Husky Puppy Plays Tug Game With Shelby

Well good wonderful beautiful morning Pawdience! It’s already actually like 12:30. Hey Miss Shelby Wellby.
How are you feeling today? She’s like guys, I’m pretty good. She was kind
of itchy before I blew out her coat yesterday. So I’m wondering if she had some sand like
up against her skin that was bothering her. She seems to be doing much better today. I was hoping that it wasn’t anything like allergies or something crazy. She’s been out playing in the dirt, but she
already seems to be itching much less today. I do think that Shelby and Memphis
are probably gonna get a bath. Maybe this weekend. Because we’re planning that big trip across country and it’d be nice to have them as deshedded as possible. And they don’t necessarily need
to go to the groomers again. Yes, so for those of you that may
not know. You may be new here. Welcome to all the
new Pawdience members. I noticed we grew quite a
few after we got Kira. So welcome to all of you. Any of you that may be new
here any of you that may have missed an update, we’re going to California. With all three dogs, we are
driving across country… and we’re going to an event called
PetCon and it’s located in Los Angeles, California and you will have a chance
to meet all three dogs at PetCon. We don’t have our meet
and greet time as of yet. But we will be there and there’s gonna be a meet
and greet time. You can get tickets at So you can get tickets.
There’s gonna be a whole bunch of other… celebrity pet influencers there.
Crusoe the dachshund is gonna be there. There’s a whole list of pets that are gonna be
there, celebrity pets that are gonna be there. So yeah, we’re gonna
be in California. So if you live in or around… LA or you’re close to there and you want to
come out and have a chance to meet the dogs, We’ll be there. I don’t know when we’ll be
coming back to California with the dogs, but uh We’ll be there June 22nd.
It’s gonna be crazy. And then Jamie and I are going to VidCon. So if you guys would…
The dogs won’t be at VidCon. But if you’re going to VidCon and you want a chance
to meet Jamie and I, we’ll be at VidCon this year. What do you think, huh?
Well, you’re so poofy. I love it when I blow out your
coat cause you get so poofy. Come on, let’s go this way. Let’s go inside. Trying to make you coming for a biscuit
but you just want the end of the rake. Is that rake fun? It’s like…
She’s like, this is great. I love this. She’s like I will play with anything that
moves. If it moves I’m playing with it. We’re supposed to be getting
a truckload of rocks today. Memphis is like Whoo, hold
on, hold on, let me move. The end of that is rubber too, isn’t it?
That probably feels good on her teeth. She’s like Wait, what about
the other end? Is that fun too? So, you know how we
line our yard with rocks? We just got a truckload of rocks
delivered to finish lining the fence with rocks. Those look way bigger
than what I wanted, but… I guess, we’ll make do with it. We got our rocks. What
do you think about that? Mh? What you think about that?
We’re gonna go out there in a minute. That’s a lot of rocks. They’re a little bigger than I thought. We picked up some
that were kinda that big. And I guess we can be picky about what
we pick out of here like you said and then… put the rest of them somewhere.
Where did the puppy go? Under the jeep maybe? Yep, she’s like Whoa, I can get
under here? What are you doing? Our project for today is to grab a rock and walk
to the fence, grab a rock and walk to the fence. Yeah, grab one, come on.
Shelby, you gotta grab one… or you can’t have your hole back. Get up there Mountain Dog. How about no.
They’re pretty. They look like field stones. I will take that. Thank you. That is mine. Yeah, so you guys have seen we’ve lined
pretty much the entire yard with rocks. We were missing rocks from
there all the way back there. So hopefully this will be enough.
I think this will be enough. Hopefully! You got that stick, huh?
Did you throw it? She’s like I got it back.
It’s great. I love it. Hey, we gotta cut her off.
Can I have that? Well, Memphis gotta take it from you Can I have that? Please? Can I have it? Can I have it?
Come here.Yeah, give it to me. Oh, I almost got it, almost,
and she’s off. See you later, bye. No, she’s too proud of herself
right now. She’s just gonna… prance around with that thing.
Go, get her, Memphis, go, get her! Alright. So this dog likes
weird mechanical toys… and I found this on Amazon.
Wanna see if she likes it. Ready? Let me see it. What is that, huh? See if I can it on that again, hold on. And I think, even Memphis likes it. What is it doing? Kira’s like I am going to destroy this. Destruction! This is mine along with all these
other toys have suddenly become yours. Oh, there it goes! Memphis is like What is that? I will
check that out. What is it? Is that neat? She’s like I don’t know.
I don’t know, how I feel about this. Kira’s like why is it making all this noise? There’s a button on the bottom.
Gotta find it. It’s right here somewhere. So I got her that and then
I got another one of these, because our other one got left
outside, it doesn’t work anymore. Oh, she likes the jumpy toy. She’s goofy, huh? She goofy. That one’s an electronic toy.
So we can’t leave it on the ground. We’ll have to pick it up when she’s done
playing it, with it. But uh, I think she likes it. Having fun with it? Yeah, it’s supposed to rain, so I
don’t think, we’re gonna put all our rocks away today. I think, we’re just gonna
have puppy time today. Sound good to you? Look at it!
Look at this mess! Look at this. Who made this mess?
Was it you? Was it you?
It was you, wasn’t it? You look pretty happy. No, it was you. You figured
out how to get in the toy box. Are you waiting for it to go off again? She’s like
I’m just waiting, as soon as it moves, it’s over. You don’t wanna share it with her? What if
she wants to play tug-of-war with you? She wants to play tug-of-war with you.
What if I wanna play tug-of-war with you? I know, she sounds so vicious,
don’t she? Let’s play tug of war. You got it? Oh, you gotta get it. You got to get this end. This’ how tug-of-war works. Okay, you pull. She not gonna hurt you.
She not gonna hurt you. She just thinks she’s tough. You think, you’re
tough, hmm? Shelby’s like I think I’m tough. Your tail’s going. [Huskies discussing] You’re so noisy. You’re so noisy! You goofy girl. She almost got it from ya. Almost! You tell her what’s up. You tell her.
She think, she’s tough. You tell her! We didn’t move rocks. You wanna go outside? Wanna go outside so we
can go to bed. I didn’t get much sleep last night. So we didn’t get a whole lot done today. We got some rocks delivered. We just didn’t do anything with them. Come on let’s go outside one more time and
go to bed cause I need some more sleep. Little puppy. Oh, you ring that bell, you’re
so smart. I know. Okay, I open the door. I’m doing it. You sure figured out where
the treats are pretty quick. Memphis didn’t wanna go
outside. She’s chillin over there. Alright you guys,
we’re going to bed. We hope you guys enjoyed today’s
video as al… You’re tired, aren’t you? Yeah, we’re going to bed. Alright you
guys. Thanks so much for watching. Stay Positive, Dream Big! We will see you again soon. I’ll get you a treat in just a minute. I’m gonna give Memphis
some attention. She looks sad. Oh, you’re not sad. You’re just
snuggling, huh. Are you snuggling? Are you cold, huh? Oh, my little snuggle bunny.
My little snuggle bunny. Alright, goodnight Pawdience! If you love our Huskies, come along for the ride. All you have to do is hit subscribe. Follow as we share our lives with our dogs and join our adventures on Snow Dogs Vlogs!

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