Humpty Dumpty's Wall Game from Intex Entertainment

just like in the classic Nursery Rhyme Humpty Dumpty is falling off the wall unless you can stop him I'm Laurie from ttpm here with the Humpty Dumpty's wall game from Intex build the wall using the 44 plastic bricks and wall frames and place the Humpty Dumpty figure on top then take turns to push out the bricks using one of the two trowels if you may come to them to fall you lose this game turns the classic Nursery Rhyme into a skill and action game for two or more players ages 4 and up you'll need to use strategy in determining what brick to remove and you'll also need a steady hand when we're moving that brick but if I'm done befalls the game is easy to reset you can play again from where to buying current prices visit ttpm and subscribe to our youtube channel for more reviews everyday

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