Hunted Stray Cats Drool In Fear Waiting For Their Turn To Be Boiled (Part 1) | Animal in Crisis EP87

Deep in the night when everyone’s asleep.. A secret and uncomfortable truth’s revealed.. Police have been chasing after a man Today as well, wait for a man to appear in the dark Police : The suspect appears 3-4 times a week only in early hours A man appears in the dark Police : The man who loaded up the vehicle heads out Start chasing after the man Police : He’s out, over there! Go back Police 2 : He’s here The man’s car arrives at a residential area where stray cats have gone missing at some point Is the man related to this? Police : The suspect has a wide range of activities The crime occurs not only in Kimhae city, but from Hapcheon to Yangsan.. A serial missing case of stray cats.. Finally, the truth of the missing accident is unveiled! Local : Red fluid ran down in the middle of the village There were many complaints accordingly Local 2 : About 300 stray cats went missing, it’s a tremendous figure Once the man appears Stray cats in the village disappear at once The doubt was cast in last winter when 300 cats disappeared at once Local : Someone put the trap in here and there where cats usually feed themselves The suspect placed the traps with food everywhere and caught every stray cat in the village Followed up with 5 months of the chase, finally grasp the truth of an illegal poacher Police : The crime occurred 2-3 times a week in a residential area during a night time And then, the suspect moves to the appropriate place to slaughter cats Confirmed that the man stays for long at a certain place at different times When the night falls.. where it’s hard to find human’s presence Found an old and shabby house in the remote village Nervously wait for the suspect to show up.. Leader of rescue team : Don’t think the culprit would slaughter cats when it’s bright At that moment..! Police : The cat’s arrived It’s the man’s car chased by the police last night How many trapped cats would be inside the car? As soon as he gets off, moves busily.. The moment when the culprit is arrested.. Police : We already know about the crime you committed We’ve been chasing after you so far Police : Let’s go over there Culprit : I’m not going to run away Even raise his voice as he’s no reason to run away Deadly weapons in the room.. Police : Can you describe how you’ve catched street cats? Culprit : I just put them over there He continues to elaborate such terrible things with a guilt-free face Culprit : I put alive cats in here, and turn on the dryer to remove their hair Police : You put them in boiling water when they’re alive..? Culprit : Of course, then how can I kill them? Who on earth can put alive cats in boiling water.. A pile of cat hair looks terrible.. Culprit : Just like we take organs out from fish, I take out their organs Poor creatures died in such a cruel man’s hand Hard to imagine how many are sacrificed.. Cat carcasses are piled up in the fridge.. Why the stray cats had to die in such a cruel way? Culprit : Some people asks to catch them away because of their noise PD : What? Ask to poach them since they mess up with the food trash bag The culprit insists people should be thankful to him Since he helps them remove noisy cats Police : As soon as bait tied in here falls the door shuts down when the cat enters The culprit made a trap cage where it’s impossible for cats to escape once the door’s shut But then..! A cat’s crying resonates.. Leader of the rescue team : A cat is inside here! PD : inside there? Oh, a cat is here! How long has the cat been trapped inside there.. Horrified cats can’t move or do anything inside.. Cats are found in all of the cages I’m scared.. Where am I..? PD : How long were they trapped inside? Culprit : For six days maybe? PD : For six days? How can you leave them like that without food? Culprit : Come on, they’re stray cats! They don’t usually eat The culprit doesn’t understand why he should’ve fed them as they were going to die anyway Poor cats neglected in hunger and fear… Leader of the rescue team : It’s likely that there would be damage on their liver since they’ve starved for six days Could suffer from brain damage at worst.. So we should hurry PD : More cats over here? Five cats.. It’s okay.. Five cats are mingled in a small and narrow box Found 18 cats in total Leader of the rescue team : Throw alive creatures in boiling water and wait for them to die? It’s unacceptable.. To cruelly take one’s life away like that.. Meanwhile, the police go through the arrest procedure of the culprit Transferred 18 rescued cats to 6 different hospitals Vet : This one has the worst skin disease among others All five cats mingled up inside the small and narrow box are full of scars Vet : Cats were stressed as they were trapped in such a narrow space Also, their head was hurt as they tried to escape through the net.. A kitten shivers out of fear.. Vet : The kitten’s about 5-6 months old PD : At the age when the kitten independent? Vet : Yes, but not mature enough to become a cat The culprit poached young kittens.. Moreover.. Vet : A kitten likes to be touched.. If she were a wild cat, she wouldn’t have liked it Doesn’t wary of strangers at all This kitten must’ve been a pet cat before Vet : Of course it’s a crime to poach stray cats But I think it’s terrible that the culprit tried to capture a cat who has a family People easily assume that removing stray cats is not a crime just because they’re living in the street 18 cats are examined and treated in 6 hospitals But.. This cat’s belly is quite big..? Found that the cat hiding in the corner has a big belly Vet : I think she’s pregnant Check if she’s pregnant or not She has about 3 kittens The kittens are in good health If we were just a bit late, the worst could’ve happened From a kitten to a pregnant cat.. How many cats are sacrificed? Police : 40 cats were sacrificed per month. So it’s 560 in total Police : How much do you get per one cat? Culprit : About.. from $5 to $12 Usually sell them to the merchants in the market Or to those who desire to buy them for health Eat cats to cure their damaged joints Cat poachers’ main clients are in a local market False rumor that cats are good for humans’ health.. Cats are sacrificed due to humans’ desire and selfishness.. and are sold secretly Merchant : Eat a cat if your joint is swollen Other herbs, 3 cats are included in this medicine It’s $200 in total The tragedy of a cat who once starved become an ingredient of medicine.. It’s shocking that such a horrible crime is secretly happening in nationwide Police : Kill cats in a cruel way.. And sell those cats who are poached illegally After the investigation, the culprit will be prosecuted without detention An urgent call from the hospital The pregnant cat suddenly gave birth But.. The mother cat is hiding in the corner.. Only 2 kittens are found, and one went missing..?! What happened to the kittens? Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

