I bought the World’s Biggest Puppy

My name is Logan Paul, and I have a serious problem I’m not talking about my inflated ego or my micropenis or my little brother My problem is I can’t stop buying dogs That’s it dude things are happening right now we I think I’m in a puppy face By the way, you guys my mom’s in town there she is You’re so sweet mom. By the way, I love you driving the yeah, you look in your element right now No way I got eaten by a coyote and something about that situation made me want to do two things one To get get more dogs and just make sure they grow up to live a full healthy life without having to worry about being eaten By a fucking apex predator, what’s it makes a predator apex? She’s got a massive thing though ever since I was in high school There was this one dog that I always loved it looked like a skin lying over dog It’s called the Tibetan Mastiff, like look at this thing. It’s an apex predator Got a bigger dick than all of us, maybe not my mom But yeah, otherwise, I agree with but anyways There’s this breeder who apparently has like champion Tibetan Mastiff a champion of my dogs are champions browse Subscribe button we may or may not be getting another member of the family today I don’t know turn the low gang because we are growing every single day mom I have a question for you were driving so slow. Why because look at this wrong. I’ll take over from here This is the path we go down to get murdered no boy, he’s a bettin Mastiff Jiraiya. I think we’re in the wrong place Oh That was a horse this dog is a big dog, it could be both What are the chances that one animal eats a dog of mine well These dogs are dogs, you know, I’m saying like boiled balanced and when you put it like that Oh my yo He’s actually pretty dope if there’s one dog I could hunt and kill coyotes yeah, well they don’t even come the Coyotes don’t come close This is his wife, he only likes her all the other girls, he’s like, he’s the exact opposite of me. It’s cool. Great Great, but uh, look at that We got room for that All night long keeping away the Coyotes Sounding the alarm it sure contect silence was deadly she carry a firearm This is the dog that says let you leave and just let me guard Oh my god Upside-down what incredible truth About that look right there. Can I get a sec to speak with my colleague? You can speak with the colleague? Yep, she’s sitting over there that would good meeting It’s a big dog, I’m a big dog a Pig you have a small puppy penis head turtle a parrot a penis and a penis House and you give her back if it doesn’t work out you had a chance to give Jake back and you didn’t and that didn’t work out That’s the face. That’s leg about two just do it Okay, hey you think it’s a bad idea Spencer doesn’t seem on board I’m not gonna do it. Oh My god Hi girls, okay, she is so cuddly Oh God my heart Is so pretty rubber face is priceless. I can’t get over this animal Oh My god, yeah everywhere. Oh my god, it was so silent It was no warning. I was so close to catching it. I was rolling on the paper towels. They’re just wet. Hey guys I’m starting to think we made the right decision The good news is actually doesn’t shed that much no problem. No problem. Oh my god, what have I done? I did not know a dog could drool this man. This is insane. I’m not even kidding. Oh my god you go swimming girl Oh, she’s looking at me all sad I don’t know dude. Is there something in that vehicle that I’m not human? I know Logan another animal it’s probably a duck probably a goose could be a rhinoceros a Teddy bear is it a puppy that it’s just oh I told you mate in the cracks. Yeah. Oh, that’s great It’s good because the dog this big probably shouldn’t be crazy aggressive. Yeah, you say that would throw up on your ass I promise I’ll take care of you. Okay, what’s the return policy they say we? Already looks like he’s drooling already. He’s five months old. Can you imagine the size of the ships? Can you imagine the size of the friendship? That’s what I said the ship like cannon Jake? Hey, should we uh, should we introduce to debroglie? I really hope they get along cuz they’re gonna be brother and sister or potentially make whoo imagine They breathe the Husky Mastiff off offspring. What a dog. Oh, it’s been good. Knowing you buddy. I always did like you Okay, guys, hey it’s all good so bro Lee is three months This dog is five months and you can tell there’s an extreme size difference. Okay, I’m rolling calm down. Calm down. I Just don’t want hurt like snapping you don’t saying because you know she snaps and it’s over I’m glad they’re gonna get to grow up together because otherwise I’m not sure this would work. No play time. Here we go I think he’s done As some of you know, I’m inserting the the World Championship Russian slap boxing competition My mom is not a fan