I don't hate Eisel, but I am disappointed.

okay so I'm going to be looking down at my laptop here I have a script and stuff already ready so hopefully it'll help me speak a little bit faster than I normally do and I can get this video over with as quickly as possible so for those who don't know eyes Ella Bala CL he made a video recently another video discussing his views on pet ownership and he mentions that the criticisms of his views that he has heard that they aren't worthy of a response including my video that I did talking about pet ownership which he calls beneath contempt and stupid honestly right now I regret even discussing this in this video because I I do think my earlier videos on this subject raised a really important argument and I don't think I've seen even one person respond to the substance that argument in a way that's interesting or merits any further reply or comment on my point and of course for those of you know that includes a natural vegan I mean obviously I appreciate that a natural vegan has shown me support in my recent dealing with threats of violence defamation with the ridiculous uh you know catastrophe that went down and shame on but know what she has to say about this topic there is not even one sentence of it that I think merits a serious intellectual introspection reflection or critique to me what should sentence up it is beneath contempt and it is in a word stupid in the same vein he also talks about Peter Singer in his video and he says that singer has never made any arguments that I so found you know compelling or inspiring or worthy of being taken seriously what Peter Singer has to say is so stupid is so totally beneath contempt that I see nothing in it that's worth talking about or replying to that is how I feel now honestly that's how I've always felt I don't know what set of circumstances led to him being celebrated in the mainstream media as a major voice he's not even really a voice for veganism but for vegetarianism of some sort uh I you know I'm sorry but I mean neither in his formal writing nor in his informal interviews have I ever heard like one sentence from that guy that I respect or I find inspiring or that I can take seriously or even that I regard is really worthy of the kind of critique that I've offered to other people on this on this channel so as all sent me the link to this video I guess soon after it was posted at the time it was unlisted it was only for his patrons and I responded via email by expressing you know my concerns are the concerns that I had with the video as well as similar behavior that I had seen from him and he responded to my response via email and also with the public video that many of you have already seen called unnatural vegan hates me I guess egon civil war question mark uh so here we are you know he have as L put me in a really awkward situation you know what should have been just a private correspondence between him and me has now been made public it's a position that's made even more awkward by the fact that he has not granted me permission to share the email exchange in this video because I don't feel comfortable talking about something that you guys don't actually have access to I won't discuss the content of the emails here except for my original response to his original video the pet ownership video which you can see right here because this is what he's talking about in his natural vegan hates me video to be clear my point with this video is not to denounce isael or channel or even really to encourage you to stop watching his videos if you do watch his videos it's merely to explain why I personally no longer feel comfortable recommending his channel and why I have removed his channel from my recommended section on my channel page so in eyes Elle's unnatural vegan hates me video he basically presents my response my email as me having hurt feelings because he disagreed with me and because he called you know my arguments stupid as many of you who commented on the video I already guessed this was not my concern at all I have no problem with eyes all disagreeing with me you know I've disagreed with numerous points he's made in past videos he's disagreed with me on numerous stuff it's never been a problem because ultimately I saw his channel as as promoting a pragmatic approach to veganism which is very important to me and he also doesn't spew like anti science anti-vaxxer crazy diets any of that kind of stuff I also have no problem with il calling my arguments stupid or beneath contempt there are plenty of asinine disturbing beliefs out there that we all feel the same way about and I don't think there's anything wrong with saying that argument is stupid beneath contempt whatever other adjectives you would like to use my issue is with isil's flippant dismissal of the argument you know he says in the video that he believes pet ownership as an important topic that he wants to discuss yet when others including myself tried to discuss it by sharing our own views he waves them away without explaining why it's unconstructive and it suggests to me that he's only interested in discussion when he thinks he can win you know in this case it seems he can't actually counter the argument and is just simply unwilling to admit that he was wrong and the other thing like I already said you know he did the same when commenting on Peter Singer but even worse oh you know instead of one particular argument that singer has made as L says that nothing singer has ever said as swayed him or inspired him you know everything he has to say regarding veganism and animal ethics is stupid so he is essentially painting an entire person's career and contribution to something very meaningful as meaningless without bothering to explain why this is concerning to me mostly because of what I think it says about the way that I sell views his viewers and his influence you know as I asked in the email did it not occur to you that people may take you at your word particularly those who like you enough to give you money remember this video originally was only for patrons people who give him money out of me on a monthly basis I go on to say you were growing a following here on YouTube please be aware of the potential power your words hole hold and act accordingly this is something I talked about a little bit in my recent video on durianrider and freely and their their penchant for lying and slander you know this this power that public figures I think