Husky Puppy Live Mail Unboxing And Q&A

hopefully this will so I needed to do a livestream today because well we were supposed to have our power turned off today because they're supposed to come and replace our power box and that didn't have slept part of the day so anyway I decided to just jump on here and do a little last room who's got a couple pieces of mail we're gonna get to here in a minute and then we'll get to some questions I can show you the massive destruction in the living room and when I say massive destruction I did this on the right channel my in the vlog Channel make sure I'm on the vlog channel for this watch I probably went live a long channel that'd be funny oh we're gonna play we're gonna play and we're gonna we're just here wait can i there we go I guess I can do that huh yeah so let me know is it uh am i on the snow dogs vlogs channel cuz that's what I meant to do since I didn't upload a blog today somebody let me know I see lots of highs yep okay good alright you get her get her you get her so yeah this is basically the vlog for today I had a video for today but I was waiting on approval for it and things got a little quick hi Shelby I forget that when I do this you guys want to be like right in my face except for Kyra she doesn't know what that means yet oh my goodness oh my goodness apparently we did this at the right time tell us you crazy alright I want to set this here I'm gonna try to set this here barely we're gonna film nothing but husky buds and I I'm gonna go grab this mail over here Shelby's like it's over here mom this is DeMeo see if we could set this up here see if this works does that work sort of see no because then we're gonna get right right here okay come here I know puppy defense mechanisms puppy defense mechanism she's okay guys if you don't know what puppy defense mechanism is when puppies get scared or when they get freaked out they whine really loud and do this can I do this can I set this here and push a button here and turn it around hey Ken whoa except the cameras gonna fall hey puppy defense mechanism is basically when their plot that and they're having a good time if Kira gets freaked out she'll like do the weird puppy scream and then like I don't wanna play anymore 99% of the time they're not hurting her she's just a little unsure of what's going on right Jim Popo defense mechanism cuz watch she's gonna go right back at it are you going right back at it huh right back at it okay see you girls know can I set this here yeah see you're already going right back at it all right back at it huh you're silly okay anyway we've got a couple of boxes of mail that we're gonna open up for you guys and we're gonna go through some questions I know you're already ready to get right back in Memphis's face there little puppy defense mechanism okay trying to figure out a good place here how about this here you get down here you come over here sorry guys trying to figure out a good way to do this with the camera or with the phone let's do it right here that should worked except there's a book right here but there's a but I know okay we're just gonna get this box first because the two big girls in the leg there's a box and we would like it nobody's gonna be able to see what's going on yep first Jamie and I says welcome sweet baby yes Shelby that's the camera back up honey thank you thank you some presents for your oh this is all for you this is from grace so there is a huge God ways how you I like this so there is a whole bunch of puppy stuff in here Kiera already took the little birthday cake hey those are your favorite toys aren't they your favorite toys are the birthday cakes there's a whole bunch of stuff in here and then there is a chewy box a bark box a garden party box a goodie box oh she did it hold on sorry this is probably like hurricane camera but the dogs don't know how to act when I get this camera out what are you doing you got the you got the birthday cake you just want the plastic off of it all right that Debbie there's some squeaky tennis balls in here for you squeaky tennis balls this is super cute there's a puppy and this is cute too a little goodie bowl how cute is that some more I turn this this way I turn this this way does that work and I can I close this can I can you step off the card this is the reality of what male videos what the Huskies are like if I don't edit them just literally what we do the whole time can you move can you get off this please not stand there can I have that back please yes I know it's a box will your lorry saw it okay go over there go over there there's another box here this is from Ray like I said I've got a box and like three cards to go through and then we'll do some Q&A stuff and I'll turn the camera hey stop you can't eat that it says hey guys these are for you both of you the jacks counting Keith this is paper this is this is paper can't eat it Jack Skellington keychain and some rocks from Eagle Rock Resort in Pennsylvania do you know what black rocks are we actually we do know what black rocks are so there is a little keychain in there which is not for you not for you and then make sure I keep all those paper here so the puppy don't in this some black rocks it's still not edible you cannot eat the records and that was from Ray don't eat the bad things don't eat the bad things we'd have a letter from our good friend Nick in New York and Nick you're amazing she'll be back up step one guy there you go Nick sent a donation for alpena county animal facility to help out with the kitten adopt-a-thon Nick if you're watching you're amazing you're absolutely amazing no you can't eat that either no you can't you can't eat that either no you can't eat that either Oh live shows with dogs alright this it is from picture oh it's a picture from back up back up end over there that's another bucks this is from Ashley and it's a picture of Kira can you see it there Kira's over there with that fun toy she's like I got a toy and this is amazing this is amazing okay see two more things and then we'll get to some questions real quick here this is from you're one of my favorite youtubers hello my name is fern I live in England and they also sent a drawing until the dogs are right here like going into stuff sorry let me do this do me a favor you guys don't put your address and phone numbers you guys should know better don't put your own address and phone numbers out publicly that's not a good idea never a good idea this is from my friend Nathan Nathan has been a longtime subscriber on the channel he has a channel called deep Alabama and sadly Nathan I opened this after you were on television nathan is gonna be on a TV show on a and ii called