and some vanilla ice cream for my sweet coz I have a way of making all healthy food unhealthy hey guys welcome back to our family nest so it is some day today we just have some running around type stuff to do chase he's getting out of everything cuz we're dropping to him off that I was just house right now and he's going for my getting on I haven't gone the grocery store picking up grandma from my airport you would not I would've made you that's my point am i picking up later they gonna Jack you up after dinner alright let me now sound like some dropped really hard that that was my this I thought it was like a running board alright so anyways chase is going to early dinner with a up her family for her grandma's birthday so he gets out of first we have some time we're gonna stop somewhere and meet and what are you hungry for you want to head out by the airport you can get Panera that's what you'd like uh I feel like I'm losing my voice so what'd you do last night when we were at the hockey game and stuff I think it just stared at the wall with your two friends Oh what did you do for that wigs I don't why I had makeup because someone was in my makeup so we're going in casco we're gonna do some grocery shopping here and then I have a list of some stuff Kroger awesome very quickly you will die in the car it's too hot yeah are you so mad at me today oh they don't even know why you were mad at me she was still mad at me over the whole being able to ride in the car with her friends that have licenses it was still carrying on for like three days are you finally over that or we still discussed again know what it's not over yet I guess so you didn't mean to me today every day until you're 16 alright so we are checking out at Cosco and we thought rather than show you when we get home easier to show you what we throw there we go so we are cart so cannot be more full yeah let's throw that up front yeah then we got this beach towel I got four new Beach toasts for the pool that one now those are pool towels not pond tiles each cells and then we got the boys bathroom scoop there Nancy got some cinnamon toast crunch I hope you better get the stuff on the bottom the bottom of the car cause it's like big stuff we got some stuff that I can't pick up some blue moon that's for Andrew he loves when I picked that up for him what do you mean oh it's for your knees for my mom yeah some by jinx lemonade's stick that right on top there you go look at that worker bee what else do you got down there mylanta Gatorades for the other boys [Laughter] then we got some kitchen towels to granblue no they're just gray there's no blue in there it's just great there is blue okay my bad we got some I've never had that before so hopefully it's good nasty boy I've never had that before you and I got these four strawberries like smoothies but then I got all these toothbrushes to do uh brushes I'm a dentist every election and some vanilla ice cream for my smiles cuz I have a way of making all healthy food unhealthy now we got some granola bars for and I got some fruit snacks marks fruit snacks my mom was trying to get me Welch's yes mm-hmm hopefully we'll just doesn't reach out to us cuz I just drop sticks my mom never never never watch never cookies for Asha always got to get cookies from the cookie jar those are for Carl for me oh my god two three so far then for this is I got hey good oh you didn't show me that some yummy pasta salads with corn in it mm-hmm let's get a boss actual strawberries now we're gonna end up throwing away some nasty food State avocados that are green on my video dog stirs and cheese flavor recommended ice cream we don't have any room in our freezer just let you know yeah I think you did clean the freezer out you did man we got we got milk shampoo and shampoo for the boys what is this popcorn mix poo next to shampoo that's yours right we could put this in the back of the car you know Kylie seat-belted our milk so now we're good to go so let's go cats go home and guess what it's five o'clock and we're not gonna go to Kroger so we're gonna wait and we're gonna I'm gonna go tomorrow where the kids are at school cuz they never have chicken chunks on the weekends anyways and that's what the boys really want we got enough stuff we already know what we're cooking for dinner today yeah we're having a little dude I got like creaming Meat Loaf's from the meat market we're gonna make mashed potatoes and we got the corn so whatever so we're gonna head home and skip the Kroger hopefully there was nothing that Ken texted me he wanted that he needs tonight it's gonna be a little disappointed we bought the puppies dog stirs ice cream style treats for dogs so it's pretty much ice cream for dogs so we decided we were doing that dachshund Tucker try oh no don't step on it look you got a dog stir for Dax you have your dogs to go don't look it also oh my god you did ask the concrete there's so much slaughter taxes almost started out if you just go like this you get all the rot of the container like that he can move it around and stuff


  1. As much as Candi does for Karli, and shes mad because of a simple rule she told her for her own safety? I understand kids don't look at it, like that but Karli should be very lucky to have a mom like Kandi. Just sooo ungreatful.

  2. I can't get over how cute the pups are! I have a one year old golden as well and his name is Louie!!

  3. I loved the dogs puppers,and their ice cream!???. Funny story about Panera bread. My husband loves it so he goes often. I don't know their menu when I go,so I just copy him. Oops. The Asian sesame chicken salad is really I know one thing on the menu. Lol. Happy summer to you all.

  4. Welch's fruit snacks aren't nasty, I actually prefer it over Mott's. But, hey we each have our own opinion's about them. That is just my opinion.

  5. Chase looks over the vlogs and it makes me sad. He was the last one who seemed to like to be in them. And we never see Andrew anymore ??? (I know he has a job now) but still sad ?

  6. Candi at Target they have icecream for dogs as well in our freezer section we have those cups and in our summer department we got two different kinds u just add water the come in cups. You should Try them out

  7. I hate when people talk about karli’s attitude. I understand a bad attitude isn’t good but we all have it, it’s normal. It would be a lie to say that we are nice every second of the day to our parents. We all do it, is it a good thing? No but it’s part of life we grow up and we learn from our mistakes. Also just cause they don’t say thank you after every single thing doesn’t mean they aren’t grateful !! keep it up OFN!!!

  8. It actually doesn't matter what the claims on any pet food/treats package are. Retail pet (dog/cat) foods/treats are unhealthy. Although, you could start a healthy dog/cat diet and mix in a little of the unhealthy food. Mixing healthy/unhealthy treats wouldn't be as easy, but could probably be done.

  9. Karli is such a mood ! being more excited for toothbrushes and toothpaste than the food ? and feeding the dogs with a spoon ??

  10. Did y’all not catch she said she was going to go get grandma from the airport?? And on Emma and Ellie Heathers mom JUST LEFT FLORIDA?? It’s been confirmed. Probably has before this but lol ?

  11. sooooo…you wont let them ride in a car with one of their friends who has a license… dont make them wear a seat belt when they are in the car with you???

  12. I love the fact that you bought cookies just for Asha….. Karli you are too funny. Love your family keep up the good videos.

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  15. Hi nest so glad karli is not that mad at her mommy because she the greatest mom ever ! Love ❤ ❤ YOU. HAPPY ☺ HAPPY

  16. You can’t force your kids to go anywhere in my own opinion. They are old to stay home. Panera is amazing.

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