I Carried Out My Own Abortion

a second when I felt nothing Because I really disliked the man that I was with and after after years of having to put up with him I was like this child I would hate this child I I feel bad, but I feel [nothing] this is Eliza. She's 23 It's the abortion me you feel quite And this is me it was actually it kind of brought me down like crazy for a little bit because I was like damn it Another one like it feels ugly saying like that, but if I like another child, and I had to give up But still it's not the right time for [it]. I'd be depressed I might do drugs who know what I'll do maybe I'll abandon it like I could tell them what wasn't ready still Last year Eliza carried out her own abortion and a report by the university of Texas suggests that she's not alone They reckon between 100 and 200 thousand women in the state have done it, too Although there's no proven link many think the legal situation here isn't helping in 2013 a law was passed in Texas that's been pretty controversial. It's known as house bill 2 or hB 2 or sometimes even Sb 2 the lawmakers say that it's supposed to make [abortions] safer for women But other people say [that] the changes are actually quite unnecessary and even restricting people's access to abortions for many clinics meeting the Requirements of the Bill is just too costly and so far nearly half the clinics in Texas have had to close since hB 2 came In it's a hot topic right now because this month the supreme court will [decide] whether to keep the law or scrapped it So Eliza lives in El Paso, Texas and a year ago [she] crossed the border [to] this place Juarez in Mexico to buy a pill that's illegal without a prescription in the United States It's usually used for stomach ulcers or miscarriages but Eliza used that pill called misoprostol To carry out her own abortion She offered to take me back to where she bought it This feel weird here you go back going back now. Oh the first one You cross [the] bridge. It's the small little Mexican city and basically the rules are so [lack] so you can get away with in here There we are there's a lot of dedicated dentists podiatrists. It's not a prescription drug in Mexico You can just buy it and so the first clinic I walked into happily [sold] me the drug for just thirty bucks. No questions asked and the others would have done the same so I'm hungry You take those pills underneath your tongue you walk around for a little bit 30 minutes with the walking and then 20 minutes sitting down to e I started I thought the pain Like you know it's a constant throbbing ache and then within about Five to six hours it starts to go away And then the heavier bleeding starts misoprostol when it's self administered for abortions can be really dangerous Women might not know how far along. They are an internet forum suggests different doses, but that's certainly not medical advice Despite the dangers. It's got one strong appeal for some It's so cheap compared to five hundred dollars and you can take to take this up [to] six months along Which is really yeah, no you can't you can take a significant your body will be in pain you will reject you will reject a Larger fetus, and you will have to go to emergency room, but it will give an abortion for six months is Beyond But you can do it get you your reading stuff on forums, and then you're kind of self-medicating There's no instructions, no There's nothing so like even if it was for stomach ulcer you have no Good that's how come these are met these are for prescriptions you have them a prescription with us, but don't have a prescription Exactly, it's very [nerve-racking] here Very nerve-wracking the fact that you can purchase anything you need without help that's not my thing a lot of people probably do get hurt I don't think it's right, but it's useful It's so useful as I exact word right now [actually] It's useful because I knew what I was doing because I research is so heavily But if a girl didn't know and she [just] decided to take the whole lot because all the more would be effective. That's dangerous tell me the main Reason and Evil favor this poison the people the pro-lifers the protesters and the people who judge you naming the clinics as well and also Money, I think it's the catholic being also just the law Abortions are heavily regulated. That's it and Honestly, I don't think they should be regulated if somebody has a choice they can make to go in somewhere to do that if you guys have that opportunity have free access to the Healthcare and abortions. [I] feel like we should have the same thing When Eliza talks about going to buy the pills she seems really matter of fact about it but actually it's not very nice thing to do obviously there's the pain and the bleeding that she talks about and also there's border control here and The fact that it's just not [very] easy To talk about abortion here in Texas First time she told me it was over the phone and she was just apologizing and crying And I told her not to worry just to come home. Don't worry about it We'll take care of everything [the] only thing I could think of is this guy be on top of my daughter [wow], this is Cindy Eliza's Mom She did a research to a point, but we didn't know was gonna work that fast she turned pale on me I mean white I'm gonna give her a tequila. I might just go come on. Let's do this Let's drink this let's get back across cuz we were pretty far out. I prayed a lot What did you cry [for] did she want it [dad]? I mean do you want to get out I? Just didn't want to bleed out [or] not She didn't want the child