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MARLON: Everything is bigger in New York.
Hulk is going to feel right at home. DAVID BOYLE: He is even larger and more brilliant in real life. MAN: That’s the Hulk. MARLON: It’s insane. You bring a world famous
dog to the Big Apple, people go nuts. MARLON: It’s ridiculous right now. Where can I get paper towel? MARLON: I think Hulk is the most famous dog
in the world right now. We reach about 95 million people a week. Hulk’s fan page himself
is about 121,000 fans. So we’re reaching millions and millions of people. MARLON: Today we’re on the way to New York
City, the Big Apple, because he has a massive photo shoot in the New York Post which we’re
really excited about. Hulk is the world’s best traveler. I’d travel with him anywhere.
Except he farts a little bit. MARLON: A feature in the New York Post is definitely going to bring Hulk more fans.
I mean it’s the biggest newspaper in the world. It’s just going to, just open so
many more eyes to see this gentle giant. And we’re also going to meet some fans. That’s
going to be awesome, get some fan love. New York is a land of opportunity man. New York
is everything. New York is just a city of life. MARLON: Just famous over here. We all just
fall back in line. MARLON: We’re just a bunch of yes men. MARLON: We made it brother. We have landed. We have landed. ANTHONY MILAZZO: I know Marlon. He used to
be a customer of ours 15 years ago. He mentioned that he was going to be in New York. I reached
out. It’s a good feeling to have a famous dog in the shop. MARLON: Hulk has a really important photo
shoot in a couple of hours so, I wonder if they can help me out? MARLON: You guys do grooming here?
MAN: 7 days a week. MARLON: Let’s go get our tub time on. MARLON: Right now we’re giving this fellow a bath. LADY: Who’s a good boy? MARLON: He’s like yeah, this is good. In
your bath ready for the Post pro? MARLON: He’s like me though, he’s like Dad, we were born looking good, we don’t
gotta do a lot. Marlon: Thank you guys. Thank you. I only posted last night on my Snapchat that Hulk
is going to be at the Cross Bronx Pet Store. Man: Just big here. You’re the man right here.
MARLON: I appreciate it. MAN: I watched all those videos, vlogs and
all that. MARLON: I appreciate it man. MAN: I ain’t got words to explain a doglike
that. You got a baby in his face that’s what people need to see that a Pitbull is.
LADY: Oh! He is gorgeous. I fell in love. MARLON: Oh man… You got a tag on it man. MARLON: All right guys I appreciate everybody man thank you.
GIRL: Buy Hulk. MARLON: Yeah man we will be back man. I appreciate
you guys. MARLON: There is so many fans and so many people wanted to meet him. New York Post,
we’re coming. See you later. MARLON: We’re kind of super close. We’re in traffic and it’s hot, 100 degrees in
New York City and… MARLON: Plain and simply the dog had done (censored word) all over my car. That’s
ridiculous right now. Where can I get paper towels on it?
BRANDEN RAMSEY: Oh my goodness. It smells horrible. He is been holding it for couple
of days. He just completely had to let it out. So we can’t be mad at him, you know
he is… MARLON: I ain’t mad at him at all.
BRANDEN RAMSEY: Hulk, we still love you buddy. MARLON: You stink buddy. You got all cleaned up just to poop on yourself. The lack of grass in the city right now. It’s really hard because this dog, he is used to the mountains makes it a little bit
difficult for him when he starts to use the bathroom. He gets a little confused. MARLON: We’re now at the New York Post.
That was the (censored word) timing we could have possibly had, for sure. Its’ a big deal
that the New York Post wants to see the Hulk. I mean let’s face it. It’s the New York
Post. It’s one of the biggest newspapers in the world. You are going to be living the
dream in a second bro. living the dream right now in the New York Post. MARLON: We barely made it a step through the
door and everybody in the office is around him. Just soaking up the love. DAVID BOYLE: We got such a great reaction
when he ran in the paper and when he was on the website, that when we got the chance,
we heard that he might be coming by, we were really pleased that he came to see us. DAVID BOYLE: He is even larger and more brilliant
in real life than he is in some of the pictures that we have been able to get.
MARLON: They are all monsters in my house. LADY: Oh he is gotta a really heavy hand.
MARLON: Doing a photo shoot. Hopefully he is on the front page. PHOTOGRAPHER: And just come up next to him
so you’re in focus with him nicely. MARLON: Throughout all of, you know, media and coverage, this is definitely a special
moment. I’m all about access, its cool man. New York Post, I don’t know how many dogs
are just strolling down the New York Post office off leash, just cameras flashing. I
don’t know any… because there is none. Just him. Definitely a moment knocked off
my bucket list. LAUREN TOUSIGNANT: A year, a year and a half ago I wrote an article about him, but I never
thought he’d be at the New York Post and I’d get to meet him in real life. That was
the best part of my summer. I was like star struck! DAVID BOYLE: We have had Jessica Alba, we have had Simon Cowell and I think he was better
behaved – right up until the end. MARLON: And he is peeing. DAVID BOYLE: I know that we probably needed a bigger bowl than the one we managed to find
but we will survive. It’ll be all right. MARLON: You’re going to need a rug cleaner on aisle nine! Hulk man.
MAN: That’s a nice scene to walk into! Don’t drink that now. Hulk, that was terrible bro. MARLON: We just got out the New York Post
right now. It was a good time, we’re outside. We’re going to hit Times Square and it’s
going to be insanity. You asked me why I need security. You’re going to see why soon. MARLON: He is a world famous dog. Somebody
can steal him. Somebody can try to poison him, a lot of different things can happen.
It’s a big city. There’s lots of people. It’s very fast moving so we bring security
just to be safe. BOY: That’s the dog. That’s the famous dog. I recognized him from a YouTube video.
He is just so famous. MARLON: There’s people everywhere. It’s insanity. We can’t get more than 5 feet
without people coming want to take pictures, selfies. Bring a world famous dog to the Big
Apple, people go nuts. MAN: That’s the Hulk! All the way from Dallas to see this. Wow! He made it worth the trip! BOY: He is (censored word) huge. You know
who this dog is that? That’s like the biggest pit bull in the world. I didn’t know he
was that big in person. So now to see him is like pretty cool. Nice to meet you bro!
MARLON: So the heat right now is super hot in the city. That was always a major concern
of mine, making sure that he’s got enough water. Big Apple guy, you’re a Big Apple
guy. MAN: Yo! Big guy. Can I? MARLON: Pet him confidently though, don’t
be scared. MARLON: It’s time to move everybody back. When people get a little too pushy that’s
what the security was here for and that’s what they did. So it wasn’t a big deal.
That’s right. I got to move right now. I appreciate you guys. Thank you. MARLON: This is insane man. It’s a major
blessing, you know, for a dog to have such a face such a presence, I mean it’s incredible.
Can’t walk 5 feet without crowds generating. Everybody knows who he is! It’s crazy.
Girl: Excuse me? Photo? Marlon: I’m ready for a nap. I know Hulk
is ready for a nap. See you tomorrow New York City. MARLON: Come here Hulk. Come on my boy. Come
on. Yeah I think this is about the end. I think this is all she wrote for us, I think
we’re going to pack it up and head on out. Hulk not too far man. I don’t want to rescue
you bro come on. I had a great time. Hulk had a great time. What an amazing experience
to be able to go into the New York Post office and just get that kind of treatment and get
those kind of pictures. It’s vitally important to our message and our movement that Hulk
keeps growing his popularity and if he is not the most famous dog in the world, he becomes
the most famous dog. It’s been a great time. This mountain guy is ready to go back to his
mountains. Oh hell no Hulk come on. Hell no, you got to get in my car. Hell no. No, no,
no, go back in. Yeah wash off man. Till next time New York. See you next time.