the employables so i'm gonna have to go and try to find let's see does it is it for the mail that was it for the mail are you over here eating the papers but you can't eat all the paper off sorry yeah you can't eat all the pan oh no you don't want it anymore she's like well now I don't want it no more hey wait you don't hey back up we went through the box we went through the box Memphis we already went through it we did so now you can go over there and do the dog things this is really crooked oh you still found a little piece of paper I got it high right in the face back up you girls know how to do this by now back up this is the only one that shouldn't know how to do this by now well now all the dogs are like we don't want to be on that side of the room we're going to be on the other side of the room you got all the stuff out of the box Shelby you got it all you seriously we did we got it all well if I sit up here what if I sit up here now are we still cooking now you can see that all these two one is the box and Kira's like what's going on to be right in front of me that's all they want they're like we just want to make this as difficult as possible okay that's cool make it as difficult as possible I love you girls you're a riot you really are I need to get one of the moment lenses for this camera so I can like make it go super far back so that I can see more stop so it looks like we got a super chat from Bridget while I was doing the mail that I missed Bridget thank you for this super chat oh stop here we go so how I do it cuz now I lost the live chat live chat all messages are visible hopefully Brittany thank you for the super chat I saw that one how do you know when the dogs need their space when introducing a puppy to a new home also what about making calzones for dogs you really just have to pay attention to them like you saw in the beginning ceiling at least who are already playing again like you kind of saw in the beginning of the video you know they're play and they're having a good time but Kira does still have that puppy defense mechanism where she screams if she freaks out too much right yeah but she likes to antagonize you guys doesn't she the biggest thing is you just got to keep an eye on your dogs and really really know when too much is too much Shelby we went through the box there I gave the toy that was in there there's some treats in there but you can't have it until after the livestream sorry sorry what do you want to show everybody that Kira knows how to sing I for some reason you guys I cannot see any of the chat that works oh I think I did it I think I did that I fixed it yay thanks good Oh Jamie I think he's in the chat somewhere if not he's downstairs why doesn't know her come over Nora doesn't live here Nora's not our dog are you getting some water over there huh Jamie's in the chat I couldn't see the chat for a few minutes so I didn't know anybody if he was down there what my gosh both of you are being bad I thought you would at least be good since we ate and we played outside and curious just over there making a mess out of the water and Shelby's just making all the noise in the world Shelby you have dirt face that face somebody screenshot that face yeah Shelby you must sing I have no way of turning the audio down on here because I this is on my phone and if it's laggy it's because it's on my phone so I've had one person so far say it's laggy so I don't know if it is for everybody else but Rosa thank you for the super Chet has Memphis changed since she got her little sister or is she still your shadow and cuddle bug I don't think she's gotten jealous at all she's pretty much been the same and actually her and Kira snuggle all the time I have so many pictures of them snuggling together it's hilariously it seems to be their favorite thing to do so don't Jodie and Kier here see I missed a bunch of I missed a bunch of Jets hi Jodie thankee Shelby's dirt face yeah Shelby's at her face there's miss Kira they just had lunch we figured we'd open up them boxes it's been raining they're kind of bored because it's been rainin they stay outside too long they just get soaked oh he still does the scream when something really frightens him yeah it's like it's a defense mechanism for dogs I knew as soon as I turn this on that if they started playing that that could happen and I'm like well I guess it'll be a good way to teach people what it is see they're not mad at you you're just gonna sit up you're really you're just gonna sit on Memphis just sit on me just sit on me is that that's really that's what's gonna happen huh yeah yeah yeah you're so funny you're so funny yeah yeah so anyway you guys I didn't put up an actual vlog today but I'll put up a vlog tomorrow I have it ready I was just waiting for the final approval because it was a sponsored video and then I'm like well I guess this is what we'll do we'll go alive everybody wants you to sing alright hold on a second hold on hold on a sec oops all right there's puppy there's then the puppy walks in front of me puppy hasn't figure out how not to walk in front of me yet okay let's see let's see if we can get these girls to it's a harmonica it's just a harmonica I know I should have got the good camera and brought it up here and done this but ready Shelby sing sing sing sing sing Memphis sing sink sink your sink whoa whoa are you seeing anything get that all the way we were seeing in how about you Shelby were you singing you were singing I heard you you can do it a whole lot but she did it she's getting it she's slowly getting it slowly but surely they're still you already went through the box honey I know you both really really want to go through the box oh yeah you're gonna get it now yeah hmm gonna be tough and get Shelby down good couch advantage to her Sara thank you for the super chat yeah yeah yeah yeah so for those of you that don't know we are getting ready for our trip to California we leave next week so we will be heading to California to pet cons so if you live in or around Los Angeles California we're doing a meet-and-greet out there at Pet Con where you guys can meet all the dogs I think they're still tickets available to that if you guys wanted to go what do you think they didn't jump up somebody asked about the power they didn't shut it off today because it's raining and they can't shut the power off in the rain so yep it's pepper petkin code to get tickets oh my gosh you're so feisty so that's my shoe hey hey hey excuse me can't chew on my shoes all right you know better than that – ah there you go I'll be in LA next week too so it's June 22nd is when we're actually gonna be there maybe some impromptu stops on the way home