I adopted your cat today – Ich habe heute Deine Katze adoptiert

I adopted your cat today I adopted your cat today the one you left at the pound the one you had for 10 years and no longer wanted around I adopted your cat today did you know that she has lost weight? did you know that she’s scared and depressed and seems to have lost all faith I adopted your cat today she had fleas and a little cold I guess you don’t care what shape she is in you abandoned her I am told I adopted your cat today were you having a baby or moving away? did you suddenly develop allergies? or was there no reason she couldn’t stay? I adopted your cat today she doesn’t play or even eat much I guess, she is very sad inside and I’ll take time for her to trust I adopted your cat today and she’s going to stay she has found her forever home and a warm bed in which to lay I adopted your cat today and shall give her all she will need patience, love and security so she can forget your selfish deed It’s never too late to fall in love Please adopt don’t shop

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  8. This is a very moving film. We also have adopted a shelter cat. Pets are family. Very nice to meet you. Brand new supporter here for you. Thank you for visiting our channel today x)

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  14. Es ist so traurig zu sehen, wie viele Katzen und Hunde aufgegeben wurden. Wann immer wir uns für eine Adoption entscheiden, gehen wir immer in ein Tierheim und versuchen, einer Katze oder einem Hund ein Zuhause zu geben. Ich bete, dass jede Katze und jeder Hund ein liebevolles Zuhause erreichen kann!

  15. Классная спокойная музыка для релакса, усыпать под неё после трудного дня замечательно:)
    Большое спасибо что поделились!
    Великолепного Дня и Отличного настроения!

  16. Hello lovely sweet friend ???THATS a beautiful very heart touching video I confess that it made me cry ? is so sad ? how can people get a pet and then abandon them?? ??‍♀️ I can’t imagine people have a heart to do that!!! To me my furry babies are part of my family, I love ❤️ my 4 legged babies Tfs??

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