no way oh my god you kid do we get it go okay now what the hell re thanks for going to Mexico well we're not going to Mexico we're not going our things are going to Mexico what are we going to put it then we'll be going yes you got me in the car there's no way the Tesla can make it anyways woody oh come on the Tesla supercharged powers broke I'm like actually genuinely excited to tell you what where we're going right now why all right wait wait up camera here this is something fun no we're going to Great Wolf Lodge Great Wolf Lodge you never been a great odds bro you made me read my passport I genuinely made Ari think that we're going to Mexico but we are going to get a puppy no way what kind of doggy you getting I don't know it's skin giant one apparently good morning YouTube if you're new here my name's Jake Paul smashes subscribe but we're on the road to 20 million we're on the road to go get a puppy join the movement go get your merch a fans read I called backslash Jake Paul for real we just dropped some new merch you gotta go and Comp it it's the hottest apparel in the game join the movement rep the merch you already know but we actually were rolling on Team 10th uncut this morning and while we were rolling I got a phone call from the Ricky the guy who owns puppy space the guy that was in Logan's vlog gave him Broly of it and I told him a while ago I was like yo if you get a dope puppy call me so this morning we got a call wait see what kind of what kind of puppy is it oh my god I think I'm down to come check them out let me let me see what my schedules like right now and then I'll call you back you're not big this dollar geezer lady see look at me oh my god yo all right Yolo oh wait sorry also speaking of team Tanika if you haven't watched the first episode yet you need to start watching it and binge watch all of them it is so far I'm posting this vlog and breaking up kind of the streak of post to the team 10-ton cut so sorry but I feel like this long needed to be posted if you haven't already watched episodes you need to go go go go go go go anyways yeah whatever I'm saying back to rock I know so no winners many pictures he told me what kind of dog it is it's a Newfoundland this is what they look like when they're older I need to see a picture I can't see that picture you can just add it oh yeah he has a semi picture it's a little puppy oh my god I'm so excited I mean ginger we gonna be best friend I know where are you driving it's like I'm kind of already committed to getting it but I don't even know what it looks like but I love doing spontaneous things clearly this is very impulsive of me to do this the best part about this is that if we do be the dog we should just like surprise everyone they read content in the team it is a lot of responsibility like it when we boil it down like it's a lot of responsibility how could it be here we have one dog but like it's a puppy and like a giant house and Alex's there's a bunch of people in the house and like when ask a friend like wants to be a million you want to ask a friend er yeah let me phone a friend a friend hello mom yeah I'm on a game show right now what game show it's called should I buy a puppy no I'm using my phone a friend to ask you if I should buy a puppy no it's not buy a puppy what kind of puppy okay welcome we'll see you out I'll call you after the show line we're live there's a lot of people here in the audience thanks ma'am ooh boo boo show Mom I really probably shouldn't be getting the puppy but brothers so many people like to help take care but I don't know if I'm gonna get it I'm definitely gonna get it oh my god oh my god right there puppy store is right there yeah let's go Ricki bro Ricky good job Ari bro I'm nervous dude what if they don't look in them bro cuz he's there he's doing ok all right well I'm so I'm there's so much going on I'm thinking about all right you ready and so fluffy where's your knee what's your name buddy huh say hi oh my goodness oh oh baby doesn't like I got the name for no move no move the hottest mixtape my 90 he's a little cow right now bro putting me in an obvious I mean how is that I mean it's obviously you get a dog then you seen him have you seen little Moe I kind of love I mean obviously we get a dog I'd like to bro Lomu indoor Lomu see we do it bro like I'll take them where are you going buddy welcome home but there's a little blue you want to come play with door you wanna play with door puppy paw this is what little moves gonna look like do you think he's gonna be this big he's a cow how does it work you like sign a lease or something or what you think we take them I'm gonna make them mine this is the Moose there are many like it but this one is mine we're bonding already come here little move coming back to the farm come back to the farm very suit all these dresses he's rested his chin on my we're going back to Calabasas through your Rich Dad home come on buddy be free this this is a car is a car buddy oh my God he's so cute this is cute buddy little Moo oh we're gonna have to share hello I'm a dad he's big moon me big move you little move why did I come over the name right away Road I think that's definitely his name there's gonna be a lot of haters out there okay when you grow up and you watch this YouTube video stop licking your nuts there's gonna be a lot of doggies we're gonna try and take your positioning you just have to keep on fighting you're gonna keep on doing your thang a little Moo no matter how big you get you're still always gonna be little Moo the streets raised you Calabasas is where you from how's my Academy Award winning speech thank you your cars Twiggy this is a truck in front of me and a bike everything's going to roads park the car all right we need a surprise everyone with this puppy bro how are we doing this I say you just walk in with it and say surprise no it's gotta be yeah maybe all right let me think about this no you're home wake up buddy go from your nap you're home buddy no no guys actually did it what like a little game Lamborghini are you crazy bro get actual aggro that's a dope moment bro you're my motivation for it another one another one you know watching the Edit back I'm kind of confused as to why I just so subtly disregarded the fact that trav got a $300,000 you'll ant yellow Lamborghini let's just take a moment and realize that alright back to the look you know Titus come here buddy I have a surprise for you guys take the take the camera re take the camera I have a surprise for you guys just turn it around turn everyone turn around what are you thinking hey don't look don't look Titus Titus don't look hold his head hold his head don't look don't look yes yours yeah oh my gosh agree with this is gonna be so happy it's a bit like if they got he it's little Moo someone got it okay [Applause] me oh nothing you want go outside just just just beat me at the front door hey you wanna you want to come meet me at the front door yo can you guys come downstairs like really fast extremely fast I have a surprise for everyone in the house oh my goodness look at this makeup look oh my surprise for everyone in the house follow me all right hold the camera hold again no come on it's just like a little gift I got Oh God um I guess like one of you can open it I would open it it's gonna jump out at me dog Jake oh my god he's being unequal no he's not no he's not nice peanut what's his name his name scooter no Chanel Dior last name Vuitton we're thinking outside the box okay think think more like animal think more like moose yeah we should introduce them okay I'm gonna okay so Thor is like really good with new puppies so I want to see how Thor and Lomu do for the first time here he comes come here nor relax it's magical it's so magical oh the best family ever taken care of this one that's a good question yeah no this is how he's gonna look when he's full grown oh we've adopted a bear I think Tana like had something emergency happened to her I don't know she texted me so she's not gonna be able to come you know the Lamborghinis gone now was only a rental the crowd is gone now the excitement dies down and I have to take care of another life form for 15 years mash the subscribe button it has been a vlog I love you guys I'll see you soon stay lit crap yourself submerge offends when I go back sighs Jake Paul go follow a little mu and Thor on Instagram and we will see you tomorrow because every day bro wait wait wait there's one more thing I want to tell you before you go I need you to watch the next video guys this is even better than the last one just click right here love you


  1. "good content about dogs" TITLE: WE BOUGHT THE WORLDS CUTEST PUPPY LOOOOL "surprise them with a new dog" GREAT CONTENT XD

  2. Can we all just establish that when Thor is introduced to lil moo cole is jumping like 20 feet in the air

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