yeah I was thinking um oh that was Jamie that said that I was thinking if we do that maybe we'll do something in Seattle so we have some friends of ours in Seattle and they were saying we should do like a little mini meet-and-greet in Seattle and tell everybody we're gonna be there Memphis heard that toy go off oh no it's Justin thank you for these stupid chat oh this is like I love that toy cura make it play noise again that's my favorite toy decima I'm losing my voice and getting it cold I don't want to get it cold Memphis loves a birthday cake yep somebody sent that birthday cake for Kira I still have Memphis's original birthday cake that doesn't really look she's gonna go look for it it doesn't really play a whole lot of noise any what she's totally looking for it would you got the red ball are you just baiting her you're like play with this red ball and I'm gonna take the birthday cake those two definitely play really good together they really do oh there's the giggle ball we made a dog treat video last week and that's the other channel that's not on this channel oh my goodness you get it get it hi did you hear did you hear cure defense mechanism right at the beginning they're just plan yep yep no it's Monday why did you think it was Friday oh he can still stop by yeah I'm not gonna do this for long because my throat hurts oh that's fine that's fine I didn't realize you're in the comments sorry hmm I'm not gonna say I'm really not gonna stay out much longer anyway I just had to come on here and say hi to you guys and open some mail and let you see Miss Kyra today who's the most active dog Kyra she's definitely the most active definitely the most at what yeah she does that too so I don't know if you heard her whine she gets frustrated with toys when they don't do what she wants him to do when she whines it's so cute it's so cute Memphis is a great sister to Kyra have you noticed if Kyra's attached more to jester Jaime so right now she's kind of in between she's definitely really enjoys both of us Rhonda Brown thank you for the super chat and it really just depends on what's going on she seems to be kind of split between us right now which is good because I don't necessarily need another shadow right Memphis right Memphis I'm sorry if this is shaky I'm now holding it in my hand because I should have just done this on the other camera but right in here she clings to Memphis I do notice that yeah she what she's gonna do it right now hey Memphis I like you she still wants to she still wants to play I have a picture of her from earlier today where she's playing with with Miss Memphis oh you scared Shelby Shelby's like dad I don't like that gate I don't want it to fall on me Oh simply cry thank you for the super chat oh no always try the batteries might be dead that's why we there's a button on it yeah that's what you're supposed to hit Jaime's cousin is here hi Kyra nope you found it alright go play pool the battery is dying bye Jamie's gonna go play pool with his cousin I gotta go soon too I've already been doing this for 20 minutes and I'm losing my voice yes Kyra's met Greg I think that was in a vlog already I could be wrong I thought it was I thought like the very first day oh don't forget your phone Oh your cousin doesn't want to be on camera yeah well Thor and Charles come meet Kira yeah they were supposed to come up a couple weekends ago and then they they weren't able to so here I come here oh man if I'm getting a cold I hope I get a cold and have it right now and then I'm fine by the time we leave next week what you think she's like I know there's somebody here I know how this works I know how this works oh hi Shelby hey Shelby what do you think huh what'd you think and then Jimmy blast yeah Jimmy's going downstairs Kirra is vocal with the other dogs but she's not like super vocal with us if that makes sense she's not like I'm gonna get this ball nobody's looking I'm gonna grab it now I'm gonna play with it Kyra has been in the water we took her down to the lake we showed that in a vlog as well so you probably missed that one but yeah we we showed that in a vlog and she was she did get to check out the lake and she didn't swim swim because it was still kind of cold but she did go check out the lake somebody said somebody else left a super chat super chats I'm the and the thing guardian Jane left a super chat how old is Kyra Kyra is 13 weeks old now thirteen thirteen weeks all I think I don't know I don't know thirteen or fourteen weeks old what did you find more paper why are we eating paper papers not good for you I shall be anyway guys we are gonna go ahead and end this because like I said we're just gonna stare at Memphis but thanks Memphis but Kyra how Kyra how old a little bit earlier in the video I can try to get him to do it again but I don't know if they will movie oh but hey oh I thought I could get that from you you have paper in your mouth hold on let's try to get the paper out of her mouth here trade me on trade you want trade oh there's the paper Thanks you spit it right out see she probably needs to go outside pretty soon too I don't know let's see can we get them to sing again let's see fair warning I can't control the volume cuz I'm doing this from my phone Shirley thank you for the super chat seeing Shelby sing sing nothing nothing out of you nothing at nothing out of you she thinks I have treats in my pocket she's like oh really care what you're doing cuz I just wanted to paperback that you took for me I just thought I want the paperback date he took me yeah no I know she thinks she's so tough huh he thinks he's so tough thinks he's so tough somebody says oh wow and I don't know what that means okay alrighty alrighty okay we're gonna go ahead and end this this is kind of today's vlog we'll be back to normal vlogs tomorrow and as I said before pet condo if you guys live in or around California and you want to have a chance to meet the dogs in California that's our next meet and greet and then yes we'll be novi Pet Expo again as well but I have to go before I lose my voice hey hey I'm right here thanks oh my goodness you girls alright you guys we hope you enjoyed this short little livestream thank you come in hanging out with us have a good one thanks for joining the insanity stay positive dream big let's see hi I'm Eva's right really your eyeball you're gonna lick the camera what is going on with you oh well voice over here yeah she don't she don't tell you that's what has happened she gonna tell you all right you guys as always stay positive dream big we will see you again soon you can always watch it on the replay if you missed it and then normal vlog be back tomorrow bye guys