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  1. And also puheheheheheheheh he hahahah crapped on the car hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa

  2. Thank you for educating everyone that training and raising these animals right is the key to having a gorgeous animal such as this. This makes me feel better knowing that you all are teaching people not to fear dogs. Sometimes people have heard or experienced tragedy because of a cruel or neglectful owner and that creates terror in their minds. That is heart breaking to me. You guys are doing your part to change that as amazing citizens and teachers. I love and have the utmost respect for all of you involved in this! You guys rock!???

  3. Like fr fr max mouth could fit both of your hands in its mouth and plays with a 45 pound bowling ball on his nose

  4. I wish I had a pitbull like Hulk. I have one but he’s lazy but
    he still protects us. But I wouldn’t replace mine for Hulk, I would have another instead. You shouldn’t replace anybody or any animal.

  5. Why do people think that those are mean dogs when they are so cute and nice and kind I have a pit bull mixed with a bull dog

  6. I believe hulk will be more happy in open grass land where he can run and play rather than on concrete ground with such crowd????

  7. Would LOVE to see Hulk meet the bodybuilder called Hulk…google him, big brotha from NYC who's got a great personality and he and Hulk would be best friends, i can just see it now!

  8. He is such a cute dog… Everytime someone kisses him he actually turns around to kiss them back… Such a giant with such gentle heart

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