particularly youtubers since we tend to be more personal I think we tend to inspire this more but you know this power that we hold when it comes to creating fandoms fanaticism whatever you want to call it it's something that concerns me greatly with regard to my own channel and it's something I do my best to mitigate you know it's one reason why I share sources and have long reference you know lists or whatever in many of my videos and the descriptions of my videos it's also why when doing a response video to someone else's you know video or article I typically include clips or text you know exactly what I'm responding to it's also hi you know I'm not referring to anything in the email exchange that I can't share here you know I don't want anyone to have to take me at my word I am NOT infallible I have made mistakes I will continue to make mistakes I will have a I was wrong you know 2016 version like they did for last year and of course durianrider freely isael all of us are all the same in this regard you know we will be wrong about things and if we encourage people to just trust us to just believe what we say is true that our argument is right end of story and that their argument is wrong end of story we run the risk of people treating anything we say as gospel we are basically encouraging people to do so and this has very real and very serious consequences I just watched a video that the vegan cheetah brought attention to where a man was convinced by durianrider to get a vasectomy he is now regretting it and he will have to pay thousands of dollars for a reversal if a reversal is even possible in his situation of course I'm not saying I Zell is going to encourage people to undergo life-altering you know procedures or give up on higher education to pursue a YouTube career or any of the other crazy stuff that hardly promotes although you know given his misguided views on pet station and how supposedly easy it is for animals previously living in captivity to revert to their feral nature if released into the wild it's possible that somebody would believe this to be true and actually released you know their pet into the wild where would it would most assuredly die you may see that as beyond the realm of possibility but many people imagine someone listening to Harley or Frehley or vegan gains and you know actually going under the knife you know for a potentially irreversible procedure as beyond the realm of possibility it clearly is not the effects of throwing intellectual honesty to the wind and giving in to cult mentality are unpredictable but almost always negative and the negative effects you know these negative effects of fandoms echo chambers cults whatever you want to call them it runs both ways you know the person encouraging such situations is also very likely going to be negatively affected by the results again we can look to Harley and even freely you know both of whom appear to have changed significantly since becoming popular on YouTube with their 30 bad you know relative or lifestyles ryan from happy healthy vegan he talks about this in his recent video to durianrider which I do recommend checking out you know how different Harley was when they met a few years ago my experience was the same I met Harley at the Woodstock fruit Festival in 2012 I did go to that um we only talked briefly a couple of times but he was he was calm and nice and just normal just a normal dude you know uh in a place full of crazy people Harley was one of the saner ones I know kind of crazy to imagine he was promoting the crazy high-calorie fruit thing at the time but he seemed to be doing it because he genuinely wanted to help people he thought it was you know the right thing to do and it would help people watching his current content seeing his behavior towards anyone who disagrees with him you know and the fact that he thinks a relative or house where he calls all the shots is a good idea it suggests that helping people may not be his prime my goal anymore it suggests that the fame has really gotten to his head I'm not suggesting that this is where I Zell and his channel are headed obviously I have no clue I'm simply stating that someone who sees no issue with painting and argument as stupid without explaining why who sees no issue with painting a person as uninspiring with nothing of value to say without explaining why and who sees no issue with providing incomplete information so that viewers are forced to have faith that what he's saying is true that such a person comes across to me as someone who isn't concerned about the potential for fanaticism and echo chambers the fact that I expressed this concern in my email and that he didn't even bother to address it in his video response that speaks volumes to me in addition this is not the only time that Aiza has exhibited this type of behavior just one example I'm a member of the skeptic vegan discretion group on Facebook it's a closed group and someone a few weeks ago referenced a thread that I Zell had started about Buddhism and meditation like about a year ago so I checked it out and I saw he shares in the thread he shares a video that he made about the topic about meditation Buddhism a couple people disagreed with his view and instead of countering their arguments as I'll insulted them and then left the group I'm not sharing the thread with you because it is again a closed group and I also did not wish for me to share with you however you can see it for yourself by asking to join the group and getting approved to join the group which I do actually recommend that you do because it is an awesome awesome vegan group as I already mentioned many have voiced the same concerns with regard to eyes ELLs dismissal of arguments it is kind of funny to me how so many people who did not see my email response managed to understand my few point completely and yet the one person who did see my email response completely missed the point and misrepresented me in his video and that's it that's why I no longer recommend a balla CEO I'm hoping he watches us and takes what I have to say seriously I'm also hoping that he reads the comments from those of you who commented regarding concerns and takes that seriously as well and that's it done with that I'm actually going to record another video right now something much more lighthearted and fun actually a what I ate today which I have not done in a very very long time so that'll be up probably tomorrow so stay tuned for that