34 thoughts on “Husky Puppy Live Mail Unboxing And Q&A

  1. Re: Toys that make sounds, I was visiting some family and they have a King Charles Spaniel who likes to push toys with her nose to make them squeek. I found her in my room with her head in my suitcase (a little TMI here folks). The cup of my bra was pointing up and she was trying to "squeek" it! She looked up at me like, "It's broken Jj, fix it!" I busted a gut laughing. It cracks me up to this day.

  2. Poor baby Kira Memphis and Shelby are helping each other to annoyed her . Memphis and Shelby are truly the boss of the house ?????

  3. ? I love the toy explosion all over the living room…. Awwww kira got freaked out poor sweetie ?? …. Shes just too cute???? … Husky butts everywhere thanx Shelby an Memphis ??

  4. You should put kira in cage because trouble
    Maker to her sister especially to senior shelby and memphis the most kira bothering them ,dont
    Let kira to spoil her otherwise she's acting to be boss to big sister

  5. Jessica i thing dog need to go out to go pipi and popo they always moving. Or they want to eat there
    Breakfast or lunch or dinner shelby and memphis saying something but you are ignored those dog

  6. You should listen senior shelby is my favorite she want to go out asking mama please let me go mama going emergency, i think kira is trouble maker to be boss to her sister shelby and memphis shelby best
    Singer and naughty girl kira always shouting to her sister
    Memphis sister don't know to be close kira
    Majority favorite of her mama girl

  7. Kira is good fighter,
    She's bothering her sister memphis that's why senior shelby don't like to be closed
    Naughty kira because
    She's still puppy
    S helby and memphis
    Should understand the puppy like to play

  8. Even before watching videos on these channels, the "Puppy Defense Mechanism" is why I've always wimped out and muted or either turned the sound really low on videos when puppies have been playing with older dogs. I knew Shelby and Oakley would have never hurt Memphis and they never did, but that loud whine just has always bothered me.

  9. I also love how Kira is learning the husky body slam from Memphis. My 2nd husky, Winston, used to so that ALL the time and I see Memphis do it a lot and now Kira is too. I LOVR that!!

  10. Memphis has the best smiles! Just seeing her next to you with that big, happy smile on her face while you're opening the mail makes me so happy!
    I love your girls and watching ALL your videos. I can't have my own husky currently, so this is the next best thing, living vicariously through you guys

  11. Missed live again, darn. Made my day when you sat on the floor and tried to control doggy chaos. Out numbered at eye level. 🙂
    Love your vlogs. You are one of the very few vloggers that I would sit thru nearly 10 minutes of advertising to see ( before the start of the video). YouTube should be paying you big bucks. 🙂

  12. Missed the live but enjoyed the re-play. Jessica I hope you feel better so you can enjoy your trip to CA. I wish y'all could come my way one day. I live in SC. I would love to meet y'all. Take care.

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