you ready for a whole new chapter of your life bro a new puppy chapter you ready to get bitten the bunch he might be teething he's gonna be this would be fur all over the place there's already fur all over the place come on cubby but now it's gonna be double oh yeah I nicked a girl's dog yes you know okay I'll think about it maybe possibly all right choo-choo oh I forgot something all right I'll see you I'll see you when I get back all right okay here we go cubby come on it's time to prank big bro Hey look all right I'm gonna bring him home and surprise my brother with a brand new dog all of yesterday's of law there's gonna be another puppy was to set up and make my older brother think that I'm getting a new dog I think I'm gonna name him blue are you getting your wiener dog maybe but in reality I'm just upgrading his dog he's about to evolve into a beautiful specimen guppy is going to look completely different except the whole process is gonna take about three hours so I'll be back in three hours and then it's time for air to meet his new puppy son so I got about three hours to kill three hours to keep guppy off Aaron's mind he's going to the gym that'll take about an hour and a half he already fed guppy so he doesn't need to keep guppy again in that timeframe Luffy usually sleeps all day as well so he's probably gonna assume he's in his crate but just think a a boycott and I do you just take this guy put them right here okay this is a whole bottle wait a minute I have to cover you up there we go now you kind of look like ya doesn't make a pug face perfect okay it is finally time to pick him up let's see I'm a boy looking five minutes later copy oh my gosh this is crazy what I don't have a blue bag up eating guppy I don't have a pool bag now what do I do come you don't step in it you just got watch Oh copy why guppy you look really cool right now Dawg but I think I'll be good you look really cool to me you look like a Pokemon like a really cool pokémon don't worry about it it'll be fine oh so Aaron's not home but I just texted him and he said he is on the way right now to meet the new puppy that he thinks I'm gonna get come here come here hey what's up I got the new doggy doggy yeah wait I don't look purity we're gonna use a new member of the family in that big be ready okay go you don't like it I know I wanted a blue dog so I got a blue dog okay go go over there what do you mean with the name you got no I got I got a dying okay I guess his name is uh like blue his name is blue I think I'm gonna name him blue blue no no get two pugs we do have two no not yet if you get home go get comfy go go good he's in he's in his crate I think three I mean not as crazy unit he's in his bed he's singing nap he's the old man yeah baby happy baby Dino here what how did I get there happy was happy think about it think about it you did not paint I dyed your dog blue how did you think this is another dog how did you not know this is your dog if I was blue would you recognize me why are you sorry cool I have now it's just healthy use this oak even there this is yeah they said it's all dog friendly its die they do it all every day you'd hurt him no he doesn't even know he's blue look at his face he has no idea hey did you know your blue did you know this guppy what are you doing he was cool he knew my dog food no I did not the people at the groomers did it and I didn't even know they could do this why him he's comparing puppy look at your hand you like this Smurf look at your hand guppy you see that you see that yesterday's vlog was just to make you think that I was getting a new dog so I could surprise you with this beautiful specimen so there's no new dog this isn't your dog look at him no cookie what am I supposed to do he looks cool soon he was gonna be all blue everybody's gonna follow him on his grand is he the first Blue Boy wait this is watch out it washes out right they said six months he likes it he's going through a little rebellious phase he's in a teenage years ones yeah six months bro you gonna be blue for six months six months a little squirtle bug bro I can't get over this look at this look at your face you are blue you know telling it looks good you're making them self conscious can I show you something hey good looks so good he looks so good remember how I said I don't want to prank Alex anymore yeah pranks are on it's time to brink I don't know why you're not excited about this look at it look at it look at it look at it it likes it Oh guess what even this is washable six months okay I am the fun uncle I take them to do things that their dad wouldn't take them to do cuz he's too busy with this nine-to-five job while I stay at home and beat the kid take me out anymore last time we went out to have a nice dinner calm down you need to calm down you are beautiful inside and out oh yes I got stopped by every single person on the walk what do they say they're all want to take make sure every single person go you're the craziest looking dog asked what they can do what's the possibilities and they said oh we could like tram but it says he's a pug we can't really shave him I was like what can you do other stuff and they said we could dye them and then I just thanks for coming Matt have you met guppy yes he loves it does he yeah that's just how his face looks this is vegetable dye so it can absorb into skin is completely safe for all dogs they die $100 a day and show us the clue blue come on blue skidoo' we can't – I turned a dog I got one last thing I got a show my boy guava juice certainly no one has whoa it was soggy oh it has made boys that's crazy he sent me up big I feel hotter don't know what is in here I did open it earlier but there are just so many peanuts and you know kids are at these box stuffing things that I can't get through to the toys without making a mess so this is where I put this this is a picture of Roy's face hello hey Roy like to introduce you to super saiyan Roy that is the face good they give you at supers and back to the toys okay where's it at Oh a DIY bat-bomb you can learn how to make your own what dope though what else we got in this mystery box Oh pancake art o slime wow these are like oh these are nice look at that just a bathtub oh it's a bathtub okay it kind of in them later oh wait there's a note all these are all sold at Target I recommend highly recommend you guys go get one of these toys I can't really pick a favorite or all these toys I've known Mike for like 15 years anything he never puts his mind to he puts a hundred set into it make sure to come back for the next vlog cause you know it's gonna be on that dope dope and I have uh there's uh there's something I got to tell you guys the next vlog and it's not necessarily the best news so I'll see you guys on the next vlog act all the way til next time remember if you're not ok what is what deep

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  1. It's true blues clues is real

    :3♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I like how Arron has no idea what a guppy iz

  2. Marshmallows or white
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