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hello everybody it's gonna be Cameron here welcome back to another video guys we're finally back er and ghost simulator because they had a huge update so the person you can do is you can enter this code right here rift with a one and you should get a purple Pegasus which is a super rare pen let's check this out so let's see how good this is oh this is actually really good okay it's way better than aspire Pegasus remove that and put this one so guys make sure you use this code this code is clearly insane oh my god I give it for free what that's crazy anything else have a new pet done when I get the star cuz I want to be a superstar never replace this one and I'm gonna put the stock right there and let's go check out the fire guys if you enjoy this video make sure you guys smash that like button and subscribe if you guys miss a channel if you guys read my books peace with my stucco gravy and on between I mean if you do ice let's go over here here is the rift guys we're about to go in and see what's in there oh my god is it name shock oh wait I'm falling wait I could fly fly up if you fully can kind of fly back up with your hoverboard oh my god oh my okay Della's they just so you can actually fly here that's actually really cool alright let's go here so we got a store we get a new vacuum which we need a new currency to get this okay so we got a lot about so we gotta get this best vacuum here we'll see if we can get this and they have a new backpack all is all new stuff there is literally all new stuff and there's a new crate which I'm gonna buy this oh yeah ah seriously come on get a godly godly give me the godly I can't give up I'm never gonna get the guys I give up you win you where do you create I give up I'm never gonna get the godly Oh boss is coming when I made its a new boss alright so let me go over here let me talk to this girl so this girl is the start of the quest if you guys with us at the quest you talk to this person right here Sally are we gonna skip the whole conversation cuz we don't really care and what is it this vacuum 15 jester ghost what all right here – use my regular vacuum oh I like how you can jump like crazy okay let me let me grab both of these right here maybe we can grab a neck so one right there they go we can get three there's a monkey boss but I'm not gonna go for it all right we got the race so far dude we're doing great dude this is a great star in the video grab this guy's if you guys enjoyed this and you want to see more they'll simulate a semester like button if you like I don't know 4000 likes I'll come back and try to make another video see what else that we can do there's a lot of more jesters I don't know if I should I'm just gonna grab the ones right here yeah might just grab the ones right here cuz her right cuz I'm literally right here and then there's some over Oh Oh jump okay grab this grab this I wish so more stacked up if I can grab three at a time but most of them are just too dude this questions crazy big it's 34 quests oh my god this is the craziest I'm gonna try to complete everything I don't know if we can do it but I'm gonna try I'm gonna obviously cheat by using a lot of roll books but yeah we're gonna try to beat this what is this lying thing this must be crazy right here yeah I think we're gonna be spending a lot of Rila okay my bag is full weight sorry so here oh nice okay so we get the new but we can buy the new vacuum always a thousand ok we can't even buy that dude we're too poor for that okay what is this thing disrupt it oh my god we can't I just realized the map is broken in this game but what's this there's so much to do please explore what is this what is this not a boss oh my god that's a new boss okay I'm getting away from that forget that forget that boss and we're not fighting now we're not ready alright let's look for was it gestures okay right here what jellyfish it's like jellyfish right here I were done Sally we're done Sally your quest was easy did already done I hear you girls tell I wonder if the last reward is I feel like it's like something crazy okay let's see what is the next one uh we got sell Erica plasma okay here we got this so boom we ready done again we need a thousand we're so close Dali up done with the quest Sally I don't know how I'm doing this so fast it's just I'm just a born natural I'm like a ghost hunter expert i unbox okay we got this unboxing one from this this one we don't need a skip we can just do this right away so we can go here purchase and we got old that would have been so oh we got a new a noob Gillis okay that's cool oh alright we stuck over here no Sally I'm done Sally up dad with the fifth cross I'm also going through this really fast just so we can see what we get umm so we got collect 50 energy shards what is an energy also I think wait I'm so confused what is an energy shard I think the energy shard might be this cuz why don't I already have 50 it might be from the ghost I'm pretty sure I think it is I think it's oh yeah energy shark I'm so dumb I just realized the energy shot is from the ghost because the ghost drops items I forget all right well let's just go finish the quest Sally I'm already done with this quest this is an easy quest I'm gonna run out of robots at the end of this I'm gonna run a robe ugh oh my god okay that would use 2,700 okay what is a nice quest uh collect supplies my McMillian Oh Mike yeah dude Sally you're crazy dude I give the father she I could actually