yeah, and she was really sad she cried a lot. [I] know she was depressed [oh] yeah, and I didn't want to do nothing else stupid. You know I? Pray do you get that yeah? Yes, it is My mom was here if you love me. I'm sorry it's her little sister seen all this too and It's just hot it's that To see all this and you don't want to see your kids in pain. You don't want to see them suffer Sometimes you just want to get them as like. Oh you're doing. What are you doing? Stop doing this stop stop doing this Please you're worrying me But Eliza everything apparently went okay, but [for] others the story can be quite different I Met this doctor in El. Paso. [she] didn't want to go on camera because she was too afraid of being targeted professionally and personally Certainly the more dire cases that we've seen is patients getting the medication and not knowing how far along they were One of the cases she had such extensive bleeding that she was really concerned That in fact her words were I had so much bleeding. I thought I was going to die so she had already ruptured her uterus She could have bled into the abdomen and you could have overwhelming infection Perhaps she came at the right time but she ended up getting a hysterectomy because that injury couldn't be put together When we asked them why you know why couldn't you just come here and have a safe procedure? They thought it was illegal here in the state of Texas even though they lived here using medication definitely puts women in a position of having an unsafe outcome I Feel very him sorry Maybe this has affected me, but I never really considered it When you speak [to] a doctor who starts crying because she's so frustrated with her options for treating patients in need abortions You start to realize this isn't a story about one woman who crossed a bridge to buy a pill to bring on her own Some people are worried that The closure of clinics in Texas is going to drive more people to carry out their own abortions So I'm coming to [meet] agree for people who are Protesting against abortions to ask them what they [think] about that [map] wise [mary] of it You know we have her here because she's pregnant You know she's carrying you know Jesus christ our savior Gabriela is the campaign director at 40 days for life if we would use her as an example to trust. God completely and fully We wouldn't we wouldn't women wouldn't experience the pain of abortion [I] Know carrying the son of God hmm a bit different. You know, but you know what we're [all] carrying you know I'm no brain. I think We we can carry a potential leader. We can carry the next person that will love you for the rest of your life I mean, I do really I do think that abortion should be illegal [if] a woman Sees that abortion is illegal then I'm not going to do something illegal because it's so controversial It's like well, you know people say you know well. Do you want women dying all over the place with their [self-induced] abortions? Well, we haven't seen [that] happen. We know of cases where [people] had catastrophic bleeding Richard you sources it come in extreme pain So it's not that there's dangerous. This is happening Yes, I mean if it's happening. We don't hear reports of it But we just talked about that report that indicated [it] might be like around [200] [thousands] if that's the case you know I'd like to see something that goes deeper You know that asks the right question some people are worries that clinics closing is charging women to carry out self abortions I Think you know, it's still a woman's choice. You know to do that I don't think that that that pressure that responsibility should be shifted towards people that are either Protesting or praying outside Main thing about meeting [Gabrielle] was it is quite hard to get her to? Accept the people were carrying out their own portions for them. It was all about Gently approaching women and [give] him a choice Closing down these clinics for the safety of women trying to make abortion safer. They say is empowering women This is one of the remaining two clinics in El Paso that might face closure if [hbt] remains I've always believed in a woman's right [to] choose we See patients who have tried to do the process themselves How often dea say women come in they don't fit up in a month? I would probably see maybe four that actually tell you if they don't have to [disclose] if they don't they don't want to be judged and even if a doctor writes for Misoprostol for a miscarriage the pharmacies are very reluctant to even feel it the pharmacist has the right to dispense medication according to their beliefs and if they think it's like it's not for miscarriage it's for an abortion and I don't do that, but if it doctors written a prescription for medicine that a person needs the pharmacy cannot override that Is it other drugs they do it with or is it? This is this kind of a key one? This is a key one Obviously hb 2 is in discussion at the moment in the Supreme court Do you think there are quite big ramifications for clinics like this one if it's upheld? Yeah, I do. I think we're more [close] if it's upheld you really think they're lower [place]. It will Mm-hmm Why why not just meet the regulations? Well, we try but to the tune of three to four million dollars abortion is a big contentious issue for everyone involved if Clinics like this continue to close. How many more women are going to take matters into their own home? When it's just a simple coming and going this is all it is you come you buy your purchase you leave And that's then you go home, and you wait very easy