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  1. STOP ANIMAL ABUSE. We must speak for those who can't speak for themselves ?

    Follow the link for part 2 :

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  2. the punishment for animal cruelity should be isolation for the rest of their days and sometimes cause them suffer in the same way the animal(s) did

  3. What happened to the guy? If he hasn't been punished leave it to me.. i know exactly how deal with situations like this. Boil him then remove his hairs then his skin then his scalp then his organs then his life.

  4. I would love to meet this guy so I can personally beat the living the crap out him and boil his ass. What a POS creature I can’t even consider this thing Human. I pray he gets the punishment he deserves

  5. my god what a sick individual.
    should've shown his face so we can see exactly who this monster is.
    i can't imagine why someone would be so sick in the head to even think of doing things like this to precious creatures.
    horrible man.

  6. i started crying when they went into the place
    [i cried even harder as it went on 🙁
    this is terrible no animal should ever get this cruel treatment

  7. I thought i misread the title of this video until I saw the comments. Once again, my faith in humanity has been reduced by a single madman.

  8. The mother must have been so hungry that she ate her own kitten…… These people should be shot…. I thought that the Chinese were intelligent but this is disgusting.

  9. Ce mec mérite juste de mourir , il n'y a pas d'autres mots ou encore une peine de prison mais genre à vie …. Ces pauvres chats, 560 sont morts et encore il leur à arracher les poils et après il les met dans de l'eau bouillante j'y crois pas sérieusement comment un humain peut faire ça

  10. Why BLUR the man's face? Everyone should know who he is! There should be no privacy for criminals like these, especially when he's blatantly and openly confessing what he does. By making him recognizable, people will KNOW who he is and if anyone who happens to see this that lives around this man, can protect these animals.

  11. How…. How can human be so cruel……
    I'm still crying and shaking so badly while watching this….. May Allah punish you with the worst punishment in the end. This is so sick.

  12. Idk but I wanted to punch that man's face like hello, people will not be thankful for what you did. They were just annoyed how cats are so noisy. If you could let them live, pick them up, surrender them to some rescue shelter, maybe people could be thankful. But that? Like dude. You should go to mental hospital to check your mental health. Looks like he's not in the right condition.

  13. If they came to my country, they’d see so many dead cats in random streets. People is my country are totally careless specially kids, they throw on them rocks and shoe.. well what can I say…

  14. Wht a disgusting man ….? I mean look at those innocent eyes how can u do this …..who ever found this m really thankful to them it's our responsibility to take care of each and every creature on this planet … ❤️

  15. then later this kind wont be satisfied anymore and change to human… this is a serial killer in the making
    here in the philippines in zamboanga, we had a famous restaurant here that later found to used cats and decieve people by telling them its chicken, they got closed but after more than 2 decade they re-open again… people here easily forgot thats the problem…. they said its only rumor…. but my father is really sure about it though.

  16. Why would someone do this to these animals need to take these guys an drop them in a hot pot of melted steel slowly as there hung upside down on a log chain im just saying would it be any different I have no use for people like that I've seen shelters here euthanize them here were I live I will never ever take an animal to these places I beat the shit out of one of the animal control guys once make no mistake about it I'd do it again if I have too i dont believe in man made law that's for its self to protect its self God's my law ……..

