It’s a camera!
Don’t lick it! (squeaker toy sounds) Did you found a tag? Did you just get tired, watching her? Shelby? (squeaker toy sounds) Are you done? Shiloh? Could you not tear it apart? Can you not tear it apart? Shi? You got tired of watching her, huh? You’re defeated!
The toy defeated you! It did! (laughter) (squeaker toy sounds) Are you done?
Are you done? Hey! Are you done? You’re done, huh? After all that… and it’s still in one piece… No holes… No nothing! Shiloh, we found… We finally found a toy that you can’t tear up. What you think of that? Shiloh? What you think of that? Want the dragon? Rah, Rah Rah Rah, rah, oh Oh! Is hugging you! ♪♪♪

52 thoughts on “HUSKY SLAYS A DRAGON

  1. But Mommy, that is the fun part..I find the tag to start the rip and pluck out all of the stuffing until I get to the ultimate goal- the squeeker…that Mommy has to take from me. LMAO.

  2. We have a large purple and red crab like that. It is amazing when you keep a dog toy for more than a month here at our house.

  3. my dog loves the squeeky balls that you can get at petsmart there like a dollar a piece she'll chew them till they crack

  4. Gia's favorite toy is Myra. Myra doesn't care what toy she has as long as she has something to play with and she will usually go find a toy on command. Lola's favorite toy is also Myra, she's a great toy!
    Now I have to give them a stuffed toy and vid so you can see how fast they can shred one….lol I have a feeling there will be a future vid I can use that as a response to.

  5. Shiloh didn't do too much damage to the dragon!
    Our little Tommy has ruined toys the first day! We are always sewing them back together! : )

  6. mayby i should get a few drgons for my guys and gals they go threw toys like nothing and im the one that cleans up lol while they just wach and laugh

  7. Well congrats on them not destroying that toy. I bought the same EXACT one for my sibe Storm this past summer, and he had it ripped apart in less than 5 mins. Took it back to Petco, because it wasn't cheap and had the tough guarantee or whatever. Glad yours lasted. 🙂

  8. Wow…that is one tough dragon. Believe it or not, my sister's cat Chessie's favorite toy are water bottle caps. I'm not kidding, he loves to play fetch with them. You toss one across a room and he will chase it even if it goes under a couch or shelves.

  9. @GoneToTheSnowDogs Shiloh ate the corner of our comforter once… However I believe that she was in the kennel when she did that. Yeah.. but not really a house terrorist.

  10. @GoneToTheSnowDogs i saw him and he looks sorta funny…NO RUDE!but i loooooooooove his music!it always makes me wanna jump up and dance!

  11. I have two golden retrievers. We've gone though 3 pink dragons and 2 blue dragons. She had the pink one torn into pieces and she loved it!

  12. my dog has two of those dragons!!!XD I remember telling u abou that on the one christmas present opening video XD (at least thought I did…… LOL)

  13. My siberian husky's (Bruno) favorite toy is this duck that, Like Shi's, isn't reared apart yet. We got it him for Christmas and he dropped every other toy for the duck that's annoying

  14. The captions were so funny! I'd love to see more videos with them in it. Princess Shiloh wins! Just saw this video and my cat is now not into playing much so can't do a video response.

  15. ?? Just subbed to both channels and I'm going back to check out the old videos. I want to learn about their journey so far ??

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