Humane Society holding special pet adoption event

holding on News five this morning the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak region is on a mission to find hundreds of pets homes just in time for the holidays some local businesses even helping them reach that goal news 5 Sharon joins us live with some of those adoptable pets this morning Allison and Ira I’m joined by Rufus this morning and he is giving me the stare down okay not anymore I think he’s moved on to he’s looking at a vacant the kittens breakfast that’s what’s happening this morning we were trying to find all of these dogs homes but before Christmas so there’s a couple more days left I’m joined by Gretchen this morning Gretchen out of all the dogs we talked about this morning Rufus is really unique he has the sweetest story he really does Rufus came in as a stray and so no owners ever came to claim him and we noticed immediately that he had an old fracture on his back leg so we were able to amputate that for him he is not in any more pain so he’s already feeling so much better and is adjusting to his life as a tripod now Rufus also needed to be neutered we did that for him and on top of everything else Rufus is also heartworm positive so we’ve been treating him for heartworm and he will do the rest of his treatments here at the Humane Society as well so we’re gonna take care of all that for you make sure everything is as good as possible he’s in the best health before he goes to his new home so we up for adoption he can go home right now and you’ll just have to bring him back for those couple treatments but Rufus here is really just a great example of some of the dogs that we get in who really just need a lot of extra help and a lot of extra you’re gonna knock all those rooms every day’s is thinking that he’s got some gifts under the tree I think that’s what’s happening and you know what’s so cool about your Christmas program is for every dog or cat that’s adopted or reunited 25 dollars goes back to those services that’s right so thanks to our friends at status symbol Auto Body and Dunn tech they are donating $25 for every cat or dog adopted and reunited through December 24th so if you come get Rufus you not only get the adorable Rufus here but you also get $25 that goes right back to his furry friends still waiting for new homes and that money will go towards other dogs exactly like Rufus so if we get in another stray that needs as much medical care we’ll be able to take care of them just as well as we did Rufus such an important cause well thank you for joining us this morning there hoping to adopt anywhere between seven and a thousand pests this Christmas season and there’s still a couple more David more details for you on and the news 5 app say by Rufus look he’s not feeling it it’s time for reckless for now watching out for each other Colorado Sheila Gerard at these five

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