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  1. Please visit www.rachelsvineyard.com love. I care about you and I'll be praying for you to seek healing. It's a lovely place to go where you can forgive yourself and have life again xoxo

  2. Your POOR MOTHER! Her grandchildren 🙁 Her nieces/nephews. It's so hard to watch your children suffer? And the baby die a torturous death 🙁 I'm crying.

  3. If the sex act is consensual and a man is made to pay support for a baby he doesn't want, why should a woman be able to abort a child she doesn't want without the consent of the father?

  4. You should use birth control. That way you would not murder an baby u clearly are sick who laughs about killing their baby

  5. Your not read thats a babys life your talking about if your not ready keep your legs closed simple as that sex comes with babys theres always a possibility

  6. For anybody that agrees with abortion I plead that you watch this video https://m.youtube.com/watchv=CFZDhM5Gwhk. It is not my video it is one that tells you what happens during an abortion. Even if you don’t agree with abortion you should watch this, know the facts before you form an opinion.

  7. I’ve had an abortion by medication went the legal way about it of course but I don’t like her cold attitude and like skipping around like it’s all fun and games.

  8. Why didn't you use contraception to protect yourself against getting pregnant instead of using the Man ohh he didn't wrap it tactic sorry but I don't support what you have done the is no excuse if I met a man who doesn't use protection constantly I would take it upon myself to go on my contraception for my body absolutely fed up off feminist bull crap if you didn't want a baby as much as he didn't then you should have protected yourself and now you know the consequence but to say you hated an Innocent baby you and him put there by stupidity in future be responsible I do anything to have my babies with me doesn't help I lost 4 due to miscarriage and you played god with its life I am not anti abortion in some cases I will support it but in your case your just a selfish stupid little girl

  9. So murdering unborn infants is a good thing. Perhaps we need to start taking responsibility for our actions instead of killing unborn humans. In the past we had a very good way of accomplishing this. Women refrained from sexual activity until they were married. What a concept! Unfortunately women today are way too irresponsible to even consider such a thing. So instead they murder their own children. Is this what is meant by "women's empowerment"? If so, it is sick.

  10. One day, you are going to wake up and realize you murdered your baby. Do future babies a favor, get fixed or learn how not to be a slut.

  11. This is MURDER. Abortion is Murder. Murder is illegal, abortion should be illegal. You should be abstinent, until you are sure you are ready for a baby. Otherwise there is contraception…

  12. Well a mother knows when their ready and if your not than surely you should just kill your kid and maybe who knows the next one could be the lucky winner and live!!

  13. Wait…she is still alive?!?!

    Then she didn't carry out HER own abortion…she carried out her baby's abortion. She killed her unborn baby.