29 thoughts on “I don't hate Eisel, but I am disappointed.

  1. Eisal is just jealous and cannot be trusted with money or to head any vegan movement.
    His misappropriation of funds $6500 was used to relocate and fund his family court proceedings….at a later stage he committed to legal action against Durianrider, yet lied about the costs.

  2. "There's nothing worth responding to its beneath contempt" says someone with no counter arguments when they know theyre wrong.

  3. I don't even know who this tool is and I could tell in 5 seconds he's a textbook narcissist. Unbearable. If anything, you helped me avoid him.

  4. I am not a vegan, I stumbled across your channel accidently. I cannot explain how inspiring i find you, thank you for your videos:)

  5. LOL, why is he holding the SnowBall like that? I have the same and it comes with a stand. Picks up voice recording just fine.

  6. Read his recent public made email conversation with him and Norvegan and it will be clear that he is a liar and a narcissist/sociopath.

  7. In the same vein, I remember Lucy Edwards (who is blind) reacting to someone who said that guide dogs are unethical. She responded to it really well, owning for herself a guide dog named Olga.

  8. You are wise! In a wave of Youtube "NUT JOBS" who don't seem to realise that they are messing with people's minds, you are the voice of reason!
    Keep going

  9. He says that you can't handle criticism, yet he censor comments, blocks people or disable the comment section altogether. YOU don't do that.

  10. I've recently had an e-mail exchange with him. He really is a pseudo-intellectual who resorts to insults the moment he is out-debated. I think he suffers from wounded narcissism.

  11. this guy is a straight-out sociopath. His grandiose vision of himself, and the way he tries to pull out the biggest words he can find in every sentence, is hilarious…how can anyone not see through him?? He is the greatest, smartest, and everyone else is stupid, in his mind. There's some mental shit swimming around in his brain. who the fuck listens to this garbage and takes it seriously??

  12. Unnatural Vegan, you remind me of a grown live-action vegan version of the cartoon Daria!! I love your channel!!!

  13. I think you are a very good person and always look for the good in people around you, I am much the same way, but in the case of this Eisel bloke, I have to agree with Durianrider that there is just something extremey off about him (even though I obviuosly don't agree with his calls for vigilantism). Anyway, I love your videos, I have learned so much from you! I highly admire you! Keep up the good job, girl! All the best! xxxx

  14. Why is he so arrogant and rude with you, this makes no sense. He is on a personal vendetta for over 2 months … He never responds to anything he has no answer to and he calls people names .. what's going on with him?!

  15. By not against Science." But I.m being against propaganda. That We show euphemistically calling pseudoscience or some times still call Science gMO's and Vivisection I like to read NASA studies but I don't support all kinds of human imagination there's an different between stupidity and genius." and that's is that genius have his limits." His is reality

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