I ADOPTED A PREGNANT HAMSTER?! ? Meet Honey & the babies!

Hey guys so I have a very giant surprise for you guys and I have been waiting for a while now to announce this because I wanted to make sure everything went okay and smoothly and Nothing bad happened before announcing this so let’s get on to the story So a couple of days after I got tatertot I was still looking on Kijiji for hamsters because I did say I wanted a dwarf and a Syrian And there was an ad for a female Syrian hamster. It was two weeks old usually I don’t contact older ads because generally the the animal has already gone and the Person has just forgotten to take down the ad so I don’t generally contact them But this time I decided I was like why not? I’ll just see if she’s available and it turned out she was still available so I made arrangements with me and my mom to go pick her up because she should never go alone when picking up something from Craigslist or Kijiji because you could get kidnapped and I don’t want that to happen to you So when we went to pick up the hamster we met with the lady outside We didn’t go in her house, which was kind of weird, but whatever She said that she had four hamsters And basically she just didn’t want to have that many, she said it was too many to handle so that’s why she was Giving away or selling this hamster. She also did say she was ten weeks old now I’m not sure how she really knew the exact age of it. Umm when looking at this hamster She did look younger around ten weeks or something close to that I’m not sure how she knew exactly but she did but that’s besides the point. So I Decided that I did want her so we took her home that day so I put her in her d top cage and I was really really excited because I had this idea that I was going to surprise you guys with her by setting up her German styled hamster cage and then at the end putting her in and then Leaving that as a video to kind of like surprise you guys of meeting my new hamster but after two days of letting her settle in and I kind of went up to the cage because she was drinking her water bottle and she as a fairly friendly hamster already because the lady obviously Handled her quite a bit. I’m assuming because she is fairly friendly. She wasn’t scared to be held or anything like that and after two days of letting her settle in I went up to the cage and I looked at her and I was like Why does she look so? Different she looks like a pear So I pick her up and I take her out so that I can take some photos of her like compared to pregnant hamsters So I took an aerial of aerial view and then I also took one of like her Stomach so you could see her nipples and I compared them to pregnant hamsters and they looked pretty similar So I grabbed out my bin cage and I’ve decided to put her in that in case she did give birth So then the next day I went to check on her and lo and behold there were three itty bitty pink Teeny-weeny babies. I do not know how this hamster got pregnant Obviously the previous owner decided that she wanted to have a playdate with maybe her hamsters not sure why she would want to do that because obviously when you put a male and a female anything They’re going to breed. So I don’t know what was going through this woman’s head. I personally have never wanted to have baby hamsters I personally think they’re so adorable but They are a ton of work and finding homes for baby hamsters isn’t exactly easy because I want them to go to the best place possible So I’ve never wanted to bring hamsters and I’ve never wanted to have really baby hamsters But I ended up with them Anyways, oh, I forgot to tell you guys the name of the mother hamster Her name is honey, and she’s a very very good first-time mother. She’s been taking care of these pups So amazingly of course, I’ve been supplementing her with tons of different Variety of foods and proteins to help her and I also did not disturb her or touch any of the pups For a quite a while the pups are almost three weeks old once this video goes up They will be three weeks old. I do already have homes for the three pups I’m very thankful that there was only three and not like twelve or something Syrians can have fairly large letters. I’m assuming her litter was smaller because she was a baby sadly It’s very sad to know that she’s a baby giving birth to babies. That’s not right honestly, but it happened so I’m pretty thankful that there’s only three babies because I only have to find three homes and I have decided I am going to Keep one of the babies and I already have found homes for the other two. So now let’s go meet the family of hams So here are the three beautiful babies I currently do not know their genders because it’s a little hard to tell still but it looks like we do have two Sables and a cream Bandit, all of them are banded. Obviously. The one on the left is a lot I think is the biggest one we have so far and the smallest is the little baby on the right I do have names picked out for all of them, but it just depends on their gender So I am waiting until I find out their gender to choose their name for them as you can see they all are very Active and walking around they’re so curious with everything They just want to explore so much So here is honey the mom hamster she’s currently about 12 weeks old now So oh and she peed But there she is and she is doing very very well. She’s an amazing mama She’s just currently having some time out from the babies and a chance to run on her wheel and everything Because she has been going a little bit crazy She hasn’t had a wheel in a couple of weeks now, but she is doing very very well So, yeah guys, that is my giant surprise. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for watching. Bye

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  2. i got a female hamster she was a teddy bear hamster that had like eight babies just a little while after i got her and she wasnt comfortable and she ate every one of them and then a week or two later passed away :,(

  3. ɪ ᴡᴇɴᴛ ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ sᴀᴍᴇ sɪᴛᴜᴀᴛɪᴏɴ…… ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ 2 ᴡᴇᴇᴋs ᴀɢᴏ…. sʜᴇ ᴀᴛᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇᴍ

  4. I have a question were could I give my baby hamsters bc I can’t care for them I can only have 3 I really need help and I couldn’t find a place online I really need help to find these hamsters a home

  5. I named my hamster Honey before seeing this video. ? And my hamster looks like yours, it's also a female.

  6. I got one syrian from a place called pet land and I got her because she looked fluffy and at this place they kept both genders in the same cage 1 week later I ended up with 9 pink little beans in the cage.

  7. So honey Qas Pregaganante? When you got her is bumble one of them "troll face" and yes She looks like a. Nope not a pear an Avocado cause the seed is the tummy love when you said "she looks like a pear" love the hair the tiny cream is Bumble i watch these old videos i watch the new ones too i predict stuff

  8. I know this is an older video but could you do a video on how to care for a pregnant/ postpartum hamster?

  9. My hamster got out of his cage and somehow ended up in my other hamsters cage. Her name is also honey so that’s cool but I have no clue what To do sooo yea.

  10. I hate my mom’s ex honestly. They adopted a pregnant hamster and he left them at a river..Idk if that’s their habitat but still

  11. This recently happened to me as well…..she was 6 weeks old when we got her and at 8 weeks old she had her babies?…..the babies are now 4 weeks old……I was a bit stressed at first but your videos helped a lot and it was a pretty cool experience. Our hamster has 9 babies.

  12. I was surprised today that my hamster got four / five babies and I don’t know how to take care of them so I really would appreciate if u can tell me what to do and should I remove the dad from the cage or leave him in there

  13. My friends sisters got a Syrian hamster and they were told it was a boy. A few days later it had babies, 7 of them. Wow

  14. i got a pregnant hamster and had to give it back a week later cos we couldn't have cared for all the babies ☹️

  15. My dyslexic ass thought you adopted a hamster before you say you did adopt a hamster I didn’t see pregnant :’)

  16. 4 super adorable little hamsters! Thank you so much for sharing this video. I've met people off of Craigslist twice. A girl that became my GF and a guy that I sold my Wii-U, too. The girl called me first, so I knew she wasn't a guy. I met the guy in a local mall. So yes you can meet people off of Craigslist alone. The best way, is to meet at a mall. If I could pick out a name, I would name the Cream coloured one "Bob". I like using that name for anyone and anything, because it's funny.

  17. Diď you put the babies their mom after you touch them because Mom hamsters eat their babies if you touch them when they're still little

  18. A Child Giving Birth to Children…
    Where ? is ? her ? Period!

    Edit: i know only humans get periods but only children when they get their period at 9 or ten 10 years they can have children

  19. I went through the almost the same thing I got a hamster from a pet store that had said it was a boy and it was in a cage with two other boys but it turned out it was a girl and because of this she was pregnant and about 5 days or so after we got her she gave birth to 3 baby’s

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