do this if I wasn't I just want to get the rewards okay so we gotta get the magma girls from the volcano okay so this question you have to go all the way back to the beginning so she's making me go back okay we're not going backwards but only going forward in time we're not going backwards Sally you're not setting me back I want to see this thing right here this crazy thing over here is maybe she'll give me a quest Oh click twin thousand souls okay we got this I can do this I can do this I don't need to skip this I'm already almost done with this from this this and this and hopefully this gives me a bunch of souls I don't know how much you get I know how much so she get perd dang I think you get a lot but I'm not sure I think it might fill up this whole bag oh yeah lot of souls for sure come on get in the bag okay let me go over here I think he's really fit for fill me up give me your soul give me your soul is right now subscribe and give me your souls like so evil I am yo Sal oh yes we're done I knew that Chris is easy okay well I'm not gonna buy the vacuum yet cuz I have a feeling that she's gonna give me a quest by a vacuum so I'm not gonna buy yet because I just know she's gonna do it okay so defeat a mini-boss way I think this might be the mini-boss this I think this is it is this a new mini boss here I think this might be air right here okay guys is ten percent left and we give the fifth is mini boss oh my god it's going down let's see what we're gonna get hope this is the mini boss I really hope it is like I'm not 100% sure if it is I hope it is alright and we defeated it and we got a bag well in that bag we just got a random bag uh-oh what is this dude okay let me open this oh do we get a hoverboard what is that hoverboard we just got this one a legendary hoverboard oh that is so cool you can actually get a free hoverboard that's awesome all right now we got a speed run through all of these oh we got three more okay nevermind but yeah three more dude okay so we gotta buy the hot rod pack and the hot rod vacuum all right so hopefully these are cheap okay so purchase that and then bag oh we can't afford it okay we're gonna have to no we don't have to skip what am i doing we don't have to skip we can make the money right here okay elbows fell and I've got this this is it stronger like is this hot right thing like it supposed to be like wait I think it is I think it's like way stronger here in this area okay so I forget this I think I might have enough I'm not sure how much you get her ghost let me go see 900 900 okay just enough oh my god okay well purchase that oh this holds five million okay that's really good alright we're done Sally we are done with your quest and let's see what she has like I want to see what the final reward is from Sally that's gonna be like super high for the final reward a jump through the green okay fine and jump to the green ring okay so it's right here right behind this you just go right here we're just gonna go straight down to it alright and lab it oh okay that was easy okay now super easy it's gonna be way harder I thought that was gonna be like a challenge to find it but I was super easy so guys crushed a tinea jumped in the blue ring which is right here it's like literally on top of Sally so you just go right over here and boom are done don't wear it crust 18 we are almost at 20 we're almost done with this let's see what the next quest is the next quest is complete the hoverboard trial oh this is gonna be okay let's try to do this I think this is gonna be the toughest thing right here yep okay let's do this I think this is it oh oh I have to go up oh my god dude this is tough oh my god no I have a minute to do this no dude I don't think I'm gonna go through this I don't think I'm gonna get to do this come on oh my god what what's my head can fit there's too big no 30 seconds left go ready go oh my god oh whoa up right here this is like cool audio my god or is it would this be a knob your part I guess I'd be a park or more knobby or just a race I don't know Oh are we done ah we're done yes okay how do we get out of here I think I'm stuck so now we're gonna find the pictures here's the first one I'm not asking to look for all of them if you guys know where all the pictures are just coming down below because I'm just trying I'm just trying to finish this butters trying I just want to see oh we got a new hoverboard okay that's cool I think those quest this quest 20 this might be quest 20 we gotta find some more ghosts oh hey that's fine I'm already got a Roebuck Sally what are you doing to me so guys we're almost done with this class just a few more to go I think is the last one that we're gonna get right now and then if we get an extra pit slot I think that's what it is so we're gonna skip this last one oh my god I spent so much robux and then for the final reward give me something awesome and she's gonna give me a extra pit slot that is actually super cool thank you so much so now we can you go to pets and we can equip six instead of five so I can equip what should I quit I guess I'll cook this one here's a godly also but that we are even more powerful by you guys if you didn't enjoy this video make sure you guys smash that like button subscribe because now make sure you guys go check our ghost simulator if you want this extra slot so you can become even more powerful and check out the new rift area but I'll see you all in next to learn good bye

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