Humane Eduction at De Anza Middle School

my name is John Flores and I'm the founder of I pity the ball and what we do is we bring humane education classes to schools all over Southern California a lot of people ask what what is humane education well humane education is not only teaching compassion towards animals and also teaching the kids compassion for one another the experience has been very rewarding when we come into schools we see the difference we're making so today we had an amazing assembly and it was to teach students about rescue dogs I share stories about my rescue adventures I show videos and I share with them statistics there are over 4,000 dogs in Los Angeles right now looking for their homes so I want you to think about this because there's 300 kids in this room so that's more than ten times the amount of people in this room in the shelter's and that's just how they there's 50 states in this country go ahead a good man just having Elvis the dog hero just brighten the students day up so I come up with my assistant Elvis one of my rescue dogs and he interacts with the kids the kids get to pet him he really helps drive home our message educate advocate and never discriminate a lot of it was just because of how he looked how do you never felt discriminated against based on how you look how does every six pitbulls only one gets adopted I want you to think about that that means the other vibe they don't make it they so you're having do we think that's fair lucky and I walk it along she's the sweetest Bulldog ever but what am i neighbor saw her across the street and told me I shouldn't even have her that she's mean because she's a pit bull this is what these guys go through all the time but you know what they can't talk and we could talk and we can be their voice if you see an animal being abused did you tell somebody right if you see your fellow classmate getting a bullet II should you tell somebody right don't be silent you guys I have actually heard about bullying numbers going down I've heard about volunteers going up at the shelter's didn't we see this all the time saved on Keith Lawrence [Applause] more time so you're not having I pity the bull come and present their humane education program was so beneficial to our students I couldn't recommend it enough and we can't wait to come to your school so we can make an impact on your kids less you

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