Hungry Cat’s Wake-Up Call

Hey, guys. I’m LuLu! Now, my friends and I are in danger. Claire is still in sleep. So, we’re starved to death. TT is angry. Very angry. DD’s losing his mind! Oh.. I think I should save my friends! Come with me! Excuse me. I’m LuLu. (Sniff) Hello? Are you okay? Excuse me. (Sniff) Wake up, Claire. It’s noon already! Is she dead? Oh, my… Surprise! Seriously? Really? Hey, open your eyes! Oh, my gosh. She doesn’t breathe! Maybe… I need something more. It’s time to use the ULTIMATE SKILL! (MEOW) Did it work? Oh! She’s back in life! Claire, I’m hungry. Let’s go, let’s go! I did it! Yummy yummy… breakfast… yum.. yum… Phew.. It was good. I’m proud of myself. See you tomorrow! Bye! Oops, I’m sorry. Phew…

100 thoughts on “Hungry Cat’s Wake-Up Call

  1. Как там Пончик говорил ??режим питания нарушать нельзя ?(Незнайка на Луне )

  2. Por si alguien me entiende. No se si será cosa del traductor o no pero me gustaría hacer una aclaración a los que llaman dueño o dueña o amo o ama. Yo no soy dueño de nadie. Soy dueño de algo como el tv.movil etc.Busquen otra forma de llamar a sus perritos,gatitos…

  3. LuLu: I think I have to save my friends

    Me: wait… friends ? AREN'T THEY YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS?!?!!?!?!


    O – O

  4. Это потрясающе,только проснулся,а уже бегу смотреть на Кремовых Героев))Большое спасибо Клэр!

  5. I absolutely love Lulu’s English voice!!! I would love if you also did Chairman Momo and Dr.Coco in English too! Maybe another news show so you can do all the voices!

    You’re English is getting so good too!!

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