  17. So why even do that? He froze them after he gutted, was it for food? Did he eat them? Or sell the meat? I’m tying to understand

  18. asians they will eat anything…why arent they stopping places like yulan festival why arent they paying this person out to stop it of course they wont they do it for the views…if they really wanted to change things they would give every cent to the people who do this.

  19. oh bs stray cats dont die they get other birds and lizards and things ingorant asshole..and why isnt his face being shown see how they protect these people..

  20. what is rescuing 18 going to do theyll be back doing the same thing tomoor these people better check it everyday if they really care i cant stasnd asians who kill animals or who eat fish half alive on their plates..

  21. westerners teach people how to treat animalsl kindly and how to act sure there are people that are cruel to animals but china is the wost plus there is over 1 billion people there cruel to kill them alive.but then what do you expect when they would put baby girls out in the snow to die, all this " we are all the same human being" BULLSHIT there are major differences between the races,,

  22. Gotta give the rescue team props. Had I met this man in person, I would have been dragged away on assault charges; I have no tolerance for anyone who intentionally causes unjust harm to another living being.

  23. Why blurry this waste of life out? A death equally horrific is just because. Its going to happen again and again! A fine doesn't stop serial killers and it won't stop serial killers in training…

  24. I want him feel how the cat feel urghh ? let him be hungry for six days ? hmmm I just want to kill him right now ? ! glad that they're blur your face hahhahahahahhaa kidding ???

  25. You won’t believe that I would do with these idiots, I would take off the skin of the gap for such a thing. ????????

  26. I've seen plenty of shit online, and here on YouTube. I don't know that ive ever seen something that has made me so upset as this.. thank you officers for putting a stop to this.. hope that guy burns in hell

  27. let that man put himself in the cats place imagine you see food and youve been starving for days and as soon as u go to get the food your locked and on your way to total starvation and boiling like bro thats fricked up if i had a choice id gladly adopt 3 of those cats xd

  28. For them its like killing a goat for meat they find it funny when we consider them as pets its a eatable item..even islam says if u have meat of a animal treat it with respect dont sharpen knife front of him if he doesnt sleep during slaughter leave it back this is why islam was introduced because these shits dont know even eatable animals must have rights they know they are created for meat aka the goat horse cow fish these are our food not cats dogs pigs etc..

  29. Psychopath usually smart… usually…. mostly… definitely not this one
    I am major in psychology, but people always able to surprised me
    I wish human are just as pure and predictable like animals

  30. This is the type of man that will up and kill a person in the future. Thank God he is now rotting in jail..unfortunatelythey caught him too late sadly..

  31. Those poor cats… I adopted a cat not to long ago, and this is just sad and too mean to watch. Good thing the experts can get them to a vet and rescue shelter

  32. This guy should never be released. He’s not a human at all! People should look after their cats and if people are complaining that they are too noisy then they should get them neutered or spayed. It would help the population of them. Not get some psychopath to boil them! Jesus

  33. The cats in heaven: what did we ever do to you? ;-;
    Rest In Peace for those calico, ginger, midnight and all those other’s cats D’;

  34. I'm grateful this stupid cruel man was caught through the kind acts of these smart and kind people. The criminal here appears to be mentally deficient, lacking morals and common sense. A despicable human being. I hope he is punished. This video made me cry. I'm sorry this cruelty exists and pray for the day of harmony among all men and animals. Thank you for your determination to help a few of Gods creatures.

  35. Ben ne diyeceğimi bilemedim bu videoya acı çekiyorum çok zorluyor sonuna kadar izledim en azındam kurtulanların iyileştiğini görmek

  36. That’s a serial killer in the making. He’ll eventually look for bigger targets in the long run- possibly humans. It’s sort of an addiction. Glad they caught him!

  37. How was the life of the first cat and her two kittens? Did she overcome her depression and start taking care of them?

  38. they won't show his face cause the weight of the world would be on his ass! they should starve him and smash his nuts and boil him piece by piece!

  39. this really brought me to tears. that man is a real psychopath, just because theyre stray cats. they have a life for god sake and these men really scarred their life so much. may he rots in the deepest depth of hell.

  40. Отдайте его на самасуд пусть повествует какую же боль какую чувствовали кошки…. ТВАРЬ НЕНАВИЖУ ЕГО ХОЧУ ЕГО В ТАКУЮ ЖЕ КЛЕТКУ ПОСАДИТЬ И МУЧАТЬ ГОЛОДОМ МЕСЯЦ А ПОТОМ ДАТЬ ЕМУ КРЫСИНЫЙ ЯД ЧТО БЫ УМИРАЛ В БОЛИ

  41. My dad said when he was a kid, he lived on a farm that had hundreds of cats. They had so many they killed them as they came out the womb. Imagine an entire city overrun by cats?

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