Huge Shopkins Wild Style and Little Live Pets Bizzy Bubs Score at Target

okay stopping by a target that I have knocked into in a while hoping that they will have stocked the shelves with something anything anything at all so let's go see what's inside target alrighty Oh beep bugs it is the first time I've seen the beat bug stuff in the store mmm Justice League big fig mm-hmm that's something for daddy what else is going on there's this the new Funko Hero World I don't know grace has seen these I'm not sure if she's interested kind of weird-looking actually if I'm honest if I'm being honest they're a little weird looking what's going on over here oh my gosh he's adorable Oh oh wow okay score score score oh and they have a happy place is stable oh did I get a cart oh oh and they've got the 20 this is a 20 back yeah oh my goodness look at how cute Disney stuff oh wow and more QT cars oh oh oh the traveling taco oh my arms are like completely full Gracie's going to get a cart for me so I can load it up mmm well would you cook for me num noms oh yeah these stackable dippers num noms not sure what's going on there squish delicious pick me pops oh my gosh okay I have to stop okay they also have have these at home so I'm leaving them but they actually have lol's here they have to squish me lid and get some of these these adorable squish dish oh oh and another giant pick me pop oh this is awesome and I grab some pick me pops they've got mini cupcake surprise oh I'm so glad we came to this one oh my gosh oh my gosh it's time to sell a kidney oh wow oh my gosh so cool okay I got to get these I got to look at got a look at who they have so deep it there oh my gosh they have the bear and they have they have the little melody Melanie hops hey was this the same one right this is this is no this is it there is it here yes I think it's a bear I'm really bad oh oh oh my goodness oh my oh my goodness oh wow oh wow oh wow oh man oh they have the purple one monkey oh my gosh okay wait wait alright I got a all right I'm gonna read it in here okay okay I want the pink one I definitely want the pink one and I think that instead of Gemma I think it's Ted of gentleman Oh Jim is really cute I think I want a leak you think yeah they also have the purple sloth but and they have we have my new life Bizzy boobs oh my goodness oh oh thank god they haven't restocked the Barbie aisle too much that would have been bad Oh because if they have the Barbie babysitter's but luckily oh they do well they have skipper but I'm gonna wait gonna be good I'm gonna chill oh my gosh there's so much awesome stuff oh my goodness this is bad this is good bad it's good man it's good bad you know like like there's so much new stuff and it's so exciting and then it's like holy Moses yeah that's a lot of money oh my god okay and I found where they're hiding the Monster High stuff oh and we've got enchanted malls DC superhero girls oh she's so cute oh she's a starfish oh and she's a clownfish and she's a jellyfish oh my oh boy oh when there's a new playset Oh mr. Khan's oh there's the transforming Clawdeen okay there's Jojo is Jojo up there oh here's there's more little life it's more little live okay I just opened her I know they're sending me puppies so I'm gonna wait to see which puppies I get before I buy puppies because I don't want to end up with duplicates do they have any more they have the blue egg they only have the white egg so I only have series – I mean Series one still oh my gosh you're adorable look at the puppies now guys look at these puppies check it out guys Laurie got a jet Moses oh wow oh man Laura got a whole like redo oh boy lovely okay lamp stop second stop and my last stop Toys R Us yeah I'm not sure that I want to find anything because money fight I'm getting a card anyway little live pets see they've still got the old ones oh my just bought that on Amazon no busy bugs okay there's the gloomies is the all-star collection nope we have not restocked here there's the pro oh oh oh oh boy okay let me pay attention um okay so we did we did just get this didn't we is that the one I just got I don't remember um we got cutie cars we got the shoppies jet pay close attention to the know these are this stamp whoops knocking everything over we've got happy places we've got swanky dewdrops that don't believe in a section alright we don't have the new blind bags and okay so we'd like one thing how strange how very strange okay and then you've got enchant to Mol's you got the playhouse panda oh oh a new puppy my pocket oh look at this oh there's some chants animals plushies oh oh new kitty in my pockets well rut ro oh we got the frozen place that we saw that at the other place it was Target mommy the unlike the other place we went to um what's going on over here oh they have the big giant lol ball that was slightly disappointing because it basically had the same thing in it I was like would you have some songs lots of susan's Oh cute oh there's some paper um okay hamster animals lots of lots of hatch moles hamster and a house okay let's go see what's going on with the dolls okay so so much Oh where's the UM there's like old like retro I suppose be retro um DC superhero girls coming out but oh here's the descendant stuff there's the descendants oh hey Belle I miss them so much okay this is where the tokidoki stuff and how their kitty stuff is most definitely no lol here although this is sometimes they have them at the desk here oh yeah they don't oh there's the Barbie this is where they have her in this weird not Barbie aisle in the Hello Kitty Island I want to get me some Hello Kitty maybe just you know because there's all the tokidoki cuteness they're huge I love nerdy another new nerdy they're so cute oh nice there's another Barbie section strange so they've got I got some outfits get some big mega sets oh we got some clearance stuff interesting it's a beer this shins oh that's what I smouched more she's our motions notice more she news I'm sure I'm going to find out oh there's the sweet links frost your world miss Robin said she would do it with me we'll have to try that she's got experience I don't there's palm wow oh my gosh oh man when we started our Channel everybody was rainbow looming and crazy hurry okay I'm glad I struck out like I really am totally okay with not finding anything because I spent a lot of money at Target so this is totally okay with me so I have to go find Gracie and then we're gonna pull I'm hungry I'm a hungry hunger girl thank you so much for watching please subscribe and do all that kinda stuff we'll see you later

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