Hunting With Hardman Grey Squirrel Pest Control

Alright we are just setting off On a little stalk So, the aim of the game Is to stalk slowly through Keeping an eye on the ground… …The trunks of the trees in particular And in the treetops, for Squirrels. So we’re gonna take our time a nice slow approach Most of the crops have fallen now so the squirrels are on the ground predominantly gathering them up burying them The floor of this wood is absolutely covered in dropped leaves they’re dry, noisy, impossible to stalk silently through but we’re going as slow as we can we are, placing our foot down on the heel and then we are rolling the rest of the foot over feeling for twigs woop, movement on the ground There was just movement on the ground, next to me Squirrel! It’s up the tree… Now we’re watching further up for it There it is! It’s quite breezy today, so there is a little bit of background noise To cover the sound of the leaves Keeping our eyes up in the treetops, as well.. Then down on the ground scanning every inch A bit of movement caught my eye there Just a blackbird flitting from one tree to the next It’s really noisy so we’re having to go slow Far tree! About 40 yards away Up on it.. Another one down! Not a problem, another one down Excellent! Another one in the bag We’re doing really well today this isn’t a part of the wood I have visited very often But I am sure pleased I have now

21 thoughts on “Hunting With Hardman Grey Squirrel Pest Control

  1. Great shooting Phil , you are my fav hunting writer in the Airgun Mags
    and you can shoot a bit as well!!!!!!! thanks to your Good Lady for the filming,
    shooting as it should be done!!!!
    thanks again.
    atvb Brian

  2. some fantastic shots pulled off then pal really liked the videos took your advice and bought the atn and the angel eye for my rat shooting so now just have 2 get out and film once again great video and camera-woman lol a.t.b Andrew moriarty

  3. well done, really good episode phil, your good lady is a dab hand at the filming, excellent job by her an fantastic shooting really enjoyed it! brilliantly done by both atvb sv

  4. Very Nice Mr. Hardman, Great shots and Excellent Video,
    Brilliant time of year to hit the Squirrels while they're on the deck searching for Acorns/Nuts and they aren't paying attention to what's stalking around them,
    Just dropped a couple of Jays on my permission at the back of my house,
    Pouring down here…Again 🙁
    Happy hunting,

  5. great shooting there phil love it .it's a thumbs up from me bud and congrats to mrs hardman on some outstanding camera action there

  6. As Iv said before, brill video. Love the rough cut editing, makes it more real for the viewer.
    Its a refreshing change to the clean cut editing. AAAA+++

  7. Thanks again for a great Vid Phil. You've certainly got that sound recording cracked. Lovely accurate shooting. Look forward to the next one. Well done to Mrs H.

  8. Nice vid, but was it different vids put together! as th eclose up of each shot looked like a different wood? Still loved the vid great job on the tree rats!

  9. Good video, i enjoyed watching this. I almost exclusively shoot only squirrells in my own woodland which is about 25 acres and have shot 939 squirrells over 29 years, but recently I've started to put pheasant hoppers out with wholegrain and I find squirrells will congregate around these. With camoflage netting for hides located near each one, the amount you can shoot increases substantially. Keep making these videos and you gave an excellent review on the weirauch HW110 by the way. I have owned many good rifles but currently shoot squirrells with a Daystate Airwolf Tactical FAC .22.

  10. good video , great shooting , I was looking forward to seeing the final tally , , surely you didn't leave them to rot where they fell ?

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