but We’ve been practicing right because I’m used to punching and boxing And obviously slapping is different like these guys are wild they beat the SH each other? So we’ve been trying to master how hard I hit figure out which way is the most effective To my hand It’s the morning after we got the Tibetan Mastiff and I try to bring her back in the backyard And she just she’s been having some problems. She’s just really scared you see her She’s terrified, MA She I played a logic song she ran away She looks so majestic and terrified poor girl I put a crate next to my bed and everything was fine last night and even this morning she was all that cuddly and stuff But I bet she’s having like separation anxiety from her family if I had to guess It’s okay It’s okay. Oh i like spongebob My god, I promise I’m not gonna let anything happen to your okay girl. It’s okay. Oh my god This is definitely a thing, I don’t even know what to do right now. I’ll come back there with you Okay. Hey we can do this together Hi Hi girl, you want to hide I with you. That’s no problem. We can do that. Oh my god This is ridiculous right now I looking I’m gonna try to chill here for a little bit and calm her down and then and we’re gonna revisit this in a little bit Close well, I think she has an extra Toe see this. Oh, yeah brothers tooth. There’s two toes here her normal paw here And then there’s two talons or two like little thumb toasters, bro. What the fuck? We got a mutant dog got 12 toes bro. This is the craziest thing what he’s so sad You got too many toes can’t find a pair of shoes that fixed. It’s gonna be okay. Oh My god I can’t believe she’s a puppy. Holy she’s just like a little floppy dude, though, dog She gets scared of noises and she heard a noise yesterday She ran through the music studio and got like caught in a corridor Some shit was connected to a piano and dragged the piano through the yard This is the type of problems. You haven’t you get big dollars. It’s perfect. You recognize this. Pianos is your Responsibility. I can’t wait to see what else goes wrong with this dog. Tell them we got a Dinosaur coming in uh, come on man – see here. I’m gonna try thing. She ways especially 70 80 pounds 32 pounds So she’s not even halfway done growing Up with a name for her Her name is ginger the giant because she’s a ginger dog and she’s a giant that looks Just like Broly like she’s just a giant dildo dog She’s just super floppy Let’s ginger ginger the giant what’s your fur? So we wanted to make sure just like with Broly that everything was okay figure out why she’s got extra toes or something Extra toes that is genetic, right? So the only bad thing about it is they don’t hit the ground So don’t wear the claw down. They can actually grow like a ram’s horn and go right back into beautiful I’m not Doing my dog will not participate. I can’t I just like collect boot from my ass another choice that I will get you poop keep your fingers away from my dogs You remember when I hit my head and the doctor was like And I jumped across the bed knows like what though he put his glove it was a classic like Oh even worse so like I was literally just like blocked I was like this is Doc’s turnaround finger popping asshole, and I’m the victim Healthy dog and a new member of the family low gang meet ginger the giant 70 pound red Tibetan Mastiff was going to double in Size hence ginger the giant hit her up on the gram. Also hit that subscribe button the low Gang Gang Gang Yeah, guys, I freaking love you. I’m done buying dogs. By the way. I’m done. I promise I might get another pig though Don’t forget guys We’re going to Russia in like eight days or so to enter the World Championship Russian slap contest big things are happening low game I freaking love you guys and I’ll see you next time. Take it easy Look there’s lettuce in there. How’d you smell it?

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  1. Look up Kangal dogs. Anther ancient giant breed. Very similar to this Tibetan mastiff. They’re more athletic even and love for 15 years. Rare for large dogs

  2. Logan: she’s so pretty dog: throw up Logan: ewwwwww dog: drying and falling hair: Logan: it’s ok Logan brain: hell nah

  3. That dog is gonna need serious training especially as it already seems nervous. Please don’t go to Russia stay home and take care of her for at least the first month to really install the correct training and routine.

  4. I’m genuinely scared he’s gonna get sick of caring for that dog after a couple days and its gonna starve or end up on the streets. I wouldn’t trust Logan with a hamster let alone a dog

  5. logan i dont really like you and your brother, but i just gained more respect for you with this video, you are a kind person – love your dogs <3

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