    False advertising…

  14. Hi, loves. Science says At the moment of conception a human life starts with unique and unrepeatable human DNA. A 9 week old female fetus has an uterus and ovaries and she is already producing reproductive cells. At 9 weeks your baby already has all their essential body parts. The Development process does not disregard humanity. Therefore stage of development does not determine humanity.
          The developing human clinically oriented embryology 7th edition (an unbiased scientific factual source) states that  "A zygote is a result of a oocyte sperm cell during fertilization come together, and this marks the beginning of each of us as unique individual."
         The word fetus means baby or little child in Latin. Just because something is legal doesn't mean it’s right. Remember the Dred Scott vs. Sandford court case (it dehumanized slaves and made them unprotected by law they had no rights) and this decision won 7 to 2. Now we have  roe vs wade (first they dehumanize the babies like people once did slaves. Then they took the unborn babies rights away, making it legal to kill babies, this decision was won 7 to 2 as well, but it too is just as wrong.
    The holocaust resulted in 17 million deaths worldwide. Abortion has costl over 60 million deaths since roe vs. wade in 1973 in the USA alone. 1 in 3 babies are killed in abortions in nyc. In Va the same number of black babies born in the year is the same number killed that year.    
           A Person is a person no matter how small. Choose life. Babies are a blessing. Abortion is not birth control. Please don't kill your child. We love you both. Adoption is an option. Protect the innocent. All lives matter. I am not my mother's body. Save/ give life, don't take it away.
        This is an animated abortion procedure video link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0htVXjPH_9M&t=20s
    Abortion survivors testimony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EjHWxFbah8&t=308s
    Planned parenthood Abortion clinic director testifies:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCnZOvjJgwo&list=PLUIgVssYDrrhzaA0DzIC6bUuV6Dp_y2av&index=21&t=0s

  15. At the beginning of the video-not even 22 seconds into it, she said hated the baby's father and therefore it's o.k. to have an abortion.- evil, liberal logic.
    So she admitted that the baby is in fact a child, a baby, NOT an inviable fetus/embryo/tissue/clump of cells,
    She called the human child a child and she still killed, brutally murdered the child.
    Abortion is brutal.

  16. 4:00 horrible. Just advertising abortion “that it’s so easy”. All this crap that abortion is “ok” is trash. Now teens will be having sex without worries. The world in upcoming decades will become horrible. Just HEY, have sex don’t worry just take a pill and you’ll be ok. Lost all of our morals

  17. As a person who has had an abortion prior to a successful pregnancy, you don't feel happy, you feel free.
    Regret comes when you are unsure of the decision.

  18. I really appreciate that this docu actually respected someone's wishes to be anonymous to the point that they had a different voice actor so this person wouldn't be identified, which is something I wish I saw more of

  19. I've been reading the comments because I wanted to have this issue resolved once and for all. Thank you everyone. I was right all along.

  20. This is absoloutly barbaric, there are other ways to take care of the child WITHOUT murder. They break the limbs off these babies and say that killing them is the only way out. There are parents who are willing to take in children, yet people say it is "More traumatizing to put a kid up for adoption". WHICH IS MORE TRAUMATIZING?! A baby being ripped apart or given to a loving family?!

  21. You would not hate your child because you hated his father. The child is not their father. These laws were created because women have been dying in abortion clinics due to injuries they get thru the abortion. Abortion clinics, who do their best to keep this quiet, will refrain from calling an ambulance before its too late because they don't want to alarm others in the clinic or even outside. You hate this man yet you have unprotected sex with him. Women are very careless with their bodies. Abortion clinics offer death, that is all. I don't believe the pro choice movement is about choice. They don't fight for choices, they fight for abortion. The pro life movement offers choices, they all include life choices, just not the one that includes death. A child should not be punished for the sins of the father, a child should not be punished for the convenience of the mother. I don't hold anything against or think badly of women who make that choice, I am sure at the time they feel they made the right decision, some of them were pressured into the decision. The abortion industry which claims to care about women and their rights doesn't really do anything but take advantage of a difficult time. They provide no mental health care before or after, they don't care about depression rates, suicide rates and percentages of women who never conceive again after abortion. Its a difficult subject that the abortion industry slaps rose colored glasses on.

  22. I would never judge her on her own decisions. If she chooses to get multiple abortion let her do it. Her money her body her life.

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