I Can’t Keep Another Cat! I Found A Kitten On My Doorstep!

so this happened hey y’all welcome back
mandy with my hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet
related so this is Maddie I found her on my front porch last night
and yes I held her for three minutes and named
her don’t judge me so I can’t have another cat I can’t have
another cat I cannot have another cat I can’t keep another cat will go to fish
will go to fish no good a little punim I’m gonna try my hand at fostering I am
like the worst at fostering especially kittens penny was supposed to be a
foster my dog Buster was supposed to be a foster I’m not good at fostering y’all
I’m not good at fostering I get attached and plus it’s a cat
and I love to cats I do too kitty cats I love them all the other animals my
husband and my child they’re just a big facade they’re just for show
I’m secretly a 90 year old lady that lives down the street in the creepy
house that has 300 cats I can’t have a number four cat my staircase is
difficult enough to navigate right now as it is with three it’s just a big ol
obstacle course it’s a death trap it’s a death trap a fourth cat and well
my family’s just gonna have to start living downstairs we’re just gonna have
to be downstairs people and just ignore that we have an upper floor too bad all
the bedrooms are upstairs we’ll just live in the living room my other cats
are not happy they’re not happy with me right now
what Auckland Italy where I’ll died I need to find a home for this kitten like
ASAP my kids already seen her and is already like super in love I don’t know
what to do with his cat yellow I’m a terrible foster I’m terrible at it
I think I have successfully rehomed like two cats the rest of them they just end
up staying I think I have like a three-day threshold so I really need to
find her a place to live that is not my house she’s adorable unfortunately
since all my friends are also big time animal lovers everyone seems to be full
up and have no space for more animals I can’t have a fourth cat right I think
I’m trying to convince myself I can’t have a fourth cat more than anyone else
my husband will throw a fit if I keep her I know he will I know he will no
matter how cute she is we would have to have another litter box it’d be it’s
gonna be a whole thing it’ll be a whole thing I already have a million litter
boxes I don’t know what to do with this kitten I don’t know what to do with this
kitten I don’t know she’s very cute though my
guess is that she’s probably about 3 to 4 months old she’s kind of small she’s
kind of small but she’s got to be at least 3 months judging by her size and
her teeth so yeah this kitten has been with me for less than 12 hours and I
already don’t know how I’m gonna just give her to someone else I don’t know
how they find me they just show up on my doorstep she just showed up on my
doorstep this kittens obviously been in someone’s house I don’t know if they
dumped her or if she kind of escaped she’s obviously not feral she comes when
I call her she seemed relatively comfortable being outside so I thought
maybe she would just go back to wherever she came from last night but she has not
left she wanted out so I let her back outside with the way she’s acting I
assume she’s maybe somebody’s indoor/outdoor kitten but she has
seemingly decided that she is staying at my house now I checked her over she
looks semi well cared for but she definitely looks like she’s got your
mites going on so I’ll probably treat her for that I’ll probably pick up some
medicine later today but other than that don’t really know what I’m gonna do for
this kitten I know she was obviously handled she’s obviously not feral so she
had to come from somebody around this areas house I don’t know if maybe their
cat had a litter of kittens and then when the kittens got bigger they just
decided bye-bye kittens or what happened because this kitten is super duper
friendly but again she’s obviously been outside a lot because she had no signs
of being skittish about cars or loud noises or anything outside so I don’t
know where she came from I’m probably gonna have to make posters and put them
around the neighborhood see if anybody’s missing a kitten and if not then I guess
I’m gonna have to start looking into finding her a home cuz I cannot cannot
have another another cat especially one that wants to be inside outside like all
my cats are indoors all three of my cats are indoor only and that would confuse
them and probably anger them if one cat got to go outside and they did not I
don’t even want to get into just showing the cats this kitten that all hissy and
angry they want nothing to do with this kitten even my cat Tyrion my Maine Coon
makes like he he doesn’t even seem to want to have anything to do with her and
he usually loves every animal and every one that comes into this house and even
he was getting kind of grumpy about it so here’s hoping I can find out where
she came from if somebody is missing a kitten if somebody is missing their
kitten in this neighborhood because she is so sweet she is so sweet and so nice
and she didn’t claw me at all I don’t know if any of you out there have had
kittens before but I know like when I worked to the pet store you could always
tell if somebody had a new kitten cuz there just be like little claw marks all
up their hands and arms but she already seems to have like really good control
of her claws she’s not bringing him out and trying to grab
everything although she did try to climb me like a tree a few times I know I know
it hasn’t even been 12 hours I just don’t know where she came from and why
these animals always end up like right by my house
as soon as my husband heard meowing and heard something scurrying towards our
house he just immediately immediately put his head down and said no no no no
no no no no no we’re not bringing in another cat we can’t have another cat we
have all the cats we have all the cats and we do we have all the cats not to
mention my 80 pound dog my dog is the equivalent of like 10 cats I will not
keep this cat I will not keep this cat I will either find the owner I will either
find the owner or I will find her a good home and yes I am trying to convince
myself I am low power how do you have willpower with face like that though
another day or two and I’m just gonna have to give up I’m not a good person at
fostering I am a keeper I just keep them this is why I could never be a foster
parent this is why I could never be a foster parent because I would just end
up having like 15 kids – then I’d have like 15 cats 15 dogs 15 kids it’s fine
it’s fine I don’t have a problem I don’t have a problem I don’t think I can
afford another cat it costs me roughly $1,600 a year just for vet bills so I
don’t know like I said I’m gonna try to put up fliers later today and see if I
can find whoever owns this kitten because obviously this kitten was
hanging out at somebody’s house worst case I’m gonna have to try my hand
at fostering and try and make it a for-real thing this time and not just
tell myself that I’m fostering an animal that I know full well is never going to
leave my house does anybody else out there just like as terrible as I am it’s
just like taking in strays and hoping for the best and trying to fix them I am
the worst I am worse I am the worst at fostering I can do
this I need somebody to have faith in me because I don’t really have faith in me
I will find this kitten a home that is not mine I will not become somebody that
ends up on the show animal hoarders that is not who I want to become any animal
that comes into my house has to have full vet care and the Brite diet and
just all the things all things all the toys if I bring another cat in I need
like ten more cat scratching posts I don’t know I don’t know I just too much
as too much I don’t know having a build like catland
be one of those crazy houses that has all the like catwalks and stuff up on
the ceiling where the cats don’t ever have to even touch the ground that’s
probably gonna be me in ten years so anyway you guys is anybody else out
there as bad as I am at taking in all the stray animals and trying to help
them out my bleeding heart gets me in trouble y’all it gets me in trouble
so yeah that’s kind of a weird video I just kind of wanted to come on here and
talk a little bit about this kitten thought maybe if I got her face out
there a little bit more one of my friends might uh come come get her
uh-huh yeah what you want to come get her yeah you know you want to come get
her I can already see it in the comments section people telling me that I’m
probably just gonna end up keeping this kitten but you’re wrong I prove you
wrong I will prove myself wrong just wanted to bring this kitten on there so
I got a little better a little bad about what happened so anyway that’s all I
really have for you guys today and I will see you in my next video bye

11 thoughts on “I Can’t Keep Another Cat! I Found A Kitten On My Doorstep!

  1. You can do this! If you don’t find the owner, there must be another good home for her ? we have 3 dogs, 1 cat (who thinks she’s a dog ??‍♀️) 1 snake that I rescued from certain death at my work 12 years ago, box turtle who also is a rescue that a dog chewed up his shell I’ve had around 20 some years, 1 huge Argentine side neck turtle ( also I’ve had around 20 some years), 1 leopard tortoise, tree ?, poison dart ?, ( frogs are both in 2 different 29 gallon terrariums) & today we went to Chinatown & they had tiny red ear sliders for $8 poor things I had to try and save 2 out of who knows how many they had, and 2 goldfish that I daughter picked out from the feeders for the Hilary the side neck. I pretty much bring home something all the time. I also breed isopods for my terrariums which has been more fun than I thought! Yes my family thinks I’m nuts!

  2. I'm sure that cat has an owner if she's that big and friendly she's been around people. give it a little bit more of a search. and then give her to me haha

  3. Oh boy. I'm gonna be in trouble if I move out of my parents' house and live by myself… I might adopt every cat that comes my way haha.
    Good on you though! Hope this works out…

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