Huge Pet Supply Haul | Cat Scratchers, Plants, And More!!

what’s up y’all welcome back mandy of my
hectic life that’s where we talk about all things pet and populated and today I
went shopping I am still meeting so many things to get everything set back up the
way I need it to be and to get all my animals taking care of the way that they
need to be so I bought a few more supplies to keep me going back in the
right direction and so let’s go check out some of the things that I have
bought so for starters I bought a hyper tough or shelf metal storage rack it is
supposed to hold 350 pounds per shelf as you can see it is a metal wire
shelving racks so I will be needing to get some plywood cut to size because I
plan on keeping fish tanks on it and maybe some more reptiles in the near
future I’m actually even thinking about buying another one of these too maybe
eventually later on down the road set up a killifish rack life goals life
goals so as part of my move I did lose quite a few of my scratching posts that
I had and I bought two more but five is not enough when you have four cats so my
cats have been sort of going after some of the furniture so I needed to up my
scratching post game so I did go ahead and go out and buy another regular
scratching post that I have to put together and set up today I think it’s
going to be a nice little one that can go next to my couch so that they will go
for this instead of the furniture I also got this bad boy I think it’s pretty
cute it looks like a little fish that is another scratching post that also has a
little hidey hole for them to play in and has a cute little mouse for them to
play with as well as soon as I brought it home my cats were already all over it
and as you can see now that I’m now they are eyeballing it again I am
surrounded by cats right now I’m surrounded I’m gonna move this out of
the way but yeah this is gonna be another awesome cat scratcher that they
can go to town on and we’ll keep them off my couches
now I also had to buy one of these I have never tried these out before and
there was a lot of mixed reviews about these types of spraying products online
unfortunately the mixed reviews were pretty solid across the board for all
the different types of brands so my cat’s I guess because of where I have my
rack set up now in the spare bedroom they can actually hear the frogs and the
Gecko now and they really really want to get into that room and I really don’t
want them to get in there and eat my frogs or my geckos so I bought this I’m
gonna try it out I’m just gonna place it right by the door so that they will not
keep messing with it because they’re already scratching at the door like
crazy and trying to pull up the carpet so hopefully this is gonna work out I
will probably do a review on this product I’m gonna probably try it out
for a few weeks see how I like it and see if it’s effective if it’s
keeping the cats from ruining my door and ruining my carpet for that room I
will probably do a review on this after I’ve tried it out for a little while now
I also got some plants from Walmart now I would never recommend buying plants
from a place like Walmart and putting them into your habitats
since I don’t currently have any tree frogs or anything in my terrarium I
figured that I could have plenty of time if I wanted to purchase some plants from
Walmart rinse them off thoroughly replant them in an organic safe
substrate and give them a few weeks maybe even a month and make sure that
there’s no trace of any pesticides or any of that nasty
chemical fertilizer or anything on the plant when I do add them to the
terrarium probably going to butcher these names as usual but I got some Joe
Cana God’s effing Jana and I thought this was really pretty we’ll add a
little bit of a splash of some color and I just really liked it it was on the
reptile safe list so it should be okay for the green tree frogs I also got some
turkey nadara menses so this is also going to
eventually be going into my frog tank along with some begonia Rex I thought
this also would add a nice little splash of color with this nice little reddening
of the leaves and spots and everything like I said I did look all these plants
up to make sure that they were on the list of safe plants for the frogs now on
the other hand some of these types of plants are not necessarily safe around
cats or dogs so all this stuff will be going in the spare bedroom where again
the cats and the dog are not allowed I also got some of the Rachael Ray
meatballs because they looked amazing and I know Buster likes these so I went
ahead and grabbed some of these they are supposed to be grain free and free of
artificial flavors and meat byproducts so they’re supposed to be a nice healthy
treat with simple ingredients and as I discovered this morning when I went to
give Buster a bath which was the original reason I went to the store in
the first place I did not have any more dog shampoo my dog shampoo did not make
it so I went out and picked up some Burt’s Bees oatmeal shampoo because
Buster does tend to have problems with allergies usually his allergies are more
fall and spring time that his allergies really bother him but I don’t know with
the difference in weather if he’s going to have any problems plus
there’s a lot of different types of pollens and things that he’s not used to
so I figured I’d go ahead and be on the safe side and get a nice oatmeal shampoo
for him in case he does develop any itching then I’m already ahead of the
game okay so if there are still so many things that I still need to get but I’m
going in the right direction I’m on my way to getting everything that I need I
still have to buy another fish tank and I need some plywood for my shelving unit
so yeah I still need all the things but that’s okay but that’s okay because
we’re getting there I’m on the way to recovering from all of this whole moving
debacle you lose a lot of stuff you have to start over on so many things so many
things do not travel well and you only have so much space to bring things with
you so yeah there’s a lot of starting over for me we’ll get there we will get
there so anyway guys well that’s all I really have for y’all today as always
thank you so much for watching I love you guys and I will see you in my